New poll shows Biden continues to lead the pack of 2020 Democratic candidates

According to a new poll released by CNN, former Vice President Joe Biden remains on top of the public polls, out-performing the rest of the Democratic presidential candidates.
24:14 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for New poll shows Biden continues to lead the pack of 2020 Democratic candidates
Every welcome to the briefing here about Devin Dwyer and ABC news in Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday a lot to get to today we'll talk about a brand new poll. Out on the 2240 race who's not. Widening their lead who's taking the plunge. Our political team is standing by for that were also take a closer look today. At that major news late yesterday involving Planned Parenthood in their involvement in a major federal program. And why are Twitter and FaceBook taking action. Against China all of that ahead but we start with the politics of the day. Our political reporters running for Holbrook is here Johnny because there's a new CNN poll out today which has some priests. Interest in new numbers also have a new TV ad the first for Joseph Biden talk about ballistic look. At the horse race in the democratic primary a large field. One man on top look at this Joseph Biden in this new numbers here widened his lead by seven points. BC seven point increase for Joseph Biden who is remained at the top of most public polls if you look back for the first. Three or four months of the campaign since he announced an associate pretty significant drop their for senator come on Harris. And let's put out to people looking here on the screen Harris about four names down as she she's at about 5% in the August poll. The look at that that's down twelve points really the only movement in this whole big movement. Has been commonly hers what what striving. Will she have a big first debate where she had the big moment with Joseph Biden and many people sort of credited that for arise and the polls following that. You sort of cedar kind of come back to earth now it this is one poll we should say that. We should also say a lot of it comes from the fact that Joseph Biden has very consistent support across a wide range of demographic groups yet is whether voters older voters African American voters. Moderates self described moderate so he still has through that coalition and I think homeowners from asserted to eat into that. But now Justina kind of return back to mid to demean but it was sort of stroke and he. Still atop the list in this new CNN poll of the candidate who Democrats see is most likely electable he can. Never heard that argument that the budget unit driver from this and he writes that argument heavily in his first in brand new TV activities running in Iowa let's get a taste of that. We know in our bones this election is different the stakes are high. The threat. And all the polls agree Joseph Biden is the strongest Democrat to do the job. Strongest Democrat did you do the job also the only Democrat who worked with rock Obama this is an average see a lot of President Obama and. Yet idols are too big take ways that I that I saw from this at where they are really leaning into that electability argument saying what did. You may like some other candidates but Javon is one I can actually be the connection beat down trump. And of course you've seen Biden go back to that relationship with Obama time and time again set filmed familiarity that he has a certain democratic voters that I think you want. Through another contrast in this had as well front senators this issue of health care which is enemy in the democratic primary debate. He says he will build on Obama care not eliminated it was of course a swipe at Warren Sanders and hair spray and this is. The continual sticking point in the democratic primary you seen again Paula Harris and Bernie Sanders cooperate each other in recent days over. The high dollar fund raisers whether or not come on Harris is comparable with Bernice plan. Biden really has staked out that position as I'm protecting obamacare that's going to be my main plan. Art were headed very quickly towards the third democratic presidential debate it is the ABC news debate. Will be hosted in Houston just about a month from now and also. We are one week from the big cut off point right qualification points let's remind everybody. Johnny what it takes to qualify for the BC news debate here and here there's no standards it's much tougher this time. Rights of the things he basically doubled the standards in the first debate to the second round of debates you need both 2% support and for all find polls. The end 130000. Individual adult donors wealth you both of them which is it significant increase in you've seen that kind of whittled down the field right now. Only ten people of qualified so far we doing list we do get anyone today who Leon Castro while former housing secretary has made the cut off so we have ten we have a full. Stage at least for one night in this debate ever getting depth surprising everybody call finds among. It's really kind of found that support online antenna has written that it up further than some US senators for further and some governors has ruined. So this is at least one night's worth of debate here will we have a second night there are a number of candidates were on the bubble let's take a look at those Tom saw higher than newcomer to the race. Is very close to that meeting professional Tulsa Gabbard as well what there is some of the women here Marianne. The instant read. Kissinger writes a Marianne Williamson has meet the met the unique donor requirement which is still has zero qualified also she stalls an outside shot. Gillibrand to someone whose interest in C spend a lot of money on TV ads in recent weeks she has not met either requirements but she's close on the on the doors of a possible. Joining me at eight days until the cut off or they're gonna be sufficient number of polls and a day that is a fantastic question I would love to know the answer to you just as you just don't know where you just don't know which posters and account with more polls that could you know added. As many as two maybe three more candidates but apple C all right turn Iraq over Carter political team were very much looking forward to that debate ABC news debate coming up in. Houston Texas. Caught in the middle of September September 12 the tricky to chuckle you have your eyes right here and ABC news live for that. Are turning artists are breaking news out of the Justice Department this afternoon part of an alarming trend. In this country in the wake of earlier the shooting earlier this month in El Paso, Texas. And three thwarted similar attacks over the weekend or justice reporters Mike Levine. Alex Mallon. 