Navigating federal and state laws in the marijuana industry

ABC News' Serena Marshall talks with New Frontier Data's John Kagia about the difficulties faced by businesses trying to stay on the right side of the law.
15:27 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Navigating federal and state laws in the marijuana industry
Don't fit of anger over executive vice President Clinton should have an opinion let me. They. Hit it it wasn't her. I visited your PC it's big it's. Now we're seen him around us right now big disconnect between federal and state line a little bit about what it. TV line federal. Wearing on that matter only candidate and profits street and here in the District of Columbia. Economists currently eagle on the rebels are under Wilson was scheduled for essential supplies. Which means it has no other medical users and it's. And its exclusive pregnant. Harbor this is one of eight cases one of my case is confident he realized that dogs. When he went. And because of a typical. Vincent. Creek to disconnect. Squared him publicity that the Harlem district which could give us. A. Now the and it isn't as though is eight locations in the district. Or recreational. In his. Manhattan to legalize the medical it. That victory. Equipment or does not recognize medical news the U. But there are 28 states the district but that legalized. Some measure of medical. The State's groups and how would you different medical conditions. And that toward. Basically. 6000 Americans amount of industry that its medical. Over 95% of Americans and other state that either us political news medical news or CBE. Oils and the CPB. Vs the campus but the look great. The percentages looks like graphic components teach him. I mean it's even added. Yeah. Will marijuana be fully legalize medically. Will it be deregulated and as we know President Obama leading port that it should be treated just like alcohol tobacco. Will we see that change under this new administering. So that's one of the big questions which. With a lot of debate Iran. I'm on a national public support legalization. Some a 57%. And that's a ten percentage points just weren't so the public opinion on this issue has been wolf very grateful. Support for medical purposes I get ninety. Ensued public. Largely as fully support to groups medical practice and increasingly strong majorities. Boat and the administration has appeared to take. Increasingly antagonistic war. Less than approving petition. Though she's now. Indeed Jeff Sessions. Amid kind of business as teachers for employees and spoon. It while it is not expected that the administration has been booted it crippled there are a lot of stuff easy. It's to try and provide some protection for the industry in particular by lawmakers didn't win. Those state proceed very significant. Benefits from the positions industry. Inevitably going that going back to the administration tell him anything means nothing else that it should be 88 issue. Let's keep at it again seven in the market means we heard news from that event February and a sexy. Is they beat the game. Yeah Adams the majority of American it is. The district estimate a receptive to Simpsons and American tower. I would go into the station. And some medical news. I'm but this is an issue that politicians that it's over it's I. Don't want him. And so particularly in an environment where it is generally support crew he gives him. Countless times Democrats and Republicans. In a Republican of that professional environment look in the White House. One can understand why they would. Slower moved to legalization. This kind of climate and that would render them. Now you mentioned earlier there's an old friend congress in the eyes item three particularly adult movies that would help regulate marijuana. What actions of those days have seen me. Eight lives in Manhattan. Soup it depicts him more robust discussion around these bills and you've seen around campus utilization that in usually happens this. And part of it is I think it is a reflection. This tidal action just two. Sixteen Greg how ten point eight feet lose in November 2 guys and Ohio and Pennsylvania medical news. Good actors buried here in the year because of that. I accord recognition homeless guy that some of the constraints on B. Just don't make law. So cordial. Kind of the witnesses towards blues. Tax tools that means that unlike a good business in this economy the captain of the business times. This means the canvassing businesses tax burdens and Andrea and 65 percentage point nearly 90%. An endless back it is. Really most of that is the complete jolt. And truthfully. Expert. Chemical high he really has been comfortable enough that business is happening assuming that Hertzberg and so broad. Despite everything is I mean it's so what you're saying that. It and this no profitable they even without getting any breaks at all. There's some thinking. Is there any other industry. Anywhere that would be best this investors and improvements producers and a lot of time opens. No one has seen anything like this. If the government could hear what kind of whose lives Ashe we packed him. Soup we have seen some indication of the amount of taxes that are already being generated by the industry. Six think our taxes he paid quite retail consumers walking distance attacks at the debate it even kind of specific or the state still it's. But seventeen states. Collapsed about 200. But when tunnel that would groups 2.4 billion dollars in back taxes one industry from an industry. And that's just one tight but that's being applied but doesn't include. Federal liability businesses. If you also does not include any city. My people died in the patient. If the city governments. Significant. And fifth and one of the reasons why. You're seeing lawmakers and it's typical I don't really gearing up protected industries the federal government did towards entity. So let me not an outcrop and why. I'm so lost your state made one point