Push for paid family leave on Capitol Hill

Sara Guillermo, a cancer survivor, responds to Republicans' proposal for a bill supporting new parents, saying family leave legislation should help people like her, too.
5:11 | 03/27/19

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Transcript for Push for paid family leave on Capitol Hill
And only leave now becoming a new topic that Republicans are talking about up on the hill senators marker rubio Mitt Romney revealing a plan that they support a little earlier today let's take a listen to senator Marco Rubio. Parents pull forward a portion. Other Social Security benefits for 12 or three months a paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child. An exchange parents can either choose to delay the retirement by about six month per child. Or. They have the option of receiving a reduced Social Security benefit. During the first five years of retirement and an equal size her only other option is either a not have children or be. Go on public assistance are run up huge amounts of debt irony is that you make it 100000 dollars a year on Wall Street you have it. He made 40000 dollars a year somewhere else you probably do not some people might choose not to take this option but it is certainly better than having no option at all. So. Here are the facts right now on unpaid leave across the United States can give a graphic on that actually won in six Americans provide unpaid care for disabled or seriously ill family member women provide almost twice the united family care than others 60% of caregivers report job insecurity in financial hardships. As a result of their care giving responsibilities let's bring in. Somebody that has been personally affected by this we're joined right now by sour Sarah Guillermo she is the chief program officer of ignite. Phoenix big supporter paid family leave Sara appreciate you being with us. This Wednesday afternoon. Your thoughts on what senator rubio and senator Romney introduced today up on Capitol Hill. Thank you so much for having me this morning you nominees 'cause I know I think it misses out on human can eat. I'm a actually. Have made it like light years because my nuclear diagnosed as Esquire and odds and I'm and subtle. Elaine tell bird it's a big army and sight back. Big on and that it still misses out on the youngster I birds or humans like he knew. Take time author who Kia and I'm not quiet not because it. Well and also Sarah mean that the other piece in this is that. In a sense this also is really thinking about. Parents having take care of other members the family but in New York case and loved to hear a little bit about this from you. U several years ago your father was in own unit take time off from work to support him. Yeah so my dad actually got diagnosed on Obama is he not dirty and Daniel and their islands in DC he and you know does not face off on the ground and then. Talk to my mom and my attitudes they diagnosed. On and so we've got it in Iran all that neatly situation and our world. And yet at that time it was written I public schools in California and multiple. Days in the months off. To hear from my dad to threatens his appointment. Yet we're he had a lot of struggles because he was diagnosed at stage four colorectal cancer at the time. I met and we had allotted. An art claim in their. It took a lot of time to be able to you attending to care for ending to support him. Some family leave as you know is enough a hard nut to crack for a lawmakers that most everyone's for it but the idea where you find the money you put the burden on businesses to come up with didn't potentially. I hurt their hiring your job growth or do you allow individuals as this proposal as the kind of borrow against themselves might again later this will have an impact on retirement savings down the line which isn't a major issue for a lot of Americans what about the idea of just. Opening up Social Security like this to say you know what. Individuals may need this transfusion of cash to allow them to do something and a part part of their life whether it's taking care. Of a child or taking care of parents or another loved one at a different period of life taking that money away from yourself not what you'll meet means less money down the road but. It at least frees you up that right now. Yeah I mean it's like taking the U there's and the many now are you take money from later because. I mean I wouldn't mind that I think there are nightmare we are able to actually. Yet patterns where it is Ian get better care for and higher tonight. Really large chunk of money and terms of being angry at eight and then now it my help here un and very grateful late night that. I crowds and all well honest that's there. But there is still EL out of it being and I. It before and ways you know just got a just and in the middle of earnings from my sat in. My weekends and rob Aston. Read the New Delhi the LR others you know that's when he 500 dollar. Q. I don't now what are we are taking that money Ron. I I completely understand this in my my mother went for breast cancer and was fired. From her job because the times had to take off so a lot of families around the country. Deal is just like yours Harris so believe me I completely understand sour Guillermo thank you so much for sharing your stories have him much appreciated. Eight.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Sara Guillermo, a cancer survivor, responds to Republicans' proposal for a bill supporting new parents, saying family leave legislation should help people like her, too. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61989392","title":"Push for paid family leave on Capitol Hill ","url":"/Politics/video/push-paid-family-leave-capitol-hill-61989392"}