NATO leaders meet in London; SCOTUS hears gun rights case

World leaders are set to meet in the United Kingdom on the 70th anniversary of NATO; House gears up for additional hearing; Supreme Court hears major gun rights case.
28:23 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for NATO leaders meet in London; SCOTUS hears gun rights case
Everybody welcome to the brick Paramount Devin Dwyer Washington hoping had a great Thanksgiving coming up today a big week ahead. In the impeachment showdown in the tourney twining race plus the Supreme Court today. Here in its first major gun rights case in nearly a decade and justice Clarence Thomas he's seen there. Sitting down for 22 hours of interviews for a new documentary we have an early look at that. Coming up but first president trump kicking off a trip to the NATO summit to celebrate seventy years. That alliance and alliance he has harshly criticized him before taking off. Overseas the president touted the progress he says he's made. In giving the other members to pay up. Let's turn a White House reporter Jordan Phelps who joins us now live from London hey Jordan so the president actually has accomplished quite a bit when it comes. To NATO burden sharing but the allies are still very anxious over this meeting what are you hearing over there so far. Hay DeVon yes president trump is set to take a victory lap on what the administration says has been a spectacularly. Successful mission. On the president's part to get other allies to contribute more and to start bringing down US payments but DeVon as you note that. Reduced US spending has had the effect of also reducing the confidence in the US commitment. To this alliance DeVon this is a very brief meeting its. Lasting less than two days and observers tell me back is very intentional that. The organizers of this event don't want to provide an opportunity like last year's NATO summit that is remembered as really disastrous. When president from that one point question what is the point of NATO. They don't want to provide openings like that this go round so it's going to be brief ceremonial an opportunity for all the leaders. She will celebrate the seven years of this alliance and try not to give openings for more questions of the US commitment to this key alliance seven. And already those questions though are starting to seep in ahead of the meeting Jordan we already heard from French president in my annual mill Kron. Who once set up acting pretty Rosey romance with president from now he's warning of brain death. In the NATO alliance just as president trump arrives says sort of implicitly. Jabbing at president trump and I understand you have some reporting that that isn't sitting very well as president from. Yet DeVon the two men say that they remain close of course app president Mac crime. And president trump continued. Communicate frequently in the two are going to sit down. For what will be a closely watched bilateral meeting here in London but DeVon your right in pointing out that it's not just president Tron. He's stirring the pot here at NATO president macro and extremely provocative comments. Have drawn condemnation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And that is it view that she made. Clear is not shared by NATO other members of NATO also made clear they do not share that view but the most provocative actions of late DeVon have been. By Turkey's president aired a wine whose invasion of northern Syria and his purchase of Russian military equipment has really rattled the alliance. As it is seeing as him increasingly cozying up. With Russia's president Vladimir Putin who of course is one of the primary threats within this alliance seven yeah the whole purpose and. This alliance was to count or Russia to push back on that aggression also emission of counter terrorism around the world will be interesting to see. How those values are firmed in this short meeting Jordan but. Also want to shift gears a little bit here because the president. Is attending this day at a summit amidst and aggressive push by house Democrats in the impeachment inquiry this week we know the House Judiciary Committee. You can hold that first hearing on Wednesday the president will still be overseas how is his team preparing or are they anticipating. Having to address the impeachment battle. While they're in the UK. DeVon while we know the president is fury yes he commented to reporters before he lacked. The White House lambasting Democrats for holding this hearing while he is a bride something he says is. Next to distract from. The work he's doing on the world stage she's also tweak it. About eight cents DeVon that rapid response team that the White House has put up we'll no doubt be responding today's hearings as they have the last. But DeVon at the White House is not participating in this hearing they continue. That general sweeping strategy of non cooperation with this entire impeachment process and that's the approach they're corny continue to take this week to happen. All right White House reporter Jordan Phelps over in London thanks much shortened. And for more impeach embattled this week I'm joined now by our house investigative reporter Catherine folders join us live from Catherine hit Capitol Hill they captured. Odds so they they despite the president's protests there the house investigators impeachment investigators are preparing to release their report. About the president's alleged misconduct with Ukraine. What are you hearing about that report what can we expect from a when it's released. They are on the