The Pro-Gun Ad That Won't Air During the Super Bowl

NFL says the spot by firearms manufacturer Daniel Defense was never submitted for review.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for The Pro-Gun Ad That Won't Air During the Super Bowl
Peter when asked about Daniel defense the gun makers -- Banned altogether from the broadcast but I want to take a look at the spot that the NFL turned down. And my family's safety. It's my highest priority. I am responsible for their protection -- No one has the right to tell me having to defend. So like -- -- the most effective tool for the job. Daniel defense defending your nation. Defending your home. Is if they're yelling there's a lot going on -- that that breaking down here well I mean you know first and foremost it is almost one I think it's it's brought to you by the standard ground on the state of Florida you know it's a tough it's a frightening at. Being in New York you know it's a frightening -- we just don't we don't see that a regular basis but I think the problem with that ad is that over the past. Three months they've been how many school shooting coming university shootings a mall shooting you know it's once it's very difficult to break apart. Guns from shootings. You know good protection self protection if it's protecting the constitution we get that. But at as the average consumer it's very very hard to differentiate. A gun for self protection and family protection -- the gun that killed twenty children and it's it's very difficult. And to get rejected I have to say it does make sense that they wouldn't allow -- ad to run its way too controversial. It doesn't poke fun -- anything it's not controversial because they're showing. Kate opted in -- slinky swimsuit it's controversial because in the news two days ago people -- so. It's not something that simple I think wants to you and race. And it it does create a lot of controversy so I think it was -- the right decision. For fox to to get rid of that sale -- telling us about that because you can -- if in fact did -- defense actually create that -- knowing that -- probably was going to be a very low likelihood that actually would make air. But that it would get people talking about it. Absolutely they did I mean -- the NFL can have the evidence that they never even seen the ad that it was news to them that it had been rejected because it wasn't submitted they also said that yes of course who would reject this because we don't have anything in the -- category that's on the list of rules that -- publishing are very long time. It also though I kind of hits all of the high points for -- -- I'm I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I I think if you're really into guns this sort of hits everything that your interest in the guise of -- and his wife -- broken hot he has an adorable new baby. It's this is it's tailor made for people who will be interested in the product so -- -- is made to get attention on the other -- it's also speaking to the people. For whom to whom -- defense is trying to sell guns. And thunderstorm -- point about the sad is that the Super Bowl you know we live in the age in the age of YouTube -- need to -- the need to be able to share things. Ten years ago they would have created the -- it would have been turned down there -- have -- one story about it never would have gotten any place this ad is getting shared left and right. Under the -- -- all I can't believe the liberals and TV would let this error that left you know ten years -- there was no place to share that. So people might have talked about over the water -- but you never would have seen it I never heard of Daniel defense before the story -- you know that becomes something else thanks to -- the world of YouTube and FaceBook in which we.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"NFL says the spot by firearms manufacturer Daniel Defense was never submitted for review.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"22320041","title":"The Pro-Gun Ad That Won't Air During the Super Bowl","url":"/Politics/video/pro-gun-ad-air-super-bowl-22320041"}