President Biden at Ford plant: ‘The future of the auto industry is electric’

President Joe Biden says his infrastructure plan would create more jobs in green energy.
5:44 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for President Biden at Ford plant: ‘The future of the auto industry is electric’
President Biden in Michigan touring Ford's new factory as he touts his jobs plan that would fund charging stations for election vehicles nationwide. Ford is set to end up a first ever electric version of its F 150 pickup truck one of the most popular vehicles in the country. White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us live now for more on this and caring. I'm curious or what Biden's hoping to accomplish on this trip. He that he is selling that infrastructure plan 2.3 trillion dollars and you know there waiting right now offer counteroffer from Republicans. But signs last week were swinging too. An ax bit of optimism about a bipartisan compromise potentially in reach. But the president is out there today to talk about that moved to a green economy and electric vehicles. For rolling out tomorrow that new electric F 150 pick up truck they're very excited about this so the president got a little sneak peak of that. You know part of that infrastructure plan he that and 74 billion dollars goes to. Ads supporting the development of electric cars a lot of that money is going going it's set up about a half a million charging stations around the country. President says this is necessary this is the way of the future and he went out there to highlight the work Ford is doing. It I have to mention the president loves cars he loves talking about his Corvette he loves driving cars and when he was giving remarks he said he was hoping asked Secret Service. You know maybe he didn't take it opera spin. He didn't you're not to a test track at Ford and was driving that new electric pick up truck and said it went pretty fast in just a couple of seconds. Can best surprises none of us have covered him up the church Keller I hate. This again it is also home to the largest percentage of Arab Americans at any stage and activists and there. Our protest saying the violence that we're seeing in Israel right now Biden has now publicly endorse a cease fire. But how are the administration working to. Intensive. Behind the scenes discussions that's with the white house Press Secretary told reporters on Air Force One heading out to Michigan. They say that is their approach right now and that is what they're going to continue to do you. Even the president spoke to the Israeli prime minister yesterday that was their third phone conversation in just under a week. And during that call the White House said the president expressed his support for a cease fire. But it was a carefully worded statement from the White House last night aid he didn't give a timeline it didn't relieving give it a a firm push to end the violence immediately. Lot of questions today about that to the white house Press Secretary and -- she did not explain it any further just saying that these conversations continued to take place. The administration wants to see an end to the violence but. Asked at a wedding they want to see that cease fire what terms or conditions there might be on the table of the United States would like to see. No details yet from the in the. Castration and the pressure just continuing to build. Back in Washington Republican leader Ken McCarthy is rejecting calls for a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection saying. They could be counterproductive. To what exactly would the commission be investigating and the big question canning go ahead without McCarthy. They support. Yet that is the big question and you know this of course pass without Republicans but this will likely give covered his son who were on the fans are not sure they were gonna do about it even this isn't a democratic proposal this is something that was negotiated. Democrats and Republicans including a top lieutenant of Kevin McCarthy soaked it was a big surprise I think that. He you'd think he'd have the blessing to move forward and negotiate this with Democrats. And it was going to set up this commission that would have equal representation from both parties both parties that would have approval. Writes first subpoenas. That they want to bring in people ask them questions about what happened that day. But McCarthy the top Republican says it could be redundant because there are law enforcement investigations going on and said it could potentially be counterproductive. McCarthy of course himself could be subpoenaed there is already a call from Liz Cheney for that to happen because remember back on January 6 he spoke to president trump that day. That a lot of questions about what that conversation was like what the former president's state of mind wasn't what he might have said are not set during that call so we're still expecting this to come up for a vote. Could pass even if there are no Republicans on board but he that this does give Republicans a chance to say that this is now just a one sided commission. And partisan. Makes a very different net and forward. Yesterday president Biden announced the US would share twenty million more doses of approved vaccines with the developing world that brings the total commitment tech eighty million doses which. Is more than any other country by far. I know you've been talking to radio stations all around the country about this what are the reactions that you were hearing. An action is that this is the right move for the United States right now and I think if you'd asked that same question a couple of months ago when their respect just supply crunch and people are signing up on multiple sites to try and just get an appointment. The reaction was a bit different people were concerned about. US vaccines going overseas but now the reality is that we have enough supply for every adult that wants to get vaccinated and those vaccination numbers of course has started to slow down. This is eighty million doses sixty million are the AstraZeneca vaccine that is an authorized yet here's that can't be used but the additional twenty million the president announced yesterday eve that's buys or in the Dern and Johnson & Johnson. President said it's the Smart thing to do it's the right thing to do and he's and it's the strong thing to do you. Message we heard today from doctor found she's saying US has a moral obligation. To help other countries that can afford vaccines and that's the only way this pandemic we'll truly. Karen Travers Flores in Washington thank you. It.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"President Joe Biden says his infrastructure plan would create more jobs in green energy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77764721","title":"President Biden at Ford plant: ‘The future of the auto industry is electric’","url":"/Politics/video/president-biden-ford-plant-future-auto-industry-electric-77764721"}