President Trump: 'Rogue killers' may be involved in journalist's disappearance

Trump suggested "rogue killers" may be involved in journalist's disappearance after Saudi Arabia's king denied "any knowledge of what took place."
4:24 | 10/15/18

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Transcript for President Trump: 'Rogue killers' may be involved in journalist's disappearance
Earlier this morning president trump addressed this very crisis of the missing journalist on the White House lawn to name Norman is at the white house with the latest on the action and while Diane we have seen and heard a lot from the presently Lee who's been on sort of a media blitz in this morning. Telling reporters that he spoke with the Saudi king and he reiterates reports multiple time. That they king says firmly denied having any knowledge of what happened to journalist Jamal can show me take a listen to what the president just told reporters here on the South Lawn. Hi guys bald. The king of Saudi Arabia. Denies any knowledge of what took place would regard do as he's dead it's Saudi Arabian. Citizen. I've asked that he firmly denied that. Mike Pompeo do immediately got on a plane go to Saudi Arabia. Doug you'll hide their place and if necessary. Would be probably well but with regard to live go to bed he had that is. The king told me that Turkey and Saudi Arabia always game. Very close laid. Law and getting hit the bottom of why that. So we'll see what happens but Mike Bob Mayo gave me Mike pop mail is leaving. Early age within an hours so he's heading to Saudi Arabia. We are. Going to leave nothing not covered would that make instead became firmly denied any knowledge job but. Really know made me I don't I don't wanna get a bit mind but it sounded to me like baby names that have been. Row Keller. Would get a try getting hit the bottom of a very. But his words a flat denial. And and the president spoke there about two hours ago then. The secretary of state has confirmed. That Mike Pompeo is headed to Saudi Arabia saying that the president ordered a prompt and thorough investigation into what happens Diane. Engine they talk a little bit about the president's media blitz he give a very lengthy interview to sixty minutes last night talked about the journalist. Among a lot of other topics what's the general reaction been to that interview. Right I'm in that interview is still making headlines added there are a number of things that the president talked about for instance he signaled that Defense Secretary James Mattis might lead the administration soon saying that. He thinks it Mattis is sort of a Democrat when asked about his relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin. The president defended that saying that he has been very tough on pollutants and he admitted that he thinks who can probably is involved in poisonings in assassinations but not in our country and then he took questions about what he's accused of mocking Christine blogging for the woman who accused now Supreme Court justice -- Kavanagh of sexual assault. Take a listen to how he defended that. Had I not made that speech we would not have one. I was just saying she didn't seem to know when he thanked god and you're trying to destroy a life of a man who has been extraordinary. Why did you have done. Make. I didn't really make fun of a relaxes. The person that we're talking about. Didn't know the air the time the plays well I think she was treated with great respect I have only honest I think what do you think there's no. She shouldn't do you think you're treated how much greatness and so yeah I don't think you seem to be saying that she relied. What do you know what I'm not gonna get into it because we won it doesn't matter how we won. And they added in the end the president says they wine because Supreme Court. Justice Brent Cavanaugh was confirmed to this Supreme Court his second nominee Diane. And Anderson the president is traveling to Florida today originated see the damage in the storms down what's on the agenda. That's right that's only saw there on the South Lawn as he adversely Gilani at trump. Were headed from Washington they are heading to the Florida Panhandle as well as Georgia today to tour some of those areas damaged by last week's hurricane Michael. He says that they will toured that damage visit with FEMA first responders and law enforcement maximum effort is taking place everyone working hard he says worst hit. And fifty years in Reno that they will be back in Washington tonight after spending quite a few hours on the ground there so they're covering a lot of miles today. Right to name Norman from the White House in eight thank you.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Trump suggested \"rogue killers\" may be involved in journalist's disappearance after Saudi Arabia's king denied \"any knowledge of what took place.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58510338","title":"President Trump: 'Rogue killers' may be involved in journalist's disappearance","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-rogue-killers-involved-journalists-disappearance-58510338"}