Presidential transition turmoil

Congress proposes a $908 billion bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill and President-elect Joe Biden moves forward with transition, unveiling his economic team.
6:47 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Presidential transition turmoil
In an interview with the eight. Widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the election he went on to say there's a growing tendency to used a criminal justice system as a sort of she did all six solid people don't like something. When people don't like something they want the Department of Justice to come in and investigating. More let's pretty ABC's political director Rick Klein and White House reporter Karen Travers. Rick does statement by bar presumably is not going to make the president happy and it sounds like we just bar. Go to the White House. Job bars at the White House deputy current justices this rate. Previously scheduled meeting but the you do the truck legal team has just responded losing with all due respect to the attorney general basically doesn't he saw that he hasn't done a full and thorough investigation of course so. And that's not true there have been thorough investigation inside and outside the Department of Justice attorney general Barr alluded to this we also had thirty some odd sports side we have the defendants against the plaintiffs where the trouble legal team is meeting just absolutely unfounded and unsubstantiated inaccurate and has often wildly contradictory. And downright misleading claims are nothing has been pretty introduced by any evidence to suggest that. There's anything that could overturn his election and now the attorney general's putting his stamp on that side of the ledger as well saying he has looked into it they haven't how many here. Nothing there are no evidence there in the courts and now even loyal doable are well let's go back to know group of bipartisan lawmakers. I have proposed a 980. Billion dollar cope would relieve that's been hung up for months today. It focuses on state and local aid unemployment insurance and small biz specialists are Karen. How soon do you think a deal could actually get done here. Terry is a bipartisan compromise but it's a long shot compromise this is splitting the difference in the numbers that the Democrats and Republicans have been stuck on and Terry negotiations have been stalled true months on Capitol Hill auction but the clock is ticking and it's not clear that this compromise bill could go anywhere she did it still about 500 million dollars more than what Republican leadership is looking for action now and right now the house has only seven working days left before the holiday break should it a lot to do what they've got tune could potentially do Kobe relief package should they also have to do a government funding bill to prevent a government shut down she ended defense spending bills that has to get done in the next couple of weeks we'll see it this can get across the finish line but the timing is very Ty H and for now everybody is holding back from saying with any confidence that this could be the bill that they actually can move forward nick. And Rick Biden also urged congress who are together on another relief bill once he takes office what are the chances of that happening and will that affect the current negotiations. It's interesting Joseph Biden saying he needs to see action in congress now but he's acknowledging that it won't be anything you're the kind of action that he thinks will be appropriate. No one thinks this would be the last action or would have to be but. Of course he's getting a much different than the current administration and possibly the current congress I it's going to be a deeply divided congress that he inherits a very small and narrow house majority each and the senate majority is still up for grabs that won't be determined for a few more weeks. After the Georgia Ronald person in January but he's getting their message with the team he's running insults wish on that more spending is going to be necessary. The progressive side of his party very happy with some of the text. A lot of them are just I just meant to exude competence more than anything else and Biden is making clear there's gonna have to be pretty fast action and that would probably the first item agenda is gonna be called would release less economic early when you look at things like vaccine development aid to state unemployment insurance all of those things are very much on the table in numbers that are larger than the current congress is talking about some even have. Congress somehow gets together in those those last seven working is that Karen reference. The Biden team trying to signal that will not Glasser. Some. More to come on that walked back and elect all sixty issued to trump campaign has challenged. Have now certified that Joseph Biden won those states and thus the presence in the presidential option. He's still railing against a Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona for not doing more help at all we're turn those results are Karen. It did it's did just finished in the courts even his own Justice Department can't find any evidence but is there any worry this could hurt Republicans especially. With those two Georgia run offs for senate seats coming up. Yet Terry they're big worries among Republicans that the president keeping up is drumbeat which baseless without evidence conspiracy theories that the election was rigged is certainly going to have the potentially dampen -- down in -- in January Republican than talking Tuesday -- you know if you -- saying for weeks that an election his -- you should not be surprised that you're nineteen -- supporters -- gonna say -- why -- -- even bother shelling -- that this -- all predetermined and -- the RNC chairwoman over the weekend -- has just -- by a -- and -- did not decided -- please -- turnout and support our candidates down -- -- Dish should not be a surprise given what the president has been saying and Kerry the president is going down to Georgia this weekend he says he's gonna hold a rally on Saturday each extensively it is to get people to come out in that runoff race and support David Perdue in Cali aloft cooler but. As you know these events tend to be all about Donald Trump and the trunk shows so I think we should expect in this first dean campaign style appearance since Election Day the president will be airing a lot of his own grievances and maybe that will out weigh in the rev up supporter message that Georgia Republicans would like from. And Rick piggybacking that you think election fraud could become a kind of loyalty test for the GOP. I think infuriate vis a vis this election yet. Donald Trump has anything to do it that he's made clear his loyalty to try even more than a loyalties to a particular policy issue is that is the most important quality and I think it's striking to see what he is said about governor Kenton Georgia I'm governor Doocy in Arizona is important this is these are not that the typical Republican governors that we see. Criticize the president from time to time these are not squishy moderates they are people very much on the truck train and for the president now to say to people that are being disloyal essentially they're doing their jobs is quite striking and us and we're seeing. A were struck by the lack of Republicans score pushing back on that notion I still so many Republicans and there is refusing to acknowledge that Joseph Biden's the president elect and continuing with eight of them. Tennessee and it is a and I see that that the presidential has some kind of a legal avenue or some credible legal plain and when governors secretaries of Stacy is much they're getting cut down presidential so yes loyalty to try remains the most important quality in terms of his. Absolutely Rick Klein Karen Travers covering the waterfront Forrest thanks so much.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Congress proposes a $908 billion bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill and President-elect Joe Biden moves forward with transition, unveiling his economic team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74489880","title":"Presidential transition turmoil","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-transition-turmoil-74489880"}