President Trump announces emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets

The FAA issues order to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes amid the ongoing Ethiopia plane crash investigation.
24:46 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for President Trump announces emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets
And yeah. Happy Wednesday welcome to the briefing room coming to you for the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John sand Tucci. It feels like to be Friday with the Irving it's happen this week but. Forty gonna deal we have a big announcement today coming from president trump he is just grounded all 737. Max. People taking offer heading to the airport right now grounded not going anywhere one of our colleagues actually just told us she tried to get on board. And had to turn around and go back let's break this down we're joined right now. By ABC news contributor and former colonel Steve gang aired Carlisle we were talking felt like five minutes ago because it will head is but. About this announcement from president trump. You know obviously we don't know a lot yet about backed Ethiopian crash that many other countries are reacting to but what does this grounding mean right now and do you think it was the right move. John word we're just monitoring right now a at a press conference by the acting FAA administrator DNL well I wanted to hear a little bit more detail about why this decision was made so. A couple of things he just said that they have new evidence from the crash scene. And they also had satellite data that just came into the FAA this morning so. And we sort of wait to hear what that might be it satellite data as of a bit confusing. And the new evidence of what they might have found of the crash site that's that's a bit of mystery so where were waiting. To listen to that the listened to the rest of that press conference and we'll find out more find out more but I think in terms of your general disruption this is only say sending two aircraft in the US. This is not can end this is not gonna shut down the Airways this is not. You know it's not the whole 737 fleet being grounded and so I think they'll be they'll be Mino mild part of nations here and there is the airlines make adjustments. Some flights may have to be canceled that I I don't think this is gonna have a huge impact on the flying public. We'll see let's give you a quick second just to listen to let the FAA saying I wanna play. For the audience that just joining us president trump speaking a little earlier. Today from the White House where he made this announcement many of us did not expect coming the president spoke to the CEO of Boeing earlier this week but here's Regis told. Out reporters in the White House a short time ago take a listen. We're going to be issuing an emergency order of pro ration to ground all flights 8737. Max faith and B 737. Max nine. And claims associated with that line. I've spoken to Alain general secretary of transportation. Dead L well acting administrator of the FAA. Thank you Dennis Mullen bird CEO of Boeing. And it will be available. Shortly after our conference today. They are all in agreement with the action. Any plane currently in the air we'll go to its destination and thereafter be grounded. Until further notice so planes that are in the air will be grounded. If it is 737. Max will be grounded. Upon landing at the destination. Pilots have been notified. That airlines have been all notified airlines are agreeing with this. And that was president trump from earlier today Boeing stock already taking a hit tickled to the board region watching the stock numbers. Since the market opened this morning it is currently down standby waiting here we goes seven points at the moment almost 2% on the stock price from opening bell got another 27 minutes left in trading we'll see where it ends offered the day let's go back. To colonel Dan neared colonel online or even monitoring the FAA so I'm sorry TQ a way from Napa quickly. You know I know that we were talking earlier about those black boxes. Obviously the Ethiopian. Folk government there had not gotten to reviewing them just yet did we learn anything more from the FAA did he get any Intel of what happened in that crash just yet. And so. We have had re out what what's called eighty SB which is basically GPS data that's come from the airplane we've had that. War ever since through the mishap occurred. We only had the first three minutes of that apparently there's company called area on that has been working with Boeing and the FAA to refine that data. In this morning everybody came to the conclusion. That this. That the data and that they have now. Has the Ethiopian flight looking very much like the lion air flight. So what they're saying here is that the similarities are increasing. It's not that they have some and charged data that something happened but but they're saying that the similar issue to close. We go back to the lion air flight and we know that there was auto pilot problem that precipitated. The began a series of events cascading events. That eventually led to to the crash of that airplane so. Although that was not directly the airplanes fault it was a broken part that was not properly serviced by a by line there. They're trying to prevent that from ever happening again so basically what they're trying to do is prevent. People who were cut following the rules the regulations and they and then maintenance manuals learn from from making a mistake. Colonel I know you are helping the team breaking it down and watching our transportation right is team right here in the news are right now they're on that call with the FAA we're gonna all the latest of that up And tonight on world news tonight were David Muir carnal appreciated is always. Thank you served. Coming back inside the briefing room it that wasn't enough news for today we've got a little more Pullman afford the former campaign chairman president Donald Trump. Learning his fate he's going to be heading behind bars for just over. Eighty months between that second case in DC federal court Trish turner who. Has been covering the trial for us a bowl trials. So we have the Virginia case last week