Former President Trump to face historic 2nd impeachment trial

Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer discusses the unprecedented trial, and what needs to happen for former President Donald Trump to be convicted, plus, President Biden weighs in on the trial.
4:44 | 01/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former President Trump to face historic 2nd impeachment trial
Let's senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer for more definitely heard in Rachel's peace there some Republicans have concerns about whether it's appropriate to hold an impeachment trial. A former president explain to us what their argument is there. Well there argument either is that it because this is never happened before it shouldn't happen now and they're right in that there's no clear exact precedent for anything like this the text of the constitution. Is open to interpretation. It's so bottom line for people to understand is this is an inherently political process this is not a judicial one. On it's they get the senators have a lot of leeway in designing how this would go and so what we're watching is both sides really did beat the contours of something that is really up to them at the end of the day. That said the congressional research service which is the nonpartisan. Advisory committee if you will for members of congress has studied the law on this they pulled legal scholars. In in a recent report they said the consensus is there that congress' authority does extend. Two former president's and so that's why we're gonna see the Democrats really mean in on this and push forward I'm curious what are the odds at their a actually able to get a conviction and in this trial for impeachment. Cook the odds are demeaned by the day to be honest. Even it would take. At least seventeen Republican senators to vote to convict in. And even the four other we get from the day that riot overtook Capitol Hill. A win so many Republicans and Democrats were united in their condemnation many of them even are pointing the finger Donald Trump we slowly started to see that mass. Republicans go grabber to retreat back to their corner and what we're witness seen. Is both sides really reflecting the sentiment of the voters in their bases. Some recent polling found that Republicans and democratic voters by a large or polar. View this as polar opposites are overwhelmingly opposed or in favor of this and so we're starting to see their lawmakers. Our reflect that it's going to be a tall order. Eva for Democrats to get that conviction. So not odds are long on that connection and Republicans keep saying that this is going to further divide the country president Biden finally weighed in on this impeachment trial saying to CNN that he thinks it has to happen. Is this what Democrats feel they need to move for and that's what's at stake if former president trump is already out of office did they just what this go. Well for Democrats in for a lot of independents as well this is really about accountability. Didn't do question on the table here is can a president who is impeached as president which Donald Trump was twice. Evade punishment by simply resign the office. Before the punishment comes down or Oracle is leaving office in the case of Donald Trump's that this is about. Are keeping that pathway open for accountability here there was a lot of talk among Democrats yesterday that if an impeached official. Could simply resign before the trial to preserve his political future. The what the heck is the point of this of the vote to prevent an impeached official from holding office ever again if they could simply ducked out of that. And so that's what we see Democrats driving and I expect that message will be much. Let hammered home in the weeks ahead they want to prevent down trump from being able to run in 20/20 four. And hold both here and in the Republicans who supported him in congress to account. San have a lot of drama going on right now outside and this impeachment process net. Minority leader Mitch McConnell says he will allow a power sharing agreement to go forward. After two Democrats said they would not vote to overturn the filibuster rule. So what did this mean for president Biden's plans for things like co big relief and immigration reform. Get a Philip. Oster is that fund senate term that we. That we count our crew once in awhile when we see someone standing on the floor of the senate talking endlessly to block a piece of legislation. How would bat on the table still. Even it means that any democratic priority immigration the Covert relief Tamil need to attract ten Republican votes. In order to get through and clear the filibuster hurdle the shot down a filibuster so. For Joseph Biden means he's gonna have to work pretty hard. To get bipartisan support for these major pieces of legislation now that said there are some options some workarounds back door. And it runs on the filibuster something called budget reconciliation. Is still on the table they could. Changed their minds on the filibuster try to get a get rid it later but right now. Bipartisanship. Is the name of the game for Joseph Biden and we've heard is much from him that that is his preference right now. And N Dreier thank you for being with us this morning and thanks.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer discusses the unprecedented trial, and what needs to happen for former President Donald Trump to be convicted, plus, President Biden weighs in on the trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75490036","title":"Former President Trump to face historic 2nd impeachment trial","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-face-historic-2nd-impeachment-trial-75490036"}