President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on Affordable Care Act

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris discuss health care following Supreme Court hearing.
23:51 | 11/10/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on Affordable Care Act
Good afternoon everyone I'm Diana say don't we're coming on the air because president elect Joseph Biden is about to deliver remarks in Wilmington Delaware about the trump administration's lawsuit to overturn cash. Be Affordable Care Act he's expected to discuss his plan for health care in America cash you can see the vice president elect is speaking right now let's listen. Org or care act. Getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. Take us backward. To a time when people could charge a woman Laura for her health care. Then they could charge a man simply because she's a woman. To a time when pregnancy can be considered a pre existing condition. Should it will take away Sri Britons are. And contraceptive coverage for winner. She this is all happening at a moment when our country is shut transfer a pandemic. That has claimed more than 238000. Warrants. And we all know are dead if he Affordable Care Act struck down. Communities of color would be hit particularly. Our. Black Asian Hispanic and native American. Should because there are at a greater risk of preexisting conditions from asked her legs to diabetes. Lupus. And they are also three times as likely to contract closed at nineteen and twice as likely to die as Europe's. Bush now I know we all. Now that we just had an election. In America. An election where health care was very much on the ballot asks our country had a clear choice in this election. That health care in America should be a bright and not a frivolous. Each and every vote to see Joseph Biden. Was a vote to protect. And expand the Affordable Care Act not to chariot away. In the midst of the global pandemic. And Joseph Biden won the election decisive slick. With more votes than have ever been axed in American history. It amounts to 75. Million voices and counting. Calling ominous name or a to see this case for what they danced. Eight blatant attempt to overturn. The will and she. And the president it lacked and I should not let that happen. She and now it is my honor NG juice. President elect's Joseph. It. It I. Clearer Colin good afternoon every month. This morning. As was stated. United States stream court heard oral arguments. In the case grain imports dinner. This case represents the latest attempt products are rated launched to what they've been retrieved each failed to do prolonged trot. In the courts congress and court of public opinion or the last decade to eliminate the entire do you do you swear we'll care. Twice already to Supreme Court has upheld a landmark law. In 2012. And again it's 150. In the congress expressing the popular rule the American people bipartisan basis. Has rejected numerous. Attempts numerous efforts by president trial. Generational loss well. Now. Or middle of a deadly pandemic. That is infecting more than ten million of their hearts. Nearly one in every 32. Americans. Also with devastating consequences. To their shelves and these ideologues are once again trying just your health coverage away from the American. The goal of the outgoing administration is clear from the briefs they filed in the Supreme Court. It is certainly cruel the entire. A she eight gusts must soul and of Croat. Now. I'm not hype about the fact that health care is an issue that has divided mirrors in the past. It is churches. The American people are more united on this issue today kindergarten by. Recently as last month a leading survey found the American people want cheap cheap Affordable Care Act in place. By an overwhelming margins of 58%. To 36%. Seven. I mean on percent of the American people including nine out of ten Democrats. Eight out of ten independents and two thirds Republicans. Want to keep the AC protections for people of preexisting conditions. Which would be eliminated. If this lawsuit we're chic chic. This doesn't need to be a partisan issue. It's a human mission it affects every single American sham. We can't subvert the growing consensus to American people based on an argument put forward in the briefs seeking to invalidate the law. That even many conservative legal scholars including a national reviewed considered to be quote ridiculous. Let's be absolutely clear about what's at stake. To consequences of troop administration's argument are not academic or an abstraction. For many Americans there a matter of life and death who literal shifts. Bizarre and will determine whether health care coverage of more than twenty million Americans who choir and Affordable Care Act will be ripped away. In the middle of the nation's worst pandemic. In a century. Over 100 million people as vice president elect pointed out over 100 million people with preexisting conditions. Like asthma and diabetes cancer. Could once again we do not come march. Weather complications from cove in nineteen like lung scarring heart damage. We'll be the next flood a preexisting conditions that can be used as an excuse to Jack up premiums. Or deny coverage altogether. Millions of survivors squelched trouble wanton slaughter. The coloring their rotavirus which fought against the loss of their life. This argument can determine whether women as he pointed out once again be charged higher premiums just because the room. Are seniors. We'll see their prescription drug costs go. Like kids who whether or not they can stand her parents' plan insulation forty shack. Where their annual lifetime benefits. We'll be breed him close. So someone could walk in and say die and T should run out of your coverage. Sit hyperbole it's real. As real as a guest. Of families face of the also lose. A child diagnosed with leukemia. Amal forced to battle against breast cancer. An accident that leaves loved ones unable to live the life they've always know. It stops your car. It stops your car. Wrenches your entire world right off a sexist that happens in many of you know that from your own personal experiences believe me. I know the feeling. Too many American families do as well. And that moment the very last seen on your mark. The