A Look from the RNC Floor

ABC News' Terry Moran describes the atmosphere from the floor of the Republican National Convention.
12:40 | 07/20/16

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This fact are Beriault Terry Moran is now on the floor at the picket the actions. Right now worries that all day Terry give us a sense. Cockpit as the pictures of the public got everybody gets it right out. They aren't oh. And it's okay. And his wife. Just won the nomination. When America's two major parties it's amazing it hasn't happened. Since at least Dwight Eisenhower had made all that back to Wendell Wilkie 1940. Sports history was made tonight. But they didn't really make it all together this was not a could. Convention let out a really united convention altogether. At this point there were almost 700 votes cast. For candidates other than Donald. Chief among them Chad throws that gave trump really or run for his life and so we came here. To Texas that is Ted Cruz's home state and ground zero of support form and I've been done. The honor by one of the members of the delegation. Being given one of their hands. As at the Olympics. Delegates collect pins from each other this is the Texas Republican men. They asked me to Wear but I I just can't do that one thing to know about Texans at that every. Convention they wrapped reasons OK don't know where the Texans are sitting does say there are so many of them. And being held where the hands. Right. Now I'm Terry Moran Gary unmarried same McCartney. Come on show it was love that thank you. And beat Ted Cruz home state senator. Ran and long came up short so what was it like tonight when they called the aid to states including Texas. And it was the other guy it was Donald. When an amendment I was them. It was heartbreaking person. It was celebratory for others think senator for use as a strong future. I just think this wasn't his year I don't think he's done I just think it's down the right. But I think Donaldson and Israeli demand spike into. Thanks into the prison play every morning. Or I didn't seem in the spring. Where you cruise delegate. Now I'll tell you the most of Diana the ringer in the textile plant out you know being in the delegation have a lot of friends of the crews of workers. Have been. With him for a long time months months in preparation for the yanks can now a lot of empathy lot of compassion. And started out senator raise his night senator I think he does a great job was first want to announce. I mean. He thanked the fans that's the evening and wine want Donald Trump gets the job done. I just I just know from this history in business people get things done he. He didn't have time for political correctness would jump up of excellent. You know we just need to get with it get back to being America. Quit worrying about where there are gonna fit people were Americans want to join the party if not he'll. And where you I'm from Texas I'm from I'm from the Dallas area yes. Now one thing we got people coming to the delegation. Trying to find out where they can give them act out these weren't gives us actually. Says yes they were they were give to the Texas this thank you thank you very nice thank. Thanks. So you see the the sense that dead that there with the winner wins that's that's the way it is hot. So there's there's no trophy for second place there's there's not the winner wins and one of the jobs of the conventioneers you guys know. If you get all the people on board all the people in Texas but all the others. One of things did it to remember as you go forward is for a lot of people. What we're looking at. Here the people we meet and talk to is the next Republican Party. This is going to be a different Republican Party going forward because of what Donald Trump has done. And for some people that's exciting for others it's the end of a narrow and it's. Hey Terry. Do you beat your conversations there's we heard sympathies to aid societies front that delegations have started to melt away now that. A trial it's been officially. Put it to the nomination but give us a sense of how the pews yet that the energy level the war. Compares to other convictions you've covered keep it is so many. Give us a sense there's been some speculation chatter on Twitter that this wasn't as the fiesta is perhaps it should hit men today. Well I I think that's true I happen to convince the roll call. Is long so it tends to drain the energy out of the room it must conventions but that's how we sit at a political convention. These are political professionals political enthusiasts are. Romp in the room business of conversation. Energy as the as the delegates at the that professional politicians make. Ready to go out and about it was it was the decibel level was quite the energy level was quite low. I don't know what to make up you could have a normal conversation you could. Speak quite normal. Which it many conventions you can't in some ways I think Donald Trump star power is so. Big itself defines his candidacy that when it is not in the room. The energy goes down and went his family's knob. The energy goes down at the end of the date this election is going to be up about Donald from. Can he do it can the American people see him in that office with no corners as they say. And and that's really. The question of the election so when he's not the room the energy. It goes. That's rather. When his side at great honor of the tax department coast to give is that over the top we heard. New York you're playing in the background and that is that it's how you're just gonna begin late this time it has been read 1980 war. No president since Nixon. As