NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral

Funeral for officer Rafael Ramos held at church in Queens, New York.
10:21 | 12/27/14

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Transcript for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral
Pastor der so. You and your father passed a personal thank you for this. Extraordinary congregation. Which is meant so much of the Ramos family and thank you for love. Here today. Vice president. It is so important to the people of New York City. And to the Ramos family and so many others that your here. Thank you for a helping us to heal at this painful moment. Governor. Senator commissioner. Thank you all. Our hearts. Are aching today. Feel it. Physically. Feel it deeply. New York City. Has lost a hero. Remarkable man because of the depth. Of his commitment. To all around him. On behalf of all eight point four million New Yorkers army capital all of us. I extend my condolences. Voted sent to Justin Jay and Julia to send it to the entire. Family the wonderful. Beautiful extended family. We've all come to know in these days. And to all their friends all who love them. Extend my condolences to another family the family of the NYPD. That is hurting so deeply right now. Men and women. Feeling this loss so personally so deeply as their families feel the loss as well. And I want to thank the officers a law enforcement officers from all over this nation. Who have come here. To honor. Officer Ramos. I especially want to thank the family. Of officer Lou. Or here in solidarity. And shared grief. Two families we will remember together. Always. All of the city is grieving. And grieving. For so many reasons. But the most. Personal is. That we've lost such a good man. And a family is in such pain. Officer Rafael rock Ramos. As a man so filled with commitment. Faith. Belief. You can see in this family. You can see. We'll kind of parity was what kind of husband it was what kind of sunny was what it meant to his family. As a family so strong. Result of that kind of love and commitment. And hundreds of the love of his life and a partner and all things. The honor you. The honor. His two sons who he would Doran. Justin. We thank you are feeling the same calling to public service. That motivate your father. It's jade and we thank you for what you've already said to this world even editor young age. And that meant so much so so many people and we thank you for. What you said simply. About your dad. You said quote. He was the best father I could ask for. And every child to. Should be so blessed has to be able assay that. And every parent should be so blessed us to be able to hear that from their child. Well known that officer Ramos love this family so deeply and cherish the moments with them and yes. They are Mets fans. God bless them. And he loved playing basketball and his sons and Highland Park. He loved blasting Spanish gospel music from his car. He lived life so deeply. This family. I've shown us so much in these last days and has given us so much hope even amidst the pain. Because you epitomize the family of New York you epitomize always aspired to be. You've been there together from the the most difficult painful moment. Most moments in the hospital to now. Still what strains filled with connections still would devotion to each other. It's something we all. Need to remember. An officer Ramos was profoundly a man of face. There's so much of his life centered on this. Beautiful church this church family. He embraces. The powerful idea. If your way isn't working. Tried God's way. He spent the last ten weeks of his life studying to be a chaplain. It was taken from us on the day he was to graduate. It says so much that he wanted to serve people spiritually he was already serving. And so many ways and yet he felt deeply called to serve spiritually as well. He was thinking about that service even in the years after he would leave the force that he would continue to serve. As a spiritual mentor and leader. And he was so committed. To the NYPD. It meant so much to him to be a member. Of the finest police force in this country he always wanted to join them YPD. It wasn't his first career he starred as a school safety officer. Protecting our kids and he was much loved. In that role. Their dream. That he would one day. Be a police officer. And he worked for that dream. And he lived it and he became. He couldn't wait to take that test. He couldn't wait to put on that uniform. He believed in protecting others. And those who are called to protect others. Our special breed. Those who stared down danger those who sacrifice for all of us. That's what he wanted to be he wanted to be. Someone who gave more. Someone would take risks. That so many others would find unimaginable he wanted to reach higher. His service to others. All of those. Brothers and sisters the NYPD. Feel as loss. Because they too. Followed that journey. To serve others made to accept of those risks. And they persevere. Despite the pain. And for that we are eternally thankful. One of the most beautiful passages in the Bible. Is also one of the simplest. From the sermon on the mount. Blessed. Are the peacemakers. That could have been said. With the officer almost mind. He was a peacemaker in every sense throughout his life here's a man of peace man of love. He was a peacemaker in his large family. Always bringing people together. He was a peace makers church. Working every day that spread a message of faith and love helping others through their talent is helping other families from their struggles. It was a peacemaker. For the city of New York. Police officers were called. Peace officers. Because that's what they do to keep the peace. They help make. A place that otherwise would be torn with strikes a place of peace. Officer Ramos put his life on the line every day so other New Yorkers could live in peace so they could live in safety. That's what he believed it. His life. Was tragically cut short. But his memory will live on in the hearts for his family. His congregation. As Brothers and sisters of the NYPD. And literally millions of New Yorkers. We will not forget. Just want to say very few words in Spanish. Way to Europe. It's stock day lord till. What alarm went to do you know there's so Smith. Horace he hosts Russia Ramos. I'll tell Ramos general embargo it he disposal. Amoroso. One moment it in which affect. Human value and to police Ian Kim we're real. Me interest. Trouble hobble. In mountain there on the ways suit Dodd said go to. K and pass. This guns it. So suck but she's still no set out of it out. We will always remember him. May he rest in peace. God bless you all.

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{"duration":"10:21","description":"Funeral for officer Rafael Ramos held at church in Queens, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27851650","title":"NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral","url":"/Politics/video/nyc-mayor-bill-de-blasio-delivers-remarks-slain-27851650"}