three billion dollars in revenue. And that's just revenue from retail sales tax cuts purchasers like and it. The past nine months and hundreds of sales. Which disputes an indication of the scale of demand. Given a lot of it's a relatively small market against something I pulled California at the state. From forty. Yes submit. But sixteen in the streets and you frontier don't estimates that. Industry generally to six point six billion dollars. And up to seventy performances he could. Industry but I can't. In terms of size. It's. Three at which the in this news this. Morning. Tragedy that builds the market. Case. I didn't sing. This portable game. But shared economy. There's in this we'll see exclusive group of the past few years there are very very few industries it's going to be the present. The size of group. And revenue generating potential. Then you're seeing. So I mean in terms of the amount of money that they may play industry would be. That funny. So I'm in in the economy. Six billionaires are relatively. Small number it's. So I think what is more significant thing about contacts back. This is really. Based on the two three billion aren't Middle East markets pulled out of Washington and or. And it's the twenty much more limited operation medical and that's important thinkers. Your biggest purchasers to support the total size of this industry could be if we're told he's would be cool national. And good and evil in the Balkans a dispensary. And purchased kind of. Ellis had tears from business public perception you mentioned 90% of Americans believe medical marijuana isn't good thing should be legalized. What our perception among different generation. Garrett big generate calls every scene in the millennial event that they didn't have come together on this one. Great question. Different it is at this surveyed. Precisely to start teasing out positions on these differences in perceptions and news. We found that support for legalization is much higher amongst. They're part that is. We tend to be much more supportive of the industry but are much much more supportive of kind of specific specific. And much more comfortable with the idea of kind of is. What this is important that means that areas. This demographic specifically. Grows becomes more for the it's. They're going to go to accelerate the adoption of these. And expect this in this. Soon. You'll concede that we the point where it's great she hugged the genie apple. Given that the scale of that moment there's large if it. Behind the house if you look at older generation what it is. Now want to get it. If it. So they tend to be much more concerned about organizations much more. Fearful about the negative potential side effects. And you'll have to be the least likely and chief whose. I'm so this is her greatest hits Booth. Other interest and they're also the group which is seeing officers increased energy users. And that is both states. And that's because we think particularly the boomers poorer Jillian are beginning to experience. Age related medical. Ridiculous those conditions medical cannabis does appear to some there. And so either through their own social networks were patients keep them. They're being introduced to kind of disappointing review from and that's one of the reasons why don't we. Tolerate it. I thought well it said something 59%. Users are hearing. If that hit civilian generation's thing didn't work is done it is. That they. So we think that this is a this has been this very very significant shift in. There's a lot of concern about what might have. Three years and spent many of these people would cardinal there. Second there's been great dramatic acquisition in the great kind of it's. When these markets first loans was means moving joins. Consuming the wallflower. But as the market is involved is that there's been more product development. You're seeing. An explosion. Edible food beverages and Soledad it is seeing a lot more people prices which mean that you're not earning power. This gives us. And critically these products that consumed more discreet. So that the parents with children in the homes. I'm doesn't in the didn't smoke a joint that it's been. Your home and greatness. But if you put them to bed and come at a bull. Can do that discreetly you can. And it's. Share of market of these. People risers are credible news has grown very dramatically ever. Costs here and I think it's being driven this recognition that there are alternative ways. People movement. Jimmy Mitchell. And now how does it compare on marijuana compared to people's perception of the harms of alcohol and it. There has hired an exception these are okay because there is that medical. So this is another question that you've hinted at it ask conservatives how dangerous is out. It was discovered that how do as well this elicit heroin. And large people do you have it is yes. All of these lines. And us. You know I think it is a reflection. How much public perception pasture. People are seeing the therapeutic. Value there's kids with epilepsy. See extraordinary benefit from it and in the index than maybe this is not as that is the reformat stories that we grew up. Maybe maybe is. Recent attack in his seat and east without. 200 missiles arms if you're seeing it opened it to earn an interest in right now. How fattening its we don't think you're joining us experience ABC news I'm Serena aren't currently and something happened what. Industry against the bulk. Capitol Hill besides tackling.

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{"id":46930702,"title":"Navigating federal and state laws in the marijuana industry","duration":"15:27","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall talks with New Frontier Data's John Kagia about the difficulties faced by businesses trying to stay on the right side of the law.","url":"/Politics/video/navigating-federal-state-laws-marijuana-industry-46930702","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}