House Intelligence Committee which led this impeachment inquiry as it relates to Ukraine after all this closed door deposition and weeks of public hearings begin drafting this report. Now later tonight around 6 o'clock they're expected to how members from that committee both Republicans and Democrats come in. In view that report behind closed doors they can't think there were part with them it won't be public until tomorrow evening after 6 o'clock around 630 in the committee the House Intelligence Committee. Will then vote on that report after a incorporating some of the minority of the republicans' views after they view it they will vote. On match at 6 o'clock it's a formality DeVon it's likely to to pass an essentially what this will do is shift that report. From the House Intelligence Committee over to the House Judiciary Committee which as you were talking not as having that first. Public impeachment hearing on Wednesday they will get. And that report likely tomorrow night when we see it and of course that will likely be sensual the fax from that report. It will be central to that its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday with constitutional and legal scholar seven. It's important remind everybody Catherine right that this report shouldn't be any big surprise this is basically. That did the lawmakers the investigators the Democrats lean out all the findings. Of alleged misconduct on the part of the president things we've been hearing about. In these public hearings but. One thing that won't be in this report or this hearing apparently is any input from the president in his team. Despite all their complaints about not being involved in the process of actually turned down. An invitation to appear on Wednesday. That's frame are also expecting Republicans on the committee to release a counter report to. Chairman since report but you're right the Republicans and the White House really has notified the Judiciary Committee that. They aren't going to send council air going to send their lawyers to participate. In Wednesday's hearing and what I heard from sources of the White House and Republican sources on Capitol Hill is you've seen for the past. Couple months or president attacked. This process an impeachment hopes he's also complained that he hasn't been able to how his lawyers present in the house intelligence. Committee hearing so why would anyone to send them now the little white everything they don't have enough information about what the Wednesday. Hearing will be like that there will be no representation from men and they aren't facing another deadline in -- Friday. By 5 o'clock chairman Nadler has given the White House the deadline to respond to whether. The president when the White House will participate in these proceedings. At all we still expect perhaps some additional hearings to be announced before this goes. Before they begin drafting articles of impeachment if they decide to before this goes to the full house floor for bat. And of course that saw an opportunity to participate. In a trial on the Republican controlled senate if and win. This process heads there Catherine folders thank you so much will be back with you all week in you can follow the impeachment hearings here on ABC news live on Wednesday gaveled the gavel coverage. Hope you'll join us then moving on now though to the race to 20/20 a whirlwind holiday weekend in Iowa now. Almost exactly two months to the day before the Iowa Caucuses. Kick off former vice president Joseph Biden leading nationally in the polls trailer and a little bit out there and Iowa see he's kicked off. Pretty ambitious eight day eighteen county bus tour he calls it the no Malarkey bus to work. And our Molly Nagel campaign reporter is embedded on a tour joins us now from outgoing Iowa Molly. To tell us what this tour is all about and why is he doing it now. Look at minutes of I didn't had been barking at the longest trip to date on the campaign trail witness cost more and he's doing every now and I love because he says people in Iowa are really just now starting at the expense. They're telling us where there he keep telling us on the but the nine different client that the people coming here keep coming here to really make him eat most. And make that case when they're starting to pay attention after the holidays have already started. He thinks that I was something he can lead despite the fact that his campaign as previously thought it's not a must win state for them. I think he's here is he doesn't make those personal interaction that can help turn voters out on caucus night. And Rick Klein our political director is here Rick as we see there the definition from Malarkey is that. No no love of bull S that's speak as Joseph Biden a straight talker he's making this appeal though. Out in the role part of the state and he's really trying to go after some of these farming communities that have been hit. By prison troughs terrorists. I his whole play with this bust war and the way he's trying to connect with voters as they. Basically go around a lot of the national news media narratives that have that have taken whole. He still has a stubborn hold on on the party list in national polls. These early state polls are very difficult for him and they recognize in the Biden campaign that he can't just get wiped out in those states are he has to get that toe hold going somewhere. He's got a good strength and connecting to voters when he gets to meet them look him in the and die you out it's a little bit corny that you talk about partly. Really not a phrase