35 year old man from Maryland. Who whereas actively talking about performing the same kind of act that we saw in El Paso targeting Hispanics yes. Cyclically this man was arrested in Seattle he'd been threatening a woman in Miami who were the Spanish woman who worked at a restaurant. And that allegedly sending her FaceBook messages describing his hatred and in them and hopes that he would eliminate all Hispanics that were in Miami. And he needs to sit specifically cited president trump. I'm saying he was a big fan of president from people leave the president trump one to decide start a race war. Where all non whites in the US would be eliminated in that he would try. Would send her images of Hitler and that the press that he believed the president would be mounting this effort. To eliminate all not oh it's all around the world so really threatening. How come under this guy I mean people in the interwebs and social media make threats all the time they put up offensive pictures they invoked president Trump's name. What was it about. This suspect do we know. The mother of this person who was being threatened sent all these FaceBook messages reported to the Miami Police Department sent it to the FBI the FBI got a warrant from FaceBook. And went into his accounts and bowed out he was communicating with another man another individual. I'm who he was trying to get kidnapped this woman. City would pay him 25000 dollars is specifically go and kidnapped this woman and bring her to Seattle and that's really what's off the alarm bells and allow them to. A bring charges against the spurs. And then found just in terms of how how deep. These these threats where they found what they said were 150 pages worth of threats and a lot of references. Two Donald Trump as you said Alice which puts this case we may not have been talking about this. Specific case had not been for part of the disturbing trend that you've been tracking my. In this country this case is sort of part a trend that. We are seen a number of cases dozens of cases in this country involving potentially violent acts. It has involved president trumps rhetoric they involve his name being invoked by the suspect. Yeah there's been so much speculation and debate over whether the president's rhetoric is actually contributing to some of violence prone environment. We went and looked for criminal cases around the country and want to point out why this matters. We only looked at cases where there were charges files that shows how serious the incident wise. We also only looked at cases where trump specifically was invoked so again this isn't speculation this is actual consulate actually invoking the president. And we only looked at cases where there were records or police records are court records invoking the president so again. Not speculation we found 36 cases. Nine cases in which the president was invoked in an actual acts a violent acts. Ten cases in which he was involved in a threat and then another nine cases in which he was invoked after were trying to explain the defendant's actions. An approach of a spot cotton and details on development might because in the White House consistently says. The president disavows violence the president's words don't suggest violence. The people who twist his words those 36 cases. Are simply sick people I mean does he did it do authorities see the president is very many blame for these incidents. Well again I just go to the records credit I don't of the court records or go to the police records and that's why I looked for. For of those cases where it was specifically inside. Of the courtroom before a judge Wright that's not the same as saying that publicly you're saying that under oath before checks we're saying until police officer and there. There is a sanction for lying to police officer and that's my love for those records. And another means to you found Mike was also that this was not the case for President Obama or president George W. Bush. But their names were not invoked the same way the truck has been time and I'm definitely not the same way I did find a single case under Obama must. Unprecedented to see in this volume of of cases. Linked to the president of the United States Israel and an already again we have we have another case today so so could grow our testing so much much more important and Alex mound. Mike Lavin appreciate that thank you very much are turning out to a major decision by Planned Parenthood coming don't late yesterday. With potential impact on health care of tens of thousands of women in this country that. A network of clinics announce that that was gonna withdraw from a federal program that's been in existence in this country for fifty years known as title ten. Which provides federal funding for famine prior planning services the organization. I said that a new rule imposed but the trump administration. I basically means they cannot participate any more and more forgo that funding. An organization says it has potential. Impact on net millions of women are in clarity is here she covers these issues and has been tracking this story. Tell us what the new rule says and and in why people should care about title ten. Right well this is not exactly simple but this is a program that has been around since 1970 that's almost didn't years and what it is that's about a 286 million dollar your program. That the federal government uses taxpayer dollars to fund. Birth control and other family planning services it's also cancer screenings and asked to be screenings and it's is really important in parts of the country where women don't have a doctor. And might need to rely on lowing for facilities that cater to low income women like planned parent. So the government provides these grants to. Many of them are Planned Parenthood clinics but there are other clinics are involved as well. And the rules now have changed the trump administration says if you're gonna receive these funds. You can't refer people to get an abort. Schoen abortion exactly what you