very last thing should be on your route is ready you can afford the treatment. For Affordable Care Act which created to put a stop to that inhumanity. It was created to ensure that families trusting of their worst record a lot. Could focus not only not on money. On the flight that really matters. Obama cares a law that every American should be proud and it's why people with preexisting conditions. Are protecting this country. It's a law. To deliver vital coverage as I said before for twenty million Americans. Did not have cards. It's a law that reduce prescription drug price cost. Nearly twelve million seniors. Slog and save lives. Is fair countless families from financial ruin. So this effort to bypass. The will of the American people the verdict in the courts and fast and judgments of congress. Might do simply cruel. And needlessly devices. Regardless Dell com. But in this case I promise you this. Again here on January 26. Vice president elect Harris in my. We're gonna do everything in our power ease the burden of health care you need your rest aren't trump machines that. As I said I will protect your health care light can protect my consumed my old drama. We've unfortunately significant consumers. Start building on the affordable care. Which are dramatic extension of health care coverage. And bold steps to lower health care cost. My transition seamless to restart its work. To flesh out the details so that we can hit the ground running. Tackling cost increase you access lowering the price of prescription drugs. Families are really right. Particularly reporters mr. wilders the senior interviewed a lot of people around the country as you've gone over the world all the country. During the almost has faced with risky choice is losing their employer plans and drove over ten million are in law and order plants. They need a lifeline needed now. They should have to hold their breath they shouldn't be in a position where you see to stream corridors connect wrench away the peace of mind. He's committed now rely. So we're gonna get right to work from machine addressing the issues that families are talking and around the kitchen tables this mortgage. Making sure that they can get in bed tonight. With the peace of mind they deserve. Fulfilling our moral obligation to ensure that cheer and America healthcare as a right sure all. Not a terribly trip shoot. So come January. We're gonna work preclude the congress to dramatically ramp up health care protections. Jet Americans universal coverage lower health care cost. As soon as you need cost. That's the promise I make she. We're gonna fight three your family's health coverage to same way we straight for consumers. Want every single American you know. If you are sick if you're struggling pitcher worried about how you. Did going to get through the day. We will not a bad news that is up trumps. Not leave you deface these challenges long. Really get through this really get through it together. Arena billed health care system but treat you when your friend we searched. That every American can be proud. Thank you all for listening. And god bless you may god keep you safe in his crew will environment. May god protect our troops. No I'm told that we're gonna have. New year rumored to try questions that are run up. Okay. I. Think he was originally asked. During the campaign he used you're not even a Google would be. To unite the country X. Stuff three days after he were projected as the president elect's. The president himself says he has won a selection is on administration has not. Move slower to give you access to what you need to do to begin the work there transition. Just a few minutes ago. This secretary of state when she would cooperates. With day is smooth transition he said there will be smooth transition to second trial administration. What if you have a message for the president who may well be watching right now. Now Santa how are used to be able to work with Republicans when so many and thus far refused to even acknowledge your victory. Well first at all. We're are beginning the transition we're well indirect. And the ability. War. The administration and anyway by surely recognize the snooze. Our winner. There's not a change in dynamic could all Wolverine to. We've announced yesterday issue no else. Group would put together two day which we're going to be going will belong. To yeah. Consistent manner putting together our administration White House which he didn't reviewing we're going into extra cabinet positions. And nothing's gonna stop it and and so I'm confident that. Track that they're not willing to acknowledge we wanted to just ordered. It is not a much conscripts and our plan and what Britain to treat now and January 20. In responses secretary Pompeo and council. Thousand what are you wore during the campaign that has the walls closed in on the presidency would be eight more erratically yesterday he fired his Defense Secretary. On Twitter are you worried that he's disabling the government and what are you saying to the world leaders who are calling you at this point about the situation here. Well first of all. Unless you know that America's back but now we're reback condensed non American alone. Number one I've got had the opportunity to see your. We're stunned. Six world leaders and and and the response has been very. Also. Energetic and they're all looking forward to being able to Strom. Great Britain two two trance. Germany's chief. Canada's etc. and there and Ireland. And so I feel good about the ability to I said when we. Announced that the next president is going to inherit a divided country and world industry. The reception and welcome we've gotten around the world from our allies and our trends has been real. And who number of other calls to return and us so I feel confident that we're going to be able to look. Home with him here to put America back into. The place respect them had actually. Things. Mr. President elect. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had suggested to dated may not recognize. The outcome of this election until the Electoral College meets. Next month's have you spoken to your long time. Friend in the senate. Mr. McConnell. Andrew what do you make of his specific comments. Over the last 24 hours. I haven't had a chance to speak to rich. My expectation is lateral to not too distant future home. I think that. The whole Republican. Party has been prudent position was she notable exceptions notebook. Bomb. Being news. Mile intimidated by the actually presence now. But the only one president time he's president of murder and having Electoral College world. Be making their judgment and turned December renounced or January. But in the meantime wrote to get a chance to speak to rich but. Follow without transitions funding will you be able to see you go through with the proper. Transition has seen it. Would you like access to the GDP and will you are rights legal action or that be to do this is deeply. RI we can't get through. Without. Via the funding. We're in a position that and to reassure very good about our there's nothing that slows are part of church two things together. Obviously the PDB would be useful but it's not necessary I'm not sitting president. Been so we don't seeming slowness to attract. Thank you Mr. President elect and congratulations to you better. Have tried to reach out to the president and if he is watching right now what you say to him. Mr. President look forward to speak humans. And you say that you are being able to move ahead without interruption bikes to Jeff's point presumably at some point you will need access to more information secure facilities and the light. What options are you consider how will you the head of the president continues to refused to concede. Well Lou a access to. Class whether information is. This useful it's. But I'm not usually make any decisions on those issues anyway and you wonder as I said more interest in a time. And he will be president until January 20 years it would be nice to have them released not critical Brenda. That's silly just can appreciate you where we hat we're gonna. We're gonna do exactly what we we do or even if she had conceded. And soon we warn which we have aren't so there's nothing really changes not ruling out legal action. Why I don't see any true legal action not quite frankly. I think the legal action is you're seeing it. Play out to the actions he's taking. And so far there is no evidence that any of the assertions made. By the president or shortchanged the state Pompeo. That the Earth's. Statistic from Tokyo. I think you Mr. President lack. Democrats are on track to use our policies in that house represented us. That can make it harder to pass legislation access to her credit boats and just here's how does that impact your plans or what priorities you think you can get to this congress. Especially the senate. I remains in GOP control in during the window we'd be coordinating with speaker Pelosi on how she should be negotiated with Republicans. But spoken to leader who have spoken to video. Minority leader house the end one of the. Urgent things that need to be done it is people need relief right now. Right now. Small businesses. People who are about to be evicted from their homes because he championed her mortgage. Unemployment insurance. You know what's gonna happen it is you gonna see. What people don't realize is that failure to provide state and local assistance. Through seized. Police officers fired traders church responders laid offs and I think the pressures is going to bill but John. Bomb the fact is that. I would hope that two president of these tests the would be. Sensitive million dollars you know a lot of people aren't real trouble right now between around the time we get elected to re just sworn in. And so is my hope and expectation. I've. I'm sure that. Majority of these speaker of the house as well last minority leader are working right now on some. Try and instead of letting up. Do you plan to be active in those negotiations workers because future Bre Christian Democrats and the team lost. So I. How beer Kathy chances that it does that. Change how you consider who your nominee to cabinet post. No I don't think supply and I and take yeah. McConnell and his word understanding shouldn't he will make clear who reached tribute sport notched ordnance negotiation. And I'm sure we'll have looked. One of the things that that I would do as soon. This president elect and when I'm in contrast news lay out to Republicans both Democrats who intend to. Name preach cabinet position. I hope rate would be interest and she smoked you know or at least couple. We want for Thanksgiving and we'll just work this out look I am more. I am. I think there will be many more. Many warned would be. A larger number worn Ceglia. On the elections declared and I'm sworn in. Be able to get things done I think they understand for example I can't imagine the you're not seeing her willingness on the part of Republicans aren't we significant pressure to do health care. Your own constituencies. Are not positions so II want to. I think we get not. Think it. Serb what do you say to the Americans that are anxious at the fact that president Tran has yet to concede and what it means for the country. Well oh I just think it's an embarrassment. Oh. And Franklin and the only thing that. How can we see in this. Actually I think you. Will not. Help to presence legacy. I think that. I know from our discussions this foreign leaders loss Florida. There are. Hopeful that the United States democratic institutions are viewed once again ask each strong and and jurors. And what I think at the end of the day. You know it's all come to fruition in January 20 August moon between now and then. Hope and expectation is that the American people do not do understand that there has been a transition. Even Maru. Republicans who are people who voted for the press I understand senses. Lost get. But I take care. The majority on the people who blow to the present a lot polish foreign. Significantly slower and armour a law books were I think they understand that we have to come together. I think they're ready to unite in I believe we can pull the country. Out of this is. Bitter. Room politics seeing true Alaska. Lasts 56 juniors. She just to follow and in previous question how do you expect to where Republicans if they won't acknowledge you as president elect. New. Or else. They won't. Thank you also very much. Thank you.

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