that the kids are using these days but died three of. I'm he is trying to create some buzz out there Molly back to you though because. Is some of the buzz he's creating actually is for some of the imagery. That has come out from this bus tour already I get a there was a lighter moment from Saturday Council Bluffs, Iowa that has gone viral we are gonna show it to our viewers. Here it is it was when the former vice president of sharing the stage and his wife Jill Biden. And it looks like he's biting her finger. It gets took off on Twitter and social media a lot of people. Convenience is sort of a usual behavior. He campaigns are laughing it off what orders said his aides saying about that moment. Well I it it looks like you when you think you're exactly right because that's. At the kickoff event at his home phone plus. Where we started our bus tour and it. You know this is one of the most animated features I've seen till I didn't give them on the campaign's message really was talking about her husband and in the ways that she thinks I'm going to be a great commander in chief. And I had it in her enemies standing in that scene was beating her hands quite plus it's basically we've learned to get an a little nibble. Now I'm just some lighthearted moment in the at the time but you know how these things happen they can take up and get our mother like fun doesn't mean and that's exactly what we're seeing here. I'm Colin Angle out there on the no Malarkey bus tour thanks so much Molly we'll check back in with you over this week Rick. Speaking of buzz he's the billionaire businessmen Tom Styron who is in this race is look into. To make a little buzz this holiday week as well to do this prompts Dyer has purchased the domain name keep America great. Dot com. Rick we've seen this for force both sides doing this the truck to team has done this as well try to redirect. And it does unassuming and voters tune to your website but this does this actually tell us something too about. The importance or lack there of of ashen faced a faced retail politics these days these campaigns are so absorbed in the electronic. Warfare over campaign. Senator Tom -- Michael Bloomberg. I'm trying to big sort of buy their way in Merom and maybe spend as much time on the ground. They're testing essential proposition we have always held that these early states where you'd get a chance to retail politics matter quite a bit. When you see it billionaires like Michael Bloomberg. Bypassing us it's entirely its goings dumping money into the early voting states out beyond the first four that is him saying I think I I can figure out the whole process and everyone is sort of gotten it wrong. I think Osiris in other instructive example because he has spent. Other than Bloomberg more than anyone else and he's bought himself what 234%. Apples he hasn't really risen above that so. Yes there's some number that by putting your face out there getting yourself on television you can rise but getting beyond that takes more that I think the fact that he's. For choosing domain in sesame insurgent candidates do that's not a billionaire move. That what's that cost like seventy bucks a road out or something that's a little has a low tech relatively low tech maneuver to try to get some some conversation rider candidacy. Q a conversation it's a little bit of fun to talk about their Elizabeth Warren know on a serious note is actually somebody. Which argued against this sort of electronic focus campaigns of Tom's dire certainly Michael Bloomberg with his ad blitz. And she short over the weekend that engagement with the real voters can actually be quite emotional out there on the campaign trail take a look at this moment. That is caught our. I was wondering if there's Everest timing your life where some that you really looked ups you. May gain except he does not us. And I don't. If a home. My mother. And I. Had very different views. A home. How to build the future. She's a native Mary well. And I we. Really took. He just adore get. I am to your came a day when I had the caller. And say. This is over. Heard the disappointment of ways. I knew how she felt down. But I'll send us a write in candidate. At some times. You just got to do. What's right. Inside. End. Hope that maybe the rest of the world will come around to. Staffers did skinny. And railway. And who has asked that we not use her last name but was seen their high mean now Elizabeth Warren joins us now live from Iowa railing great to see used to tell us about that experience we just. Watch their play back from the weekend. I'm I. Wasn't really sure is going to be a house that question. I went right town hall a loan I haven't any went meet. And I. Think it is funny thing arises you they all wrapped looks an expert people see beyond the crash scene. And you people look for mean. We're shows and they are number it was so close to mind I lay there is no way that I get chosen anymore but. When my number is called I literally sat straight about it may see an outlet yeah pain and I. Thought it might question on the giant oak prairie you know just in case I. It. Really manages arts friends and personal areas. And I'm his thinking am I I really when asked as his knowledge there responses in being but. I lend from my parents to be courageous and a policeman who I am and to be and comment. And I might you know what I'm gonna get asked a question. I'm gonna make it something worthwhile. And I'm really got an opportunity to. And it was a great question and it was great to see be courageous and that moment it was also an