this is the DC case. This case in this judge is being in my opinion far more interesting from area all manner for his face. Story because everything else and and eastern mr. Virginia was about the financial crimes and he committed before so. That the activity that took place in this cases a we've been going through what was home in a Ford doing with his contacts in Russia what was he doing in Ukraine and how was he pay paid by these Russian oligarchs. How did he violate the foreign not registration act junior acting as the agent of a foreign power and then not just that but the more fascinating. Instance very he he was convicted of witness tampering and that had to do with this. You know mystery guy and it we're learning a little bit more about as some time Cohen writes. The nickname for him was KK April when we had covered this trial on but the other thing here just isn't just in this case and this judge. Judging ranger Berman Jackson. We've profiled her extensive. And fascinating. Shut judge but she also comparing the two different cases here so for those are all different and we had two different trials are we any case over in the eastern district of Virginia that had two more Jewish pulse financial crimes personal dealings this had to do with more in person interesting stuff in my right in front. But this was the case Trish we are the judge actually put him behind bars for talking to wits today she. He Brooks no opposition so in some ways only person that judge TS Ellis Unser sees the RJ engineering and in the Virginia case. You know lag he he really seem like a guy who would brook no opposition he was you know he was really a tough cookie him but he doesn't believe it yet he really. We're repeatedly renegade just ash the special counsel's case their mandate was too broad why weren't we prosecuting this case in the eastern district anywhere else that comes to tell him yeah. Gotten a mini kinda made fun of it you're just trying to get president trump you're not even after this guy just squeezing him and to get the Brett but. Amy burns accent he and Jerry outside in the DC Jack so she really took him to task repeatedly right out of the gate he lied when he was trying to get the conditions of his bail relaxed he you know repeatedly. Had issues and came to say you know came to blows this doesn't like his son she's the one who put him in jail for witness tampering. Pierre Thomas was in court with you today actually caught up with -- for its lead attorney just after the judge handed down her sentence take a listen that. I think it goes through. Citizen of for five. So that was Kevin downing Paul man affords oh lead lawyers centrist let's just break down the sentence for a quick so. He got 47 months. In the Virginia case there's kind of surprised yeah I am very same right is very light they took nine months off for time served season thirty months there. In the case dean DC he got 73 months but a portion of that is going to be served concurrent rates are here she'd. It's tacked on three years and seven months is that okay there's overlapping offenses in the money you know and a couple of different financial crimes area but it's is that then she'd just proceeded to attack on three years seven months and Nam to you know eating one Monsanto and she was pretty serious had happened I mean cease that he's in his closing like allocation he said look. If it were for a campaign manager stent we would never be here. Boys she did not like yeah comment from Kevin and she hasn't really gotten along with him to you. I have no idea you have energy bristle any he's kind of been -- Graf he really got himself sideways at this judge and the very beginning so I I don't. I think what we're hearing there in the conversation with here is perhaps the beginning of an appeal. Of this sentence I'm Shirley and and of course may be there in waiting for a pardon me while the next insert. Only India but you know from any people who thought this was that grand finale I'm all manner Fortin court. Think again neat prosecutors in New York had a different idea ABC's Aaron could Kirstie is joining us for this part of the conversation. So Aaron. We were all excited down near gonna head out of the bureau for lunch thinking we're all squared away and Don. And then you called me and said hey John big email call manna for just got charged in New York. They did with sixteen different counts charging him mainly we have. Residential mortgage fraud a charge that his a state crime it's not a federal crime so there's no issue of double jeopardy. But the case was brought by the Manhattan district attorney's office. From an investigation that began we're told in march of 2017. So it predates. Special counsel Robert Mueller. The investigation was shells a couple of months later one smaller was appointed in May of 2017. And in deference to the special counsel's case a but it was revived recently as men affords time with a special counsel was winding down. And just minutes after the judge Amy Berman Jackson handed down her sentence on the federal crimes. That's when the Manhattan district attorney's office dropped word that he had been indicted on these state charges which could put him in prison in theory for about 25 years and. Aaron there's something else about this because it is EC charged. It's a little out pardon for. It is certainly thought to be pardon insurance as I say there's no double jeopardy issue here because mortgage fraud is not a federal crime. And so even if president trump issues a pardon to Paul man afford and he said today that he had been in been thinking about it but if he does. Palm and afford would certainly not be out of out of legal jeopardy because he's could be sent to prison on the state charges. Form for up to 25 years and and so Paul man a fort probably never going to see a New York courtroom unless he gets a pardon. He does it may be right back to prison. Well Aaron as we say you misery likes company so we wanted to do you join in this story so. Welcome enjoy our return ski in New York thank you sir we appreciated Trish thank you for that I'm you're gonna just hang tight percent and yet they can do that team so. That's story big number two here story big number three. A ban on trans