can't that you can answer their questions as long as it's considered what they called non directive so your not encouraging a moment to make a choice either way. But if she asked where where to wake up next you can't actually answer that that's why critics are calling this a gag are all. The other thing they say you have to have a clear physical separation between those that part of your clinic that provides family planning and the part that provides abortion. Planned Parenthood has told me they're not sure exactly what that means commissioner staff can they share ad men the support things like that. They weren't sure how to comply with the slot and they felt that it was. Impeding on their ability to provide these services to low income women so Monday they were supposed to submit a compliance plan and they said no we're out we're done we're dropping the program. So Planned Parenthood to making the decision of its own accord that they are not going to change their practices and their policies to be in compliance with this rule we're gonna forgo. That funny to what the impact on Planned Parenthood and on the millions of women that rely on Planned Parenthood for more. A let's bring in our guest Melanie Roussel Newman she's a senior vice president of communications at Planned Parenthood here in Washington Melanie it's great to see you think so much for coming in so. Oh why why make this decision and what impact is it going to happen. Thank you so much for having me. The the truth is that we were forced out Planned Parenthood was forced out of the title ten program because there's no way to comply without putting our. Public are our health providers. In situation where they are violating their Madden medical ethics we believe this gag rule. Is unethical we believe this capital is illegal. And we were forced out of the program because we're not gonna put our providers in a position where they're gonna violate their ethics. And not provide the best possible care to our patients. So what's on the line for planned parent parenthood is not a lot talk about it is viewed the amount of money here what. Give us a sense of the the actual impact we have to go close clinics will clinics. I'm not be able to to hire certain number number of staff what's that ground level impact. Well the actual impact is on Planned Parenthood patients and we don't we we honestly don't have a good sense of how this is going to play out nationally. It the impact will vary state to state and some states. Like you top Planned Parenthood is the only title ten provider or Minnesota. Where title ten or Planned Parenthood is the only provides 90% of the title ten care. In the state we expect there will be longer wait times for appointments and we expect our patients' in many cases where it will simply delay care. Title ten has a primary provider for rural areas for low income. Patience and for patients of color. This is really gonna have the most dramatic impact for those patients who need the care the most. And it's not you know this is a program that provides. Birth control coverage. STI screening breast cancer screenings this is primary. Reproductive health care and the biggest impact is going to be on most patients who really need it the most. Yet of course federal law has prohibited for some time federal funding of abortions directly this money was wasn't going to that. By any stretch and end in the foot center this corn and thirty is that it did trump administration says that by may change in this rule their opening up. This program this pot of federal funds to a number of health centers that have for years been denied a slice of the pie faced. Based right that's right so there are church run pregnancy crisis senators spent under the Obama rules felt that they they would be violating their conscience by being forced to get a woman a referral for an abortion. So I think what this is going to do is probably open up funding opportunities federal taxpayer dollars to be going to these organizations. That will not necessarily be talking about birth control they will be talking about natural family planning and urging women away from. And the more traditional services that Planned Parenthood has offered. So a lot of this could create confusion among consumers but ultimately the trump administration says that this is headed and that correct that direction. And Melanie plan turned her organization is is suing in federal court we should say over this rule change in you do. Hope that'll get reversed that you give us a sense of the crux of your legal argument if you can. How what what we tell federal court as to why they should be rolled. Well if I can also speak to your to your last point about who is getting that title ten funding. The title ten program still requires that health centers provide contraceptive care and centers like the old Brea company don't provide contraceptive care and are in violation of the title ten program and HHS has said that's okay. So I just want to point out that they're they're they've made this exception for these centers who are providing. Confusing information misleading information to patients and not providing the full spectrum of reproductive health care that Planned Parenthood and other family planning centers can provide. And argument in court is simple we believe this rule is unethical and illegal. Medical providers should be able to provide the people spent spectrum of health care to their patients we don't want to have. President trump or Mike Pence standing in between a patient and her doctor. No one wants Mike Pence and president trop. In the exam room with them and that's what this world does ultimately it puts government right smack in the middle of the patient. Provide a relationship and so that's why we're suing and we are also encouraging congress to act it's really important that congress. Recent restore the title ten program to what it was so that it can serve the four million patients across this country who have come to depend on. They certainly could legislate. Did the original rule until was reversed that's for sure and something that house Democrats have talked about doing. I'm before let you go Melanie just want to help you break it down for for women out there who. Want to know how this change at least today you might impact their ability to access an abortion. Award doesn't have an immediate impact right now are