actually want the White House when he got home state. Are you really BO all right you look at it at the delegates they believe it Dole's words. That New York X it can play well what it's personal because they had applied realistically it's doing that. The picture that the editors Karl I didn't think that accurately you can play. I doubt but to but I think I think. Crackers there's. There's a selling job that goes on but you wanna get your people enthusiastic you want to get your people at the polls there's an. Slight chance that New York in place but of New York isn't like that it's going to be 4849. State it's one thing. However don't walk around a different state Michigan man and Wisconsin and other other states are battleground states. They say that like Reagan. Donald Trump does appeal. To the white working class those Reagan Democrats. In a way that no Republican has since. And so for example. Europe and in city and Michigan she said. That she had been in politics a long time she thinks tropical when Michigan she thinks trump will win Pennsylvania us states Rust Belt states is their call. Because of this New York. That stretch but it was lovely moment in a way of course on to be able to witness and Whitman never run for political office before. Into nomination for a. I don't that anger with rebels next native Florida voting rights right now today. Now with the British sued the British and a lick the bridges and outside. I don't know that it is that the French doesn't rush. I don't like a good delegate argue density and memorial. Nature of Arizona. That's. Patriot and I support sheriff Joseph Arpaio is that a man he's the warrior. Thank you very much should Americans need it well. At ninth. Conventions you gotta look into whales the I interrupted you. Which is the key note that laughed we will read what makes a world. Britons were re election. As an. Actually staring at you just spoke to the delegate from Arizona on the other side and it's our race ratings. Showed it shouldn't Aaron so this could be it like that are thought that adds that she's not the first time but it up in about eight. Forget. Cycles so the other side of the court of course plea here at by the Atlanta that night but of course something that. Clinton Democrats are. Well they're guns are going on tonight in and it's. And tonight. We thought we hostage Terry go ahead we have here at times though they're solid that left them. That they're gonna make a push for Arizona and places where there's a high Hispanic but they're gonna try and get that targeted Texans which I'm much. Farther reach for Democrats. But that's Republicans feel that it this solid Republican state and that there will be a lot of Hispanics. Who vote for Donald Trump and not to the polls are reflecting that it is time. But there convinced that he can appeal to small business owners to people want to get ahead economically that the core Republican message will appeal. As well as the wall that he wants to policy. It Terry what do you expect that we'll hear tonight from two of the party. Establishment Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell called giving speeches tonight it there's obviously bits of friction in the lead up to this moment. A lot of people watching what they will say and how many times they'll say the trump name I think right. That that's been coming out Tony Blair when he left office in Britain he said I was the future ones and Nick Cannon. Have the same feeling in this convention about Paul Ryan he was the future ones. Because. This is not the Republican party of four years ago and he might have alienated. This new this next Republican Party by being so anti trumpets he has been he's got to walk a fine line up there by. Definitely. Advocating his position she's a policy guy he wants to sell the Republican notion of free enterprise all the rest of it. Got to win some of this trump crowd over they don't trust him and of the incidents in which does. Terry you were just talking to delegate from Texas who of course is very broad front actually walked around the work. Are you fight that outlawed the delegates are sealed it until it needs a little Parra broke an arm. Is there some Vickie signaling. I I look I think that delegates that were not Sony. Your delegates that were never trump they are depressed the delegates that we're just not something okay they've taken it on the chin. That's politics and I do feel like this vast majority of delegates here are gonna go back. And worked for drunk and ended work war. Pump selection the questionnaires. What percentage. Ordinary rank and file Republicans who feel the same dedication of these these people loved politics and love the Republican Party. Gotta get all the Republicans. Vote everyone's. United in every election to get behind him and that's that the child and to do that. And at the build an organization he had not done that all the controversy today over Milan a Trump's speech last night and how it echoed or. Copied Michelle Obama speak at this that problem. This guy who has not Hilton organization he kind of wings didn't trust his gut. He makes the decision himself. She needed the protection they professional political staff before she walked out on that stage and she didn't have it and there's one person to blame for that.

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{"duration":"12:40","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran describes the atmosphere from the floor of the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40718373","title":"A Look from the RNC Floor ","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-floor-40718373"}