gender is serving in the military a huge story want to bring in ABC's Elizabeth McLaughlin she covers the Pentagon for us. UN the team than watching this one now this all started out with a very. Call bizarre tweet from president trump early 1 morning we've never seen any of those arm. It suddenly. Now is policy act what happened exactly so. I remember the day July 27 teen driving and the tweet comes up that he wants to ban all transgender service members. And that was really shocking we hadn't heard anything about that before hadn't heard back from military leaders. That really kicked off a string of different. Records lawsuits now we're making their way through different courts the circuit courts the Supreme Court came down in a number last month. They decided that they were going to issue S day on though and and just the last fourth court had an injunction. That was removed last Friday so here we are the Department of Defense finally releasing that final policy. And so here's what we know that'll be different than what we had under the Obama adminstration. The first thing is going to address currently serving service members or those who may have Marty find their contacts. Those people are grandfathered and they will not be affected by this policy at that many have folks who let's say the policy takes a pact on April 12. Now you are interested in joining the military. He hearing it and if you had had any hormone therapy if you had sex reassignment surgery. He will no longer be allowed to anti military and if you decide to come out as transgender me he would like to pursue some of fat. Their carrier therapy or reassignment surgery that will also not be allowed to will be required to serve in your biological facts those of the two big changes coming out as policy. A little bit like Don't Ask Don't Tell yes and that people are are going to have to remain in their biological and Romany. Current members and military would this have been path yet so it's hard to say writes that in 2016 DOD to the Saturday. 9000 service members self identified as transgender about 1000 said they had what is called gender dis for area. He talked to defense officials I was on call this morning with people they're saying this isn't a ban on trans gender service members visit the ban on those who have experienced gender just for it which is when. Your biological facts in your preferred gender don't match I. And that is causing extreme anxiety causing you they're saying he wouldn't be able to deploy he wouldn't be able to be as lethal and ready to join the force and that's what they're trying for that let's bring someone. Allison's this conversation we're joined right now by Charlotte climber military veteran served six years in the US army and also serves as military veterans advisory council. Four Al served as LD and Charlotte so great to have you with this I can only imagine this is going to be a very difficult to atrium. It's pretty difficult you know and it's so interesting this morning we introduce the equality act in congress reintroduced said. Two. Legalize nondiscrimination protections for out to be seeking people across the country. And yet a month from now the Kantor chief is going to. Instead a ban on openly serving transgender folks in the military and so it's it's pretty disturbing and and disappointing. As Charlotte do you still have former colleagues. That are serving. That you have may be spoken to that can relate TUN and aid on curious if if you have any sense of what they're feeling today I know as Elizabeth said there grandfathered in either Iraq can be affected but still I mean it just. The cultural shock this had to be. Well there are going to be affected yes they're grandfathered and but these are folks who are serving in combat books is serving. Overseas right now unemployment soar in positions of leadership. Who are leading troops in combat zones and this is enormously stressful it undermines their authority. Especially in command climate so this is really national security risk this is putting. Folks not just trans your folks that other soldiers in danger. By inflicting undue stress on them. But I gotta tell you these folks are really dedicates their jobs they're focused on what they have to do. And it's really fortunate that they're being distracted by this a necessary policy that's been slammed by military leadership. Budget analysts. Medical professionals the scientific community everyone is against this ban. And yes the person in the Oval Office seems hell bent on pushing and on Americans who don't want it by a large majority. And the thing that I was struck by this morning and a call with defense officials was that. They don't have any DeDe F for how transgender service members were currently serving may have affected their unit cohesion or what they call readiness the ability to deploy. Fight and win wars. So I'm curious to hear your perspective. About. Some what you think is the impact on unit cohesion we had service members on the hill last month is that they actually felt like. There wasn't a problem they didn't have people in their unit who where saying that they were dissatisfied or that there was any problem with their serve acts. Well I think what they meant as they don't have a formal study but in fact every service chief was testified under oath before the Senate Armed Services Committee last year. Kirsten Gillibrand asked each of them senator Kirsten Gillibrand nasty to them. If there's any effect on unit cohesion or readiness every single service chief set now that openly tranche in her service members have no effect on you readiness. And that you know and facts out to be beneficial to the and in some ways. So I Afghanistan has no facts on nine Huskies made this open service by transient or service members. Has no effect on nonmilitary right now so it's reinforcement about. Net has been pushed by some folks. So Elizabeth recapping really quickly this ban goes into effect. This thing goes into a fact on April 12 there'll be thirty days if you are currently serving that you would like Tenet. Put in a waiver if you like to be diagnosed and I've been told that and then after that he'll start to see changes for anyone who is interesting and and and lifting