opportunity Rick. To see the candidate respond in sort of an authentic way and we've seen it play out over the course of this campaign we've seen it. Over the number of campaigns and cover together. These sort of authentic moments that speak to voters the law of raw emotion you can tell when the candidates are no longer scripted. And sometimes second play very welcome deedrick compelling to undecided voters. I was up what is the cadence. Out there she recognized that this is a powerful moment of human interaction of personal. The connection and that it had a connection is well with the audience and yes you can't script moments like this penalty with a campaign. Is emphasizing I was more of that. The less of the I've got a plan for that. Her her stem winding stump speeches are team covering worn notes that much shorter and she she gives that base of the C speech all the time and in this case she truncated a lot more questions. I don't think it's a coincidence that she's seen a bit a bit of a flat lining or polls of late recognize you need a bit different strategy we write you that's exactly the kind of moment as a candidate you you look to create. I broke quickly Braylon before we let you go have you met any of the other candidates out there in Iowa how how important is that face times he was a voter went back he made up your mind. I'm I had any other candidates I had an inch loosening gun to sound but I had a busy schedules. So I have millions of any and I have made up my mind and I'm excited Omar and I just gonna let her enter sees a lot. End. I volunteer. Or so. That's also another. They used in. Year you're locked and loaded for Elizabeth Warren and this campaign now just two months away from those caucuses in your state really think you so much for joining us live today on ABC news live in our takes. As always our political director reclined ex lovers that over the Supreme Court now with the. Justice is today considered the issue of gun rights for the first time. In nearly a decade the case involves a New York City law that had banned the transport of licensed locked and loaded handguns. Outside city limits X series actually since Dodd dropped the lobby city case is moot but gun rights groups. One of the Supreme Court to issue a ruling anyway potentially expanding second member of protections. For gun owners I was at the Supreme Court today the justices very divided on that question whether. There's even a case here at all now that New York City is drop the law. After oral arguments are topped a gun safety advocates outside a rainy supreme court for their take on today's hearing people. It's hard to predict but I thought that there was a lot of interest among they judges to. Defer. Ruling on the segment issued because there's no live case here it as many people said. The plaintiffs got everything they want. The city has repealed its laws New York State has prevented it from an acting again so there's okay so it should be dismissed. Chris this witness a huge moment at the court first gun rights case in ten years a lot of people out here. Why is there so much concern among gun safety groups like yours about this court in about this case in particular boat we know that there. Hasn't then decision in a decade sense teller and we know and that time that the gun violence prevention movement has made huge progress. In state after state after state in this country. We don't want that progress to be in any way compromised or reversed and we think that that Second Amendment like all of the amendments in the bill of rights. Has limitations. And legislatures across this country are making progress to protect public safety and we want that to. Continue where did you tell the justices do you agree I agree if I talked about my ex bears forgot about us. Impacted me how. Take action from then decided to speak out of my community in deleted from my peers and then and I talked about the charm and comes less. Com. Doug bowers who had his own was so close. Lot and brother. Two years ago and leave why is this case is that significant what's at stake it. I'm not what's at stake is although where it can progress that we've been able to accomplish Novak and not just the last year and a half since heartland button. Over the last few decades and that he'd put an announcement sentiment and the students you know our allies and different radiant and mete out. Have words failed to pass lies envelope let's Salem across the country and it. If the justices villains such a way that BS scope with a ruling is Friday it had actually overturn all of that likes lifesaving legislation. And Zion were out here in the rain there is a huge crowd back here there were more from fort sort of reining what message does this send to the board. I think that this says that that we really care like a bush is that gonna be heard everybody pitching in the fight even if even if Pakistan and Iran sent a code within a Shakespeare's. Art for more on this now I'm joined by doctor Jonathan Metz ol' professor Vanderbilt University also the research rector it's safe Tennessee project a nonpartisan gun violence. Research center Jonathan thanks so much for coming in fact you were over at the court today as well quite rainy out there on the surface this case seems that it could be sort of a limited one in scope focused X kind of an obscure law in New York City but. You've taken a close look at this and a ruling in favor of New York. Plaintiffs here the gun owners. Could actually having very dramatic impact nation while. Right this case is just to put it straight kind of