President Trump announces new attorney general, United Nations ambassador nominees

Trump has nominated Bill Barr to lead the Justice Department and Heather Nauert to replace outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; both will require Senate confirmation.
7:00 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for President Trump announces new attorney general, United Nations ambassador nominees
We're gonna start wind Washington organization to our nation's capital where a lot of news is being made the president announcing a new. Attorney general and also UN ambassador which pretty familiar with we've seen her at the State Department before the sinking in with. ABC's Karen Travers and ABC's Jack Donte' who will be raking it all down for us we're gonna start acute care and it's just a regular Friday right. I. We'll headlines before 10 AM today Stephanie the president announcing the forty left the White House the head out to Kansas City. That he will nominate William Bart to be the next attorney general and Heather Nauert to be the next UN ambassador both of these positions of course requires senate confirmation the president spoke to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before he left. I watch you confirmed that bill Barr what are the most respect bid. Curious that the cut be highly respected lawyer former attorney general. Under the Bush Administration. Make terrific band eight terrific person. It's brilliant man Heather Nauert somebody that we know very well has done a great job that the it would like Bob fail at it's over at the State Department. Heather Nauert will be nominated. You've got to work where Nickie LA do. Replace that he had the United States in GOP have bad that it did the United Nations. Very ballot that very Smart very quick and I think he's going to be respected by all. And Stephanie these are now too big items on the to do list for the senate when they come back in January they'll have to go through the nomination and confirmation process. When William Barr that the president's pick to the next attorney general this is a establishment. Pick and kind of conservative pick for the president you he sticks to people in his inner circle somebody's knows very well a loyal list he has been very skeptical of people that have worked in. Either of the previous bush administration's 43 and 41. Because he intends to like people that Latinos are of course served as the attorney general in George HW Bush's administration. And he is seen is some is very widely respected here in Washington the Mueller approach of course the very big question here and he hasn't weighed in on the legitimacy of the probe sending the president has slammed frequently as a witch hunt but we do know that he said last year of the New York Times that there is good reason to investigate Hillary Clinton. More so than looking at collusion between and Tom campaign in Russia. All right Karen thank you look pretty innings he's Jack Donte' Jack we know. We've watched the relationship between a president trump and the former attorney general Jeff Sessions do you think perhaps the president will. Get along a bit better with this new attorney general Barr. Well it is. Don't go to have a worse relationship within attorney general on a president. Then the president had with with Jeff Sessions it Jeff Sessions was a loyalist he was his first supporter in the United States senate. And it back to from the very early days of his campaign. And so stupid that relationship just soured when he wouldn't. There could be heavy hitter be involved with the Russian investigation here accuse himself of course. So William Barr but of course doesn't have any of that baggage. Potentially having to recuse himself so he may be able to oversee. The mall or pro in a more direct fashion. Raise ECB still needs to be confirmed but the everything that way Barr has going formed he's had the job before he knows he institution. And has a history in a track record at the Justice Department. And it's today degree. That is probably welcome news within the Department of Justice. Any also know smaller Mueller served under him when he used deputy attorney general and then attorney general. Back in the George Herbert walker Bush Administration. And speaking of the Mueller investigation we're expect C has some significant documents to be released today having to do with. Paul manna for the former campaign chairman and of course trumps former attorney Michael Cullen looking tells about those. That's right taking the by the time I'm Paul Mann a port many of fort just yet cooperation agreement when he pleaded guilty. In the Mahler probe. And that. Agreement has soured he's not cooperated fully with the government and so the government today is gonna lay out. What he did not cooperate what he potentially lied about what potential other crimes he may have committed. While he was in this period. What was supposed to have been cooperation so that agreement has gone away and it looks like they're gonna lay all that out today. The thing that will look for is whether that. Any if things that he potentially lied about. Had have anything to do with his time on the campaign. That would be a pretty serious escalation if if that comes to pass. The other filing we're looking for is upon from Mueller in New York. Four for the present formal lawyer Michael Collins. Who of course pleaded guilty to charges up in new York and this is going to be a a memorandum stating for. Whether or not he deserves a lot of jail tyrant out and it it will hopefully detail some of his. Cooperation. With. The special prosecutor. The southern district of New York the other prosecuting it Steve it's been that has charges against Michael Caldwell also make a filing. To that judge in New York as well so look for the book those documents today that was due to be delivered before 5 PM today. All right many people anxiously awaiting those documents and sure the administration as well. And let's check in with Karen again thank you so much Jack Karen the president Ed tweeting just about an hour ago about Mueller but we've seen. Other tweets this past week as well and having to do with special counsel's investigation yes sadly the president along quite here this morning on Twitter series. Of post where he was slamming the Russian approach things we've heard before calling it a total witch hunt also saying what he thinks should be in Muller's final report slamming Democrats talking about other officials of the Justice Department and senate dining at his side out there and I'm pretty bottle if you will to the Muller reports the red. Also says. That he is going to be putting out a toddler report to Muller's final report he says that his lawyers are already working on this it's 87 pages long but of course he says they can't release it until they see what Mueller has is his final conclusions but the president. Has often said that he has to fight back he has to push back on what he says is unfair charges so it certainly sounds like he is getting ready for that once we see something final from Mueller what will be in the 87 pages which could end up growing we don't know just yet. But the president has made it very clear that once Mueller has his conclusion there will be something Alice from the president's legal team. It'll be interesting to see what he'd tweets once those documents are actually release later on today ABC's Karen Travers at the White House thank you so much.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Trump has nominated Bill Barr to lead the Justice Department and Heather Nauert to replace outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; both will require Senate confirmation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59681958","title":"President Trump announces new attorney general, United Nations ambassador nominees","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-announces-attorney-general-united-nations-ambassador-59681958"}