or commissioning as an office. And we can find all of you in the teens reporting he BC news talk on right now Elizabeth thank you so much Charlotte appreciate your expertise this afternoon thank you again here is perfect act. Much appreciated. And Trish notching up again Yang now and I now we did pretty good at keeping it thorough Lyle. I'm gonna have to buyer confidently in Indiana today coming back inside the briefing here now another story that we have been fascinated by ease the college cheating scandals so. You know we talk about this yesterday most people you play college you. Get the SE TD CT you write your essays somebody hopefully someone like she writes letter of recommendation or in the case seven fifty individuals they just cut a check and get their parents. To take hear it for them. This story is growing and growing and we're learning from prosecutors are on the country that there could be more individuals charged here but let's bring in. Two experts on this two of the schools affected we're joined right now by Margaret got she's the editor in chief the Georgetown voice over Georgetown University. And I were also joined by mirage remind he had the vice president the student body association. At the university I'm sorry she at the university. Of Texas ladies great to have you both with us arm. I'm curious look let's start we if you Margaret only pitcher closer must come this street here. What's the reaction on campus like today. Yeah I think everybody was really shocked at first but that encounter once on the pier died down. Nobody's really that surprised that this would happen at Georgetown. It's opened up a lot of conversations about just socio economic inequity on campus and for these highs highly selective universities so. Overall people are really disappointed but not really surprised. And and let let's go down in Texas right now armor and summarize it and over there. I mean this is schools on that all different levels. That have clearly been impacted here what are you hearing on campus near the vice president of the student body association or is your organization. Doing any sort of hearings spurs some concern students on campus. I mean people want to Sen and honestly out on par. We speak from arts has aids so. And it's incense and a lot. 88. Taking. A bitter and cynical comments. That people are also not surprised it can seem like. Certain students is certain backgrounds are treated differently. Way. We come to call and it really doesn't get a lot differently but art. Is about actually. UT. Like Hitler is happy to be in the same exits yields efforts. But I can understand that I went to Hofstra which is not even hear that but that's okay loved it anyway but is far is what you're getting up from campus and you know it as is the vice president student body association I'm sure there's a dialogue. That's going on with the leadership of the college out what are they saying right now to students on campus. Yeah not so. Each story. Copy. At the university and the protest. War our respects me and and colts and his this year by president. Ends immediately. Know what she didn't. We're thinking that it hurts point eight what their reactions work. And eat kind excerpts and what about it teams like they're. On statements released to students here. And it hadn't quite address is she right back to. And Margaret colleges got it is going back over do you now I mean I same question I mean what are you hearing from the administration over Georgetown the moment. Yes so they sent out a statement tall students yesterday talking about it was art. Former tennis coach who left the university and last. At the end of last master. Talking about how is a huge breach of trust and they had been working with the FBI and DOJ two. Coordinate with them he materials that they had. But what students were really shocked to find out was that. University had actually conducted an internal investigation. Starting in December 2017. Into the tennis coaches. Recruiting tactics and why there are certain kids who had been recruited for tennis and then never played on the team. And what we found out the voice was that. And they actually in the press release that they've sent out announcing it earns that tennis coach's resignation. They did make one mention of this internal investigation and we haven't gotten any. Clarification on if they told the next school that he went to University of Rhode Island either. While I'd that's actually very interest things so you are the editor in chief of the paper there. What what are you all covering this week and what's what's you're attacking us and we have our approach here how we cover these stories and curious. Well what's what's your approach. No right now we're just is so we covered all the facts that we can gather from the court documents yesterday and our really trying to reach out to the student body. And see how people are reacting to since you are. And we're gonna try to find some student athletes that also wants reacts to how this is personally affected them. For right now our big question is what were the results of those internal of that internal investigation into Gordon parents back in between 172018. And why wasn't the same body notified of that. When it originally happened why we just finding out now. The no I think a lot of people have that exact question isn't an investigation. That's been going on for some time as I said earlier we're learning that more people. Could be expect to be charged in the coming weeks as more more information is obtained. Margaret catch much appreciated. Also appreciate her eyes are not joining us as well. Two colleges folks have fun keep us posted and I'd love to see which are working on over at Georgetown C the stories that you folks are working on. That is gonna do for us here in the briefing room we're gonna have a full recap later today on ABC news about the Boeing running also want to mention otherwise how many get yelled that we've got a New Rochelle. Coming up at 4 PM it's under review actually talking about the transgender a military band that's coming up right here on ABC news live at 4 PM but for now. I'm John Santee chief you're watching ABC news.

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