'Mothers of the Movement' Plead With the DNC to 'Save Our Children'

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Jordan Davis make a heartfelt case for "Black Lives Matter."
13:18 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for 'Mothers of the Movement' Plead With the DNC to 'Save Our Children'
We were athenaeum club this yelling at ahead now. But once he got there. There ever happened to the deeds he hadn't won story she shelf space empathy week they don't loving mother tired it wasn't about politics. Not very many meetings turned into two hours because it seems they did to us nobody else listening. To us that in time we'll. Back at 21. Staged fight people just dealing with a. You can continue. To seek out there will be more. To. Somehow they didn't get so that it's a constant drumbeat SA. We are citizens. We are mothers. We lost children this is. I want it is unacceptable and here are. It's all of us were trying to keep my kids have never Manila which. Their name alive and so I need to speak so that her voice demanding. I can't help Terry Vaughn and his hand but there they've trained bomb Martin's that I can heal. I believe that my heart hey that's IFC. Slanted so immediately. Get them spent and need me Gallo was voices. You build today. And send news file and file and forget is that why you just can't let as long as the low one there. While he was found hated woman then there Scott take you from each end let me. Like giving us appears totally go. I was so appreciated. These people here a moment. Just treasure and this fire so much. A. Pain. We're. Okay. And though. Okay. I need you all to hear me 1098. Give me two moments to tell you how good idea it's. Had a million. Yeah. Give me a moment to say thank you. We are not standing here because he's that good we standing here because he's great. Yeah. One year ago. Yes today. And it the worst. Nightmare. Anyone could imagine. I watched. As my boorda. Sandra blame. Was lowered into the ground. In a coffin. Seamlessly my point of fact daughters. And she was gone. I don't. Not on administratively. But on permanent lead from this or. Found hanging in a jail sale. After an unlawful traffic stop. And an unlawful arrests. Six. Other women. Have died in custody. That same month. Did you check mean. Alexis in the government. Sand rock police circle bear. Ready now. Turn our. Rob Tina Jones. And Joyce Kern amp. So many. Of our children a gone but they're not but that. I am here we Hillary Clinton. Tonight. Because she is eight media. And among them. Who will say. Our children's names. She know. That when a young black. Life is cut short. It's not just a loss. It's a personal loss. It's a national law. It's a loss. That diminishes all of us. What a blessing. To not to be standing here. So that Fendi it's SP. Do a mama. And what have the last thing. It is for all of us that we have the opportunity. If we see it we can't see it. You. To cast our votes. Fourth president. Who will help lead us down the path toward rest the race. And change. You don't stop. Being a mom. Weighing your child signs you don't stop being a parent. I am still. Jordan davis' mother. His life ended. The day that he was shot and killed for plane loud music. But my job as his mother didn't. I still wake up every day thinking about how to parent him. How to protect him and his legacy. How do you ensure that his death. Doesn't overshadow his life. Here's what you don't know about myself. When Jordan was little. He wouldn't you don't popsicle and less he had enough to bring up to his friends. He loved practical jokes. He liked having deep conversations. With me about our love for god. And how god could allow such pain and suffering. I lived in fear that my son would die like this. I'd even warned him that because he was a young black man. He would meet people who didn't value. Him or his life. That the conversation. That no parent. Should ever have quit their child. Hillary Clinton. Isn't afraid to pave the black lives matter. She isn't upgrade to sit at a table with grieving mothers. And bear the full force. Of our anguish. She doesn't build walls around her heart. Not only did she listened to our problems. She invited us to become our part of the solution. And that's. What we are going to do. We're going to keep telling our children's story. And we're urging viewed as say their names. We're going to keep building a future where police officers and communities of color quartet have there. In mutual respect. To keep children like Jordan same. The majority of police offices are good people. Doing a good job. And we're also going to. Keep using our voices. And our votes to support leaders like Hillary Clinton who will help put the cut to one another sold bit yeah. Club up heartbroken mothers. Stops. Growing. First of all I like to say it's an honor to be here. To stand with these mothers. And be amongst you. I am unwilling participant in this movement. I would not have signed up for this it. What any other motherhood that's standing here with me today. But I am here today. For the last time. Stray bomb Martin. Who was in that. And also. For his brother to bars Bolton will steal here on her. What this plot like. But I will do everything I can't so pulp is some of this life. On the pain. Of a path out of the darkness. Hillary Clinton has the compassion and understand being. To support grieving mothers. She has the currents to lead the fight for comment sits behind legislation. I. Skip a planned to them. That's often exists between lineup law enforcement. And the communities that they stagger. This isn't about being politically correct this is about to saving our children. We hear. Not. Whip Hilary Clinton. And that's why it memory about how bad children we are employing you. View. So but this he let since. Day. Really isn't one. One mother who finished sure I'll move Mitt win don't sync speed. I want to thank you for standing let us just important to us and we like to leave what do you what god. Has given us slant. Love and peace thank you.

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{"duration":"13:18","description":"The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Jordan Davis make a heartfelt case for \"Black Lives Matter.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40906855","title":"'Mothers of the Movement' Plead With the DNC to 'Save Our Children'","url":"/Politics/video/mothers-movement-plead-dnc-save-children-40906855"}