RNC reverses decision, will now fund Roy Moore

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Republican National Committee's decision to provide funds for Moore's campaign
4:28 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for RNC reverses decision, will now fund Roy Moore
But you know who's not leaving. Senate candidate Roy Moore. He is staying put as new evidence seems to emerge against him. The reality star in the white house is giving him support, and the RNC has said, hey, we're staying with him and of course there's always senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell who seems to have changed his tune a bit. Take a look. Roy Moore should step aside. The women who have come forward are entirely credible. He's obviously not fit to be in the United States senate. Do you believe that judge Moore should be in the senate? I'm going to let the people of Alabama make the call. The election has been going on a long time. There's been a lot of discussion about it. They're going to make their decision a week from Tuesday. Did you see, he said I'm going to let the -- people of Alabama. It's like they throw up in their mouth just a little bit and then they put it out there. I think the Mitch Mcconnell that's the real Mitch Mcconnell was the person that made the first statement, that stood by morality and conviction and the Mitch Mcconnell that we're seeing here is just, you know, playing -- How do you know which is the real one? You don't know that. The first time he didn't throw up in his mouth and the second time he did. When you take the high road and do the right thing and you don't endorse an accused pedophile, you don't have to throw up in your mouth. I think that was the real person. I do. Are they betting on awful lot on this one senate seat? I mean, is this really worth it? I mean, it's kind of funny because, you know, it just like -- how do you shift? Now I know that he -- that the guy in the white house has promised everybody something. He's promised everybody, you know. And so that's why I think he's able to make the shift so quickly. But Meghan, you predicted that you said even with all of this the polls are showing that he's probably going to be voted in. They're neck and neck. I think if we learned anything from trump, just the fact that they're turning, I think there's something internally showing that he has a high likelihood of winning. Anything is possible, especially in trump's America. There's a weird sort of like inside the palace walls intrigue that's a little wonky. Mitt Romney tweeted, Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate would be a stain on the GOP and the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heros. Mitt Romney tweeted that, well done obviously. Mitt Romney's niece is the current chairwoman of the RNC. His niece could play a big role in this happening and I do wonder because it goes many ways, is he having a conversation with his niece who's a big player in the RNC right now about the optics of this long term? This is a lose, lose, lose situation for Republicans. I've said it before, I'll say it again. If he gets elected he loses. In he loses, obviously it's losing a seat. But we did this to ourselves. If you let Steve Bannon pick our candidates we're going to be blood let out of the party. Why doesn't Mitch Mcconnell fight with Bannon then? They're scared of him. He has a lot of power. They need that seat. What I don't understand, they do have a viable choice, voters in Alabama. If you look at Doug Jones, yes, he's a Democrat but he was a federal prosecutor in that state for 20 years. He prosecuted crimes against women, crimes against children. He prosecuted the U.S. Bomber, a terrorist. So when you're looking at -- And the Klan. And the Klan. When you're looking at the choice -- If he gets in, you have someone that has a major stain. So what -- do people just forget it and then -- No. Try to operate with him. The attack ads write themselves, Sara. Going into mid-terms in 2020, this will be on us like a stain. It's our own fault. For the women especially in the Republican party, I was watching CNN earlier and the stain is -- it's particularly hard on conservative women because we're pushed into this, that I somehow would be okay with a pedophile, that I would somehow be okay with not believing women who are victims of sexual assault and this will live with us forever and I'm glad that there are people like Mitt Romney around to speak for them. Bring back Mitt Romney. Also, you know, this will live with the women of Alabama and hopefully you'll have the ability to explain to your daughters how this happened.

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{"id":51592899,"title":"RNC reverses decision, will now fund Roy Moore","duration":"4:28","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Republican National Committee's decision to provide funds for Moore's campaign","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-reverses-decision-now-fund-roy-moore-51592899","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}