Politics and Fashion Intersect at the RNC

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson talk to the editor of 'Politiquette' about politics and fashion at the Republican National Convention.
10:33 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Politics and Fashion Intersect at the RNC
Our joy. Now. I'm very that it is executing air beekeeper having me to you are the founder editor. A something called political rights Olympic tech dot com or people who do not now. Tell us about. Politically it is it style blog at Washington DC it's style plot it counted at last fall after many years of working in politics and government affairs. And 180 decent thing sign. Diet to embraced fashion in DC plan it professional style and also just look at the different stories that fashion house. Now Connecticut's founded and I decided it was important to bring it on there at the mention it is and you see some of the past action. You willing Cleveland Yuma spelling. I would talk before reaching on air and I was obsessed with the hit suit because 2000 sort of 2008. Argue is always and Hillary Clinton and her suit. It's sort of as a bench at the political world that it got by the wayside Europe's debt is still play it's just she's got the person leading the way. Beat Hillary Clinton and I am. I I mentioned earlier in her first post Inkster Graham lives on the icon he gets it she wears a red light tan suit she's known for an IEU will continue to see and seats are comfortable here. It meant or where our time. And for women. It's now it's a great option an extremely. Is it just come from equipment and ask your curiosity does not deserve. That deal raised you know who wears the pants. So straight. Also are new reports of power politics and not. Treat. I think that's a question can ways you know I think a lot and when it in its. History. It does. Create an equal plane. Where it hurt multiple stories about the first member congress to Wear at sea. One of the women at. Neary you for a long time. Lies the highest ranking Republican. Congress. She email updating its new lots and yet this day and I think she did it in because she was comparable. Also because she was just as well as the men. Are out and get her at the where it can't see it couldn't. In my entire life I have elastic that and look we are having a little bit of a year and there are a lot of theories that she hatter and get out while it got one detector expert to examine the vaccine because or Amos. People are putting their politics on display right so tell me about Evans thinks you've seen here I'll do one. The Hawaii delegation. Passed that they're all aimed Hawaiian. It's Brad Park recently at republic. And and alliant. Is. Each. Talent trust in me. Out it from this Hawaiian does I can and I've been really am trusting them all you can't miss then. And one and someone affiliated with allegations that to mean that. While tired allegation doesn't agree that's currently on and it. What they do agree on is the pride at their homes day and say oh that's a way to show you. And I thought that was Mary interesting man you perspective exactly what I. Figured we see great passion like that you're some stories. I'm local Texans where credit's area they're pretty sharply haven't these red bright blue button down shirts effigies. The cowboys had. It's current unity. Right unity of the women delegates. And Texas is very day. They stay. Out. And I I would add to that rate to its big an issue. You out the campaigns he's and I am sure it's gonna continue to be an issue but that is sort of how we talk about the candidates. Appearance it and for the first time we got. He now candidate the nominee and verses that male nominee that criticism reports. That a lot of people focused much more on on her look what she's wearing what acts as a matter in the Q. You've seen acts to feature maps. Street light ain't. I'm. It's all members that say. You know we look at not cost a lot all our. I think them media looks at both genders. If you're not justice are weighing eight eat out as it is an idea certain way and Heinz. I really to being its people care about us that excellent. And that's play at ways an eastern of people without the colored dress out. Is it and both candidates getting fascinating. L. Donald suits are you know at a certain weighing. I answer lesser lane and found her and people talk about it. For the most part. Eat out passion does it looked at. All. Of us. Option right choices to make a last very serious question if you currently eco irked Senator Kerry Sanders. In Q. Any out that she wanted to well what would you. You know senator Sanders. Has not know her great apps that call that's no way you now and I mean he picnic at. I think. I just like to court you know tailored suit. Accidents. People don't seem too. Is look it is absent minder. Our thoughts are rough you know our outlook seemed hasn't worked air. You know he his messages out Atlantis that's it's an art for any right. You want your and where. Suits lassie. Last year spent every facet that's a personal while. Raised eyebrows right injury khaki suit during sober. My question to you as. But it still trapped at least politics says the blue and the black dark colors of Egypt where it now. We're not wearing ties that we used are we what do you spew are where three of our caller to a BC its. Powerful. It's a bit politics. I absolutely thinks out I think we're coming along way -- with fashion as a society in general all. Say I do believe there's a time and place for a certain look by a I think. Most places of business. In the United States are a little more laid back you have silicon. Rallying. Alert. Finance. Thirteen day ago. Politics yesterday actually mark answer I am IE. Work colors the numbers are elderly personal guidance at you know. I think I'd like your hair. I think purple. Color our. Royalty race. Susan Bieber like a politician like would you be acceptable for someone tonight worried Deep Purple suit every techsters. I I don't Americas. But they would certainly it. That trio that expert that's affairs there to tell. Out what you're doing like you're here you just going or ratchet it would everybody is wearing. I'm I'm I'm trying to find out and why different style stories aren't serious one is that the delegates Ali's. Really fine fashion choices and it's over the top. Op day. Bank have. You know I think that also I. There's a lot of rain and surrogate here every and it's you on our us it's a surrogate for Donald Trott. And she has ran a red light live oak. Wardrobe that's been designed for the entire would be which I down. You know interest stained sheet Al. And advocating for a candidate and just here say yes and here in one and now people style stories and wanna know what. How that relates to their politics and other relates to air their median and time here clean Clint Barmes curse you for you. What do you expect alerted trump where it. Why has been wearing a lot at beautiful elegant she dressed is she tends to go towards new Charles. I would be anxious to see if she doesn't read to 98. Highs that's her husband's favorite collar. When it comes to tie it and as a senator really air rang it is certainly that the color for the Republican Party. I want to see you in a purple suit. If we can look at a Parker fronts after he Marino a battery. I like gap also I want you to know at the LTM that your house drawing near or tonight at very very strong sock game. A little game you guys at home can't see this. It's a little weak tonight because credit pact appropriate had to sweet fire department story. Doesn't we have strong stock options. Sort struggling a little bit so don't look down and please don't charts. There's known Zain and clarity check up but at this. Spectacular they aren't right. They are vehemently. Ego take a look at her rhetoric he concealed. It in there there it. Standard much and thank you think you are happy it's really not buying. I hope that's what this is signed it ash and it differently. Apps in credit and let's all along with your work where action. That pets com. 88 Kia.

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{"duration":"10:33","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson talk to the editor of 'Politiquette' about politics and fashion at the Republican National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40682054","title":"Politics and Fashion Intersect at the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/politics-fashion-intersect-rnc-40682054"}