People around the nation donate on Giving Tuesday

The global movement drives communities to help one another today and every day.
2:27 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for People around the nation donate on Giving Tuesday
And on his giving Tuesday on other global movement promoting charity and generosity and 2012. Even though the holidays a little different this year there are still so many ways to help out. We heard from a few of those dedicating today to their community. I can't I'm not giving choosy because the realism that my family room has been extremely blessed me Ali good health we have no issues. And we feel as though that we have you start Brothers insist this goes in the last horse is our honor and our obligation. Okay. It's giving she's saying and I'm giving them or me or our schools safe. Lunch every fourteen point odorless out analyst tragically killed in. Together we will mean our schools seeing. It's. A wanna get discussing sent out so they have to be heroes unfair. John we see how hard you're working everyday to make sure people in your community are filling better. Skinny t.'s and we yeah. You want keeping a little yeah. And that's why we do. Shattered land it's giving teasing me and this he's taking. I'm giving for individuals and vulnerable communities teens who access to clean water and sanitation. Skipping cheese steak and every gift to insurance it's an hour. He wants to continue to support the war to ensure there are Mormon. We've not only seen anything cool but it is also more time and and I. It's giving Tuesday I am giving the working world that does not have breast cancer wealthy raising money for the Magid Riley memorial farms. In honor of my sister in law Megan Reilly who passed away this morning I left. I'm meeting her teen years. He's wrong. Higher U. You mean he stayed there look. So many ways to get on is getting Tuesday do you want to participate you can still help out. By helping a neighbor advocating for an issue sharing his skill or finding in virtual volunteer opportunity. In your community mutual aid societies are just one searching area you can look for. And we'd like to thank all those volunteers who have already helped out today and every day.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The global movement drives communities to help one another today and every day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74490059","title":"People around the nation donate on Giving Tuesday","url":"/Politics/video/people-nation-donate-giving-tuesday-74490059"}