President Trump’s final acts

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the Trump administration’s eleventh-hour actions and their long-lasting impacts.
5:21 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump’s final acts
President trump has just 48 days left in office and while he's been publicly keeping a low profile and refusing to concede the election. Her scenes his administration is racing to solidify his legacy with Phil campaign promises an overhaul dozens of federal regulations that could take the biting teen years to undo. Our Devin Dwyer reports from Washington. It's a sprint to the finish for a president hoping to leave the final mark. Even as he refuses to concede Donald Trump is reshaping policies disrupting government norms to the very end. I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and the twentieth. January a lot of things. From immigration to environmental protections trump is pushing eleventh hour rule changes that could last for years we called midnight regulations. Last chance. These rules are products for the administration changed here I am sure they had any terrorists are not easily. Nonprofit new sci pro public eye tracking three dozen major pending regulations with even more expected before trump leaves office in January. The Obama administration actually had for a measure. Oh more than in the past are and a consumer. Gap they include religious exemptions for federal contractors. Looser efficiency standards for shower heads and washing machines. In stricter eligibility for food stamps even as millions on a work in the pandemic look to the government for help. Finalist and administration are obviously she usually important and it's just natural to want to get things done Carol Browner read the EPA during all eight years of the Clinton administration and as a member of president Obama's transition and first climates are there were some things that we didn't want to finish. But they're not treated just do it willing yelling there's a long there's a science there's a process a lot of his midnight regulations are focused on the environment this EP effort to ban the reliance on any scientific study that doesn't fully disclose all the raw data right why is that so problematic. I will simply not the quality of science. EPA needs to make decisions and this is a theory very intentional move on Garrett our shot of polluters which is to limit the science. There or limit the ability EPA to make the smartest decision. Browner says a rush to auction off drilling rights in the Arctic strongly opposed by pres elect Biden is especially high stakes. The degree to which the leases have been entered in June that you might have to buy them back. But hopefully the reality is seeking continue to protect these theories that have yet been protected predictor for hundreds of years now raise your right hand and. There are new moves on immigration in his final weeks trump adding eight new questions to the citizenship test. And trying to make it harder for high skilled foreign workers to give thesis. In this last minute rush before the inauguration and drug administration is doing everything it can to bring legal immigration closer and closer to. The bare minimum. Ramping up enforcement actions. And really trying to do everything they tend to and finished checking those boxes and make it as hard as possible for the by the administration. To rebuild the nation's immigration system. The president also racing to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. And last month formally indeed the open skies treaty and move critics called a gift to Putin. It allowed US him Russia to conduct mutual surveillance flights to build trust. Wretched didn't idiots at the trading. So until they adhere we will pull out some of Trump's actions will have permanent impact but the rush to perform more federal executions. Before president Biden has the chance to put them on hold. Eight federal inmates executed so far this year the most in more than a century with five more sleet it before inauguration day. A piece of these federal executions has no historical us. The last time you had more than ten. I think you know and he he night the president also giving executioners greater flexibility in how they kill the regulation will allow them without challenged. It to use whatever method loves these injection that it wants to use meanwhile the president is continuing a record number of lifetime appointments to federal courts. Breaking with a 123 years of precedent by confirming more judges and after losing reelection. Generally wants an election occurs confirmation stop until the next congress begins its hard to know the impact right now exactly that these trouble when it Drexel. Legally is going to be big. Generational. Some of Trump's final acts faced challenges in court if Democrats win control of congress there could be fast track for appeals. But experts say many changes won't be easily earned done. There are people whole who crosses all over. Multiple years a lot of resources. And this congress in my design. I'm reminder of the power of the presidency can make a lasting impact on America. Up to the very last minute of the White House transition. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the Trump administration’s eleventh-hour actions and their long-lasting impacts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74530722","title":"President Trump’s final acts","url":"/Politics/video/president-trumps-final-acts-74530722"}