Roger Williams: We Need to Be Able to Negotiate

Republican representative from Texas discusses the government shutdown.
3:00 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Roger Williams: We Need to Be Able to Negotiate
This is a special group. I'm Dan have a New York -- -- ABC news digital special report nearly two full days into this first government -- in seventeen years and there is no end in sight. We're joined this afternoon by a congressman from texas' 25 district Roger Williams congressman thank you for stopping by joining us today we appreciated -- Glad to be here we are now of course into the second day of -- shut down what is your caucuses and game what is the compromise. That you can accept. Well I think that what we need to do is we need to we we need to be -- negotiate I mean we have try to negotiate with. With. Harry Reid he's not negotiating hand. What we're stuck a mean. You can't you can't. Move anything forward -- you have dialogue and right now he's not going to have dialogue and that's why we're beginning to pass some bills now that. We'll begin to move our country forward in and we need to do that but we need to sit and we need to have what we need to have negotiation. And and put an end of this I'll tell ya I hate this I think most people -- on a business person you can't have a business that shuts down it takes care of it -- Take care of its customers adjust and work. Congressman let me ask you this and that does -- stated goal to quote to -- to repeal and dismantle. -- -- Make compromise. More difficult politically. Well I think that you know I personally think Obama cares for the worst legislation we've seen in our lifetime I'm an employer and I -- I can tell you that. We've offered several solutions. To the senate they failed to take it -- one of the last solutions we offered was that individual mandate just. Just a -- -- just much like the president has done. Over 12100 times and in waivers and everything -- he's admitted is not ready for prime time that's all we're asking and those kind of things we get the door shut her face -- no wonder that the people of this country are disturbed we need to get -- done in the house is rated act. Well let me ask you about that -- as far as public sentiment goes -- the reaction eyes to the shutdown now you were elected last year President Obama elected to a second term. All this after Obama care passed in 2010. And it would beg the question didn't American -- that the American people have their chance to take down the Affordable Care Act last November. Well -- I think you can look at that way the truth -- matters you look at polling numbers most people are really concerned about it it's not ready to -- yeah. To be ramp to after so many issues within right now and we're merely asking. Just to delay a year much like he's done for. Four allow a lot of people that had been close to him in the White House and we just wanna be able to have main street America. Be able to us sit out a year and and C had goes in and if it needs to be improved improvement it's got lot of problems right now. What is the biggest issue for the Affordable Care Act in your mind. Well I think kid that the biggest issue is not knowing what -- what it's going to be I mean it's another one of these things it will know what it's like yeah. After after it starts don't read it let's find out what it's like when it when it begins operation I can tell -- -- an employer the biggest problems -- -- injured have gone sky high. And and and and for no reason I mean it's it's not because we've had. We've had bad debt history it in small business whether employees -- the -- was -- sky high people are afraid to hire anybody don't know where we stand. And we see businesses -- -- Over fifty people are trying to get down to 49 -- they can get a waiver that's not an economy. And it's just it's just a real problem and I think people across the nation are telling us that. And we need we we need to put on hold and that's what we're trying to say to use -- the public information is lacking and that is the major hurdle and -- with you supporting the president's Affordable Care Act. No I don't support the I don't support the act I think the private sector. Should be the one in in charge of health care not the federal government not the federal government controlling 16 the economy. We need that we've offered a plan -- me -- I feel like the private sector should be in control. We need to shop across state lines we need to make it portable and -- -- tax deductible for individuals and let competition work. When you have competition it brings prices down and bring services. And that's where health care should be employers and the government should not -- people's health care we should don't individually we should decide what we want. -- -- let me ask you this and if Democrats and the president accepted your -- proposal to delay. Obamacare a year. In exchange for funding the government and a permanent elimination of the debt limit is that something that is acceptable to you. Well and for me I -- right now there's a lot of -- there's a lot of talk and we're gonna have to do but we cannot continue to residency and we get we're heading -- seventeen trillion dollar deficit. When does this stop. And so that the debt ceiling we've got to begin to look at -- we've got to cut we've got a lot of areas to cut. It in in federal government a lot of waste in that we need to take a look at that before we put our country further and further in debt put -- on the backs of our kids and grandkids it's an unsustainable course. And we're taking it where we're almost -- and non net worth in America we need to cut expenses like every. Family does like every small businesses across America and begin to get our business in order. I wanted to stress -- it happened to you personally I understand your office was the target of vandals. In -- you that tweeted out a photo. Today what -- what exactly happens. Well we have an office in one of our smaller communities in Texas -- and Texas in Went in there in basic. -- vandalized and and wrote. Some things on the doors and the windows and so forth and -- -- but it's not about that it's not a bad -- You know of the -- being a racist or an American I mean that's what's happened -- so we've gotten down to it's about getting. Getting our economy moving again creating jobs -- -- out of -- shut down and it's -- -- Harry -- in the senate negotiating with us so we can get this done and move them. -- forward we've seen some reports that speaker Boehner want -- to and -- to pass a clean CR. And then essentially use the debt limit debate to really take on obamacare is that accurate. Well we've we've we've had a lot of discussion about a lot of options we've offered some really good options to the senate I think you've seen that. The debt limit to course is going to be coming on us here fairly quickly. So -- so there again there's options out there but if you don't negotiate if you don't come to the table if you don't talk about it. Nothing happens I think the American people -- begin to see that there Harry Reid shut down is not working. Let me ask you this because we've been seen over the past 24 hours both sides being characterized as really digging in their heels. In this debate is your caucus prepared to see this shut down carry on. Even as we are approaching that October 17 deadline what kind of discussions have been made -- far is just how long this can be sustained. Well I don't think -- -- -- nobody wants to sustain enemy when you have a businesses closed. And you have people that are needing that constituents and our case it needs service you can't sustain that. The whole thing is we are ready to end the -- we are ready to talk and negotiate with the senate and they have failed to do it. And it's and it's and that's you can't put it more simpler terms. The House of Representatives and acted we need now the senate to act. And let's talk and let's see what common ground we can get and -- shut down and get America moving again what is your response until that -- that invitation by the White House who in my congressional leaders there this afternoon. Well I think it's a great move on I know that I know that -- speaker Boehner going over there and that's that we need to do now. I I don't I don't know what they're gonna talk about don't know how long is going to be. But we need to begin to talk and I'm glad present Obama is now -- reaching out. And -- deciding that I guess he's gonna have dialogue and had to fix this problem. Is pretty simple let's let the senate talked us give Harry Reid where -- a sedan and and and and negotiate and we can we can -- Congressman Roger -- -- Texas thank you so much for your time this afternoon we appreciate it. I'm Dan that's our New York with this ABC news digital special report -- the government shut out all right up on For now this is the digital special report.

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{"id":20449925,"title":"Roger Williams: We Need to Be Able to Negotiate","duration":"3:00","description":"Republican representative from Texas discusses the government shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/roger-williams-negotiate-20449925","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}