Protesters Urge 'Just One More' No Vote on Betsy DeVos

ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports from a rally on Capitol Hill where protesters are urging Senators to vote against Betsy DeVos' confirmation.
11:45 | 02/06/17

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Transcript for Protesters Urge 'Just One More' No Vote on Betsy DeVos
Cannot vote with ABC news digital we're live here on Capitol Hill just yards word from the capitol building worked out of people have gathered to protest. Seek out to rally against. Secretary of education nominee Betsy do applause the senate hopeful sign that Lawler spoke to him. On our and it's expected to confirm or tomorrow here on Capitol Hill but there are. A number of senators on him back out to be the exact number there are. 48 democratic senators and some Republican senators who say they will vote no for Betsy applause they believe she did not happen. The credentials. And the experience to lead the department of education and to educate the children. Of this nation. And so they think they will vote how. Senators laughed Mobil gas for her. That means vice president Mike has what to be the tiebreaker is so this crowd behind me here wouldn't take a live look. They say they just be one more just one more Republican senators crossed over to vote no against Betsy to boss I will say here aren't. On capitol insiders on the senate floor happening right now. There are number but democratic senators who are having what's called. Eight popped up on and I'm gonna put around your particularly some of the finest we've got. The capital here take a look there are folks who come from all over. Right. Not book around former Christian or government excuse my him at very general. What did you see this senior we've got people who are come from all of the interior from. Virginia Maryland here in DC they are holding signs that say you know broke no. Ward to launch their obviously does the Mets they want to send two senators. The cast that vote that confirmation. Tomorrow we know how the confirmation hearings went for best he wants and at their worst senators who believe that Cuba have been know how the knowledge aunts lead the Department of Education. And so they're out here on the eve of this historic vote for Betsey Tavares. I'm in the hoping that just one more Republican senator will cross over. The don't know which war is essentially take her on her her nomination. And possibly force. Trump administration and president Donald Trump to pick another. Department of Education secretary nominee. To give you the background here it is they had divided senate. Two Republican senators have crossed over to say they will vote. No four at bats Hugo Boss this. Millionaire this woman who has them which charter schools but people heat your city that she used. Will her public schools in the shipment experience with him tried to lead public schools. And so we've had a number of senators who actually coming out here. On the date you actually speak at this rally here two speak out against basketball talk. Here at the capitol as he starts right here I asked can I don't have anything to live right now to ask you why it's important for you to come. Out here. Or they thought much I appreciate it and they've got those signs but the so both a little shy hey how you can about with its digital and ask you why it was important Rita. I have proclaimed the sign right there's speak for them. Right there and so we got them votes right there. Let's that we talked to someone else hey guys I don't write in about where they've had to rely. And I ask you why it's important to be out. We need to make certain this doesn't happen if he could not possible this could have profound implications. For years. For public education in America. That need to bust every time about your program did didn't play that does mean the money. Because way from public schools and public education. Things as you guys chant just one more do you believe warrant Republican senator will cross over one more I think it should be for five. Maybe six or seven here. I really do not believe this woman is qualified. And I hope that enough of them come you know looking to their conscience and making judgment that this him. Especially in rural state that can be very dangerous. Because. Their public school poverty struggled to bus children in rural colonies that school. That would be very bad things that happen though we're. Understand those who support Betsy to Boston they think that she can bring fresh ideas that Sheikh your brain. I'm knowledge to the partners education that's needed. It could be a piece every. My mind but that's republic education is not a single person in this crowd doesn't care about public education. But I have to come from a police acknowledge. Now actually in the ninth and down body of knowledge about how education after her and she doesn't know any thing. Thank you so much for speaking with at says one person there was. Came out here to our rally against the that the author and her nomination. Got to take a little closer to that microphone but I want to. And as I thought you're not talk upon us up any in the capital on the senate floor right now Democrats. Are literally lying doubt speaking for the next 24 hours or. A less than 44 hours at this point. Right before the vote for a bit of Barnes. This talk of bond if not a filibuster it's not something that were actually. It's believed to have an impact on the voting. But it allows Democrats who we take the floor. And to rot wire to make their mark. You I'll let it be known that they are I'm definitely taking your boss charm and they would want to know if he deserves to know they will hopefully. One. According to that want a Republican who is voting for her plans to vote for her to hear their words see these crowds that are gathered here protest. To say look. Your phones are ringing off the hook you're getting letters are getting emails. There are number of people across this country who were. Against that he would of lost am a unique to abide by you know those constituents who believe that she's not the right person to lead. Department of Education I will say there have been a number of the come around here there have been some education reform groups who have spoken up for. To applause and her her nomination and say that she is the best person to. Quote shake it up 21 maybe provide some type of different views and outlooks through Ortiz departments each but as you see these signs here. These are folks who do not believe that she would be able the do so. Take a look at this can take from this and I'm gonna walk around worry and then Belichick knew what else that they were a talk to someone else. They're. He. I. Or could mean pool. That we're technical education center. Footprint there and until we can expect. We can't exactly what happened right. I'll be including. All about our children you know our public school says it. Yeah OK look. Point a couple thousand dollars to make it that that we should. With two. These power of living in a democracy that we understatement we're of these details. Every single one. We grew stronger communities at the democracy and economy. And we leave because they're backed by they all thought. Again this kind of vote with ABC news digital art right now purpose. Rally or protest against. Secretary of education nominee Betsy good boss I hear people right now it's and that's about just one more because they want just one more Republican senator to cross over. Two of cross over to state it will not move for her tomorrow. Confirmation vote on the senate floor the Democrats haven't all on right now to speak out against third. On the senate floor and we got to the people from all over in your Damien equal. Edward from. I'm from Washington DC and I've got family in Nevada so I am. Talking to the senator from Nevada and asking him to vote against that. So incorporated being here and to let her towards her because. Bus does not know what my students immigrant students need to have an education and we don't we can't weighs one day with a run. Secretary of education office. The group any good senators Republican senators say that. Folks were against sir are pretty much with the unions and that is that you don't want the laws afterthought. I'm an active every day I know what I mean teacher. I'm Sam into my students know what that family's name but their hopes and dreams about their children. That's why I'm here and hopes and dreams of the parents and because of my mind and accurate well. And. Brook where your group right I think so much different. Culprit here right here the spokesman came out I think again. Again Tenet but what ABC news digital lives outside of the capital records behind me there are done the people holding signs. Right now rallying against secretary of education nominee Betsy don't want these folks hope being that their voices will be heard. On the may hope that Republican senators who planned to vote. Yes four per confirmation. Tomorrow in the on the senate floor that they will hear them as well. On their bid some democratic senators who have spoken. We know that two Republican senators. Plan to vote no in this crowd chanting just one more on this the crowd is getting bigger here on this sorted about. 45 minutes ago and it is still going here. People more or walk company's siege in from all over. And they're coming from all over Virginia Maryland the fee on educators activists who also have brought their children. On to speak out against the person they think can not lead that are part of education I will say that basketball is expected to be confirmed. I'm and it vice president Mike Pence who's expected to be the tie breaker I'm so very historic moment here. Now and a historic moment that won't happen is likely to happen tomorrow in a matter which way the vote goes prevented applause but right now the theme here. On capitol hill's kind of vote with ABC news digital live reporting.

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{"duration":"11:45","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports from a rally on Capitol Hill where protesters are urging Senators to vote against Betsy DeVos' confirmation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45310540","title":"Protesters Urge 'Just One More' No Vote on Betsy DeVos","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-urge-vote-betsy-devos-45310540"}