there is there anything you want to tell women who may be looking to seek services at Planned Parenthood. What what do they need to know. I would tell women who are looking to seek services that Planned Parenthood stores are open. We will continue to provide the best access to health care that we always provided. In some places that that care may be impacted by the title to normal. But our doors are open and we're gonna continue to provide care referred for care where it needed and we are here Tuesday. All right Melanie Roussel Newman with that plan pair heard here Washington thanks so much going rate this year thanks for cumin and and I thinks you have thirty much more on this story on As we continue to. To follow the abortion ban on this country and the fight. Over Planned Parenthood are turning now to a battle that played out on social media right now in the world of FaceBook and Twitter TK nine. China. In its battle with those protesters in Hong Kong both social media giants now launching an aggressive campaign to shut down fake accounts. In state run media accounts that are push seen. A propaganda around those protests let's bring in. I'm Michael Kahn is a reporter with PC mag it's been covering this story Michael great to see this in stretches a pretty significant move. A by both companies in light of their past support for free speech. Yeah but at the same time this is a lot of critics are saying this is effectively propaganda and misinformation being spread by the Chinese Government means. State run media outlets along with these towns. I'm Beazer similar problems that occurred in the 2016. Election where sound. Accusations that congress is doing the same to you interpret. Election certainly Beazer. It's very similar tactics except this is trying to you. Affect them the public's perception of protests and. Hong Kong. Yeah and brought in brought in part by advertising by some spots on Twitter as well so we had as you you alluded to Michael we've had first we have Russia. Now we had China. I mean you cover the industry pretty closely how much concern is there that that other. Bad actors could be capitalizing on these platforms and and we don't even know right now. Yeah this is this probably going to be a persistent problems for for years I mean I don't. This this happened. In 2016. And now happening again with China us. It's it's a play book any government can use and it's it's not. It's not hard to create these towns. I'm glad. And intruders offense they've pitched violently you know decided to ban on state run. It just add to ban these ads from state run media companies and there's an argument that they should have been doing this for awhile because. It's it's very easy to you spread propaganda. And people and these ads will appear no matter if you follow these counts are not so savor these ads are giving. These state run media agencies a huge platform and there gobs a lot of funds. It's. Yeah they sure do and and some of the the examples that have been in your story of PC mag. And other reports. Just showcasing what this propaganda looks like and how. The state run organizations are using it to spread out false narratives is is really something to look out we only a look at an up close. I guess the last question I have for you Michael is it in your dealings with Twitter and FaceBook. How they actually track this stuff down heart of these that it debate. Had they been having to staff up armies of investigators to go through their sites and their platforms they have algorithms how are they so seem these things out. Yeah hey did Facebook's case they've been you know investing a lot of money and hire people aren't the best people. Cheered try to find peace misinformation campaigns. I'm over there science and Twitter has done similar things but. And it Facebook's case say they only learned about this through a tip from Reuters. You know the eight days it just kind of shows scale of the problem and out Spain. You know and FaceBook is so big date but they kept it it's still difficult for them chief police are on platform and and Twitter this this this is this is what. Sort of a similar situation. If he's. These state run agencies were buying these at a Pittsburgh for weeks and months. I'm not a lot of different subjects and they didn't didn't really know about it or they didn't really check in Zurich. And only it's it's not clear what exactly tipped Twitter it may have been. Just down the Hong Kong protests work in more visibility and that prop. Do you do you know we're creating tax if did you know if the companies have a see something say something. Mentality is there is there something all of us can do we see. A fake account for something that doesn't look quite right. Yet I think that's that's the problem with Twitter is that. A lot of people oh complain about. Certain activities on Twitter at us than spreading like propaganda or even hate speech and a lot of times Twitter may not do anything or it may be say it's. You know that the content may be inflammatory but it's not necessarily against the rules or you can record these things Jews. Tweeters they have these flagging options that you can use tree court but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll they'll take action. Nowhere which is why at today's announcement was was seen by many people as quite significant cracking down. On the Chinese state run media in these fake accounts on Twitter and on FaceBook Michael Conn reporter with PC magazine thanks so much for your reporting Michael. I'm very to have all of you with us on this Tuesday here in the briefing room hope you join us back here tomorrow 3:30 eastern time bird. Also on the ABC news act 447 down Morris there you can stream. A live coverage of news and that's all over the world all day long and on ABC news and Hulu roku. Apple TV were their hope to see you tomorrow Devin Dwyer Washington. See you next time.

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{"duration":"24:14","description":"According to a new poll released by CNN, former Vice President Joe Biden remains on top of the public polls, out-performing the rest of the Democratic presidential candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65083862","title":"New poll shows Biden continues to lead the pack of 2020 Democratic candidates","url":"/Politics/video/poll-shows-biden-continues-lead-pack-2020-democratic-65083862"}