RNC enters its second night

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein looks ahead to speeches from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and first lady Melania Trump and details why the Democratic ticket is keeping a low profile.
3:00 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for RNC enters its second night
And now back to the race for 20/20 Rick Klein joins us now to look ahead at 92 of the RNC and Rick Republican. Just promised an optimistic tone last night. In reality that's not what we saw this one a quote president trump was talking about a Democrats win your American dream will be dead if that happens. Representative Matt gates from forty said they'll disarm you empty the prisons lock you in your home and invite MS thirteen to live next door and the police aren't coming. When you call. Do we expect that tonight will be perhaps they uplifting and and hopeful night and it who specifically will you be watching for this evening. I think its own is basically said Lindsey I think you're gonna continue to hear. Kind of a dual message one is yes optimism in presidential leadership in kind of a rewriting of his history Iran cove at nineteen in race relations. And more than that though it is an attack on Joseph Biden and the Democrats in two dead end having several people named trump. Speaking tonight including the president of self respecting of the shop again to isn't of his adult children. I am intra city in secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an unusual break a protocol he's speaking from Jerusalem where he has been. On attack the taxpayer funded trip. And insisted that the night is likely to belong to the First Lady Gilani trump speaking from the Rose Garden without with the her husband in attendance again. Not something that we have never seen before a political convention and of course very trumping. And erase the Republicans blasted the Democrats last week for not having a live convention but last night much of the RNC was actually. Pre taped as well is this just that new reality of what a Kobe convention looks like. Yeah in fact Lindsay there's less polite elements then there were with the Democrats I think. Two things one is yes these realities of have changed everything and in this force the football world parties to change on the flight again I think as the Democrats have a lot a lot more time to prepare for virtual convention at about four months. A preparations that that Republicans had about four weeks because presidential. Had insisted up until about a month ago that there would be a major in person components in Jacksonville Florida now there's no Jacksonville the right here in Washington. We have seen most of the events taking place hype doesn't really look traditional but it will be interesting tonight for the first time. They either convention we're gonna see something of a live audience from want to get stump speech at the White House. Lastly you know during the DNC of course is a president trump with campaign events just about every day of their convention but so far Biden in Harris or are keeping a rather low profile during the Republican Convention do you expect it to stay that way too biased. We do is mourn keeping what's traditionally have been deemed conventions where the the other candidate goes on vacation or just got stays quiet hot today Joseph Biden went for a bike ride. That is vacation place and republic beach Delaware hello Harris was all around her home here in Washington DC just Dickinson meetings with staffers not to the virtual meetings. We're told. I'll but we've we feel like me from the reporting we've heard that the Democrats feel like me this is a week that is going to be dominated by president trump their bracket in the messaging and other ways including by rolling out. Republicans supporters for the Biden Harris ticket but we don't see an effort by Biden and Harris to go out there front and center in the news cycle like Donald Trump did last week. Rick Klein thanks so much for your insight as always thanks Lindsay.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein looks ahead to speeches from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and first lady Melania Trump and details why the Democratic ticket is keeping a low profile.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72604707","title":"RNC enters its second night","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-enters-night-72604707"}