Proxy voting violates Constitution, House minority leader says

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans filed a lawsuit in a federal court Wednesday to stop the proxy vote.
5:14 | 05/28/20

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Transcript for Proxy voting violates Constitution, House minority leader says
Now let's talk a little bit about this week. With a historical week. Or week we have not seen in the 231 years of history industry. For the first time the Democrats are now law allowed proxy. Through the history of America. From the yellow fever of 1793. The civil war even this building being burned down during award eighteen. The 9/11. World War II. All of those challenges we've always found the opportunity to. We believe we are essential. Just as all those Americans out there are doing their essential work as well from the doctors to livery drivers dispatchers. Unfortunately the Democrats believe differently. Two weeks ago we voted on the heroes act in twelve Democrats could not make it. Yesterday. Even though they're given a two week notice when to come back. More than seventy voted by proxy. And coming to this proxy decision the speaker and and chairman McGovern get a lot of stringent facts of how this would be use. In fact the guidelines specifically stated that you must be an able to physically attend proceedings. In the house chambers due to ongoing help. Emergencies. The speaker insisted voting by proxy was intended to be the last resort. An alternative to traveling to DC due to health concerns. And rules chairman. McGovern promise that this unprecedented step would be temporary. And tied it and yesterday. Democrat congressman Charlie Crist. Admitted he used a proxy vote to attend a space launch in floored an event that's a 150. Miles away from his district. On the other side of the state. To get there Charlie it took about two and a half hours to drive there. But the same amount of time. At the flight from DC. From camp at a DC. But instead of going to work conserving as the voice of his constituents. Charlie decided played hooky. But in doing so. Charlie sent the House of Representatives that letter. That he signed. And signing this letter. Charlie said I am unable to physically attend proceedings in the house chambers due to the ongoing. Public health emergency. But he drove two and a half hours. To watch a launch outside of his district. And gave somebody else the power to. I wonder if Charlie actually checked. I wonder if those that need Democrats would still take action. The question. Before all members of congress. On their first days to raise their hand. I swear to uphold the constitution. The constitution is very clear. They expect us to us them. If you take. Chairman McGovern's own words when he first looked at this he was concerned about proxy voting because of the constitutionality. He was right there. But he's wrong now. They believe that congress can write their own rules. Congress can write their own rules they just can't write unconstitutional. Rules. If you take a map their word. They can write a rule that says Republicans only get half a vote that women cannot vote. That would be congress writing rooms. Article one section for section five infections. Very clear we're supposed to assemble very clear that. If you're not at work they can find a place in gay children. Very clear that someone cannot obstruct you from getting the work. For 231 years we found the ability to do that. But why would they want you. Go against the constitution. Or by proxy. Provides the speaker more power that is true. The speaker. In our own words yesterday. Admitted. That the crisis is an opportunity. Every crisis. She's not the only one on the Democrat side believes that. Congresswoman. The number three. Congressman Cliburn said this is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision. And last week even Democrats admitted their legislative proposal with some horrible wishlists in this year's polls. Pandemic is not an opportunity. Health crisis is not a free for all to restructure. Our government. We instead should be working together to reinforce the promise. And progress we are seeing take place this country.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans filed a lawsuit in a federal court Wednesday to stop the proxy vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70939066","title":"Proxy voting violates Constitution, House minority leader says","url":"/Politics/video/proxy-voting-violates-constitution-house-minority-leader-70939066"}