being used in a particular rate there is no real decision to be made neck right now that the law in question. Has already been had you know done away with the people who asked for their rights have gotten their rights says just the very fact that the Supreme Court heard this case is kind of a shot across the bow. About I think with the ultimate aim is which is to expand. With the border called Heller writes and other words. Expand the right of people to be able to carry guns to own guns not just their home particularly carry them anywhere in public and you heard it in the voices of people who are out there really what's at stake in this decision is. Do cities and states have the right to set gunman legislation that works for them and we've got gotten familiar with this you know assault weapons bans red flag laws background checks. All of this things will be thrown up for grabs if the Supreme Court decides it actually there is a constitutional right that supersedes those state rights and so. I think you're right it's a small case. But it could have tremendous tremendous implication that discuss safety groups very fearful. Of what this case could mean simply as you say because this is some of vehicle potentially. For something much broader we should remind everybody as well that. There aren't a lot of Supreme Court decisions out there on guns in modern times the supreme court's actually only Wayne in twice. On this and it recently 2000 in 2012 which is said to have in divisions have a right to own a gun and keep it in their home for self defense but here. Potentially they could. Give some language to protect the right to carry a gun what are the options about what they could consider that we that would go much farther. Will and anywhere that's what's kind of anxiety causing for people on the in the gun control side is the fact that they've chosen a case that is. Settlement and so arcane to make this point that kind of shows that. You know it's it's has a particular possible political bat I'm. I think that there are two things that I think are important to understand number one is the 2008 ruling that you mentioned the so called held a ruling. Basically it's sad that individuals have a right to own their own guns and keep them in their homes. But it left open to cities and states the rights to decide you know what works the best for you I'm. Do you want to allow people to carry loaded handguns in public or not do you want people to carry this. Passed dozens and though he hasn't lost that have held up those potentially at risk but I do want to play for viewers sound from the attorney today representing those gun plaintiffs challenging the new York law for openers in as Paul Clement is a former. A Bush Administration solicitor general here's what he said. About the stakes in this case. That in court asked lot of questions today about those continuing efforts by the city and try to make this case go away. But they also ask very important questions about the merits. That made clear that this is part and parcel of the kind of regulations. That have no basis in text history or tradition. And should not be upheld consistent with the Second Amendment were very very hopeful that the court. Will decide this case on the merits and in favor of the petitioners. And all bent were very gratified that we had our day in court. Did indicate these important constitutional rights. So Paul Clement optimistic there more than 35000. Americans killed by guns so far this year. According to go underground circuit your research into the data suggests that even a modest rule lean against New York City by the Supreme Court could. Impact that now. Absolutely we're re we have on average about 40000 gun deaths a year in this country not just homicides that we lead the world in gun suicides partner violence every kind of gun violence. As simply the data that I read research and many of the people just shows is that. The more you infuse guns into dense social situations the more shootings there aren't so the question I think for us as a society is. Do we want to support the Second Amendment but place reasonable restrictions on where people can carry guns you know the subway bar something like that in New York. I am or do we want to just say that the right to carry a loaded weapon has sacrosanct in which case we're gonna see more gun rights but we're also going to see more market. Doctor Jonathan that's the thanks so much for coming up pressure venerable universal's of their research director at the safe Tennessee president appreciate you coming here finally today. A rare look at justice Clarence Thomas in his own words than normally silent justice in the supreme court of speaking out giving 22 hours. Of interviews for upcoming PBS documentary on his life and his jurisprudence at the Supreme Court ABC news got an early look at the film. Here's a little taste of what he had to say. Black American cars I'm. It was a high tech land. They come on we notice all the this is the wrong black. He has to be destroyed just say it. And the Phillies a C there is called created equal Clarence Thomas in his own words the justice. Not mincing any words about the contentious 1991 confirmation process. He also weighs in now on his upbringing in rural Georgia it's a great watching and find more on that upcoming film at for Devi with this year on this very busy Monday in the brief here amount Devin Dwyer Washington. We'll be right back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time but to see them.

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