President Trump impeachment trial

Rudy Giuliani says he will not represent President Donald Trump because he could be a witness in the impeachment trial.
3:59 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for President Trump impeachment trial
There are fewer than 48 hours left in president trumps term as we said and as he prepares to leave the White House ABC news has learned that the president's. Personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani will not. Be part of the trump impeachment trial legal defense team because Giuliani is a witness in the case CBC's senior editorial producer and through one of the great reporters on this administration jobs tend to G joins us now from Washington with more from inside the trunk camp. But John since Rudy Giuliani is not going to be part of the president's defense team so what is his legal defense team look like to expect to have present truck to take the stand that kind of thing. Terry Immelman your guess is as good as mine is who would actually dis and Donald Trump in the while the senate should the trial actually move forward in this and it. Rudy Giuliani was seen as frankly the best option many attorneys it represented the president. Over the course the last four years remember this is not a president new to controversy here is that special counsel investigation. And impeachment trial before. All of the attorneys cherry that were involved in those two process he's been very clear that they get knowing intention. Participating. In another round of Donald Trump's legal troubles so the question is who's going to be left the other turning it babe approach. Alan Dershowitz the infamous Harvard professor but he has not been sign on board yet. Either so it really is a question of who's going to be laughed at that would step forward represented Donald stroke he mentioned the sell pardons that is something the president very much has been talking about. He's been urged members of his family members. Trump Organization a New York. Is your own their own legal troubles over the last several years should you wait but he's also been told by lawyers in the White House cherry that should the president actually. Give himself a party and. It's an admission of guilt and we know and there are still many cheese is right now some are criminal but others civil and president could open Yunel himself. Just simple exposure seamless to Judah. And from 68%. Of the American people oppose the president pardoning himself which may not even be legal but. Turning to inauguration day the president this president president Donald Trump Hillary the first US president more than a 150. Years and Sandra jobs are widely considered one of the worst presidents ever. Who will not take part in the peaceful transition of power. His successors inauguration drugs requested our military stop sendoff so what they're gonna look like. Oh gala red carpet at the marine and apparently a couple of F thirty five's are gonna slide over virtue cherry this is going to be awful spectacle Wednesday morning you would think he is in some ways. What the inauguration and at what looked like happening at 12 o'clock over the capitol in some way east but this is Donald Trump's and he wants the all military Blair 21 gun salute. And completely ignore the fact that Joseph Biden is about cheek office. And Washington the president will shopper from Marine One leaving the White House. Early Wednesday morning he won't sees success. She sure necessary or one of the things. He's. Let's call it standard tradition if you will will Donald Trump lead notre joke by Kenya when when Barack Obama left. He left to notre Donald Trump knows that you. Their differences but. Donald Trump said it was one of the nicest notes unit received one of the most touching letters he bragged about it weeks. I wonder if we're gonna see Donald Trump pre acquisition if you want in my gas. I would say probably Donald Trump has so far has not anything should recognize Joseph Biden as president even. After those awful attacks on the capital area the president she now we get video saying that he would support a peaceful transition. However each it is today is not say Joseph Biden's name and next president in the scenes and. I can't imagine leaving a nice knowing that's for sure Johnson too cheap thanks very much for that. Prankster.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Rudy Giuliani says he will not represent President Donald Trump because he could be a witness in the impeachment trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75329142","title":"President Trump impeachment trial","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-impeachment-trial-75329142"}