Roy Moore asserts he knows none of women making allegations

Republican Moore told an interviewer, 'I did not date underage women. I did not molest anyone.'
3:18 | 12/10/17

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Transcript for Roy Moore asserts he knows none of women making allegations
Lenovo stood for moral values and so they're attacking me in that area understand that but it's also part of the scheme of political. Parties today and political candidates of both parties or privately. To degrade your opponent to take him down so that you appear to go. And that's just as simple political tactic. Ritual desolation has been around for long. And that's what this is that they. They've done this it's inconceivable. To think that somebody would wait forty years because they were. Embarrassed or ashamed of something. And the and less than thirty days before the general election come out and make allegations and then appear on the political advertisement. We think we did forty years not to be in Paris. They put their pictures. The law posing. Paul it. His put his these pictures on. Political advertisements. And this is simply. Inconceivable. People don't do that it's done for political purposes and when this race is over on 12 December will be over. Of course I you know we've all been attacked by either the right left. For anything and negatively said about you or possibly set about it you are a polarizing figure. That's a given everything he believe in god you from you they acknowledge god down automatically. Points to. The difference with some endorses laughter and it paint you as a polarizing figure because you believe in what this country is founded upon. There is no doubt that our founding fathers did. Throughout our history we have acknowledges. You've got. We've recognized cardinal law one nation under god in the pledge in god we trust on our money in on our national ma ma. But today. That is college you'd be right that some people don't want either restrictions on the line entered the new Indy car for sure and I understand that it is wrong. In this country because our founding documents say. Leak courtroom and Beverly a young Nelson have come forward with serious allegations. You have said that you. Did not know that we're had no encounter with them that's my understanding I did not know them no one can with a mind every analyst that 81. And for they have decided that I don't know why they're saying it. But it's not true. We also have women who were mentioned in the Washington Post article daily. Wesson Gibson and Gloria. Stature. I just did not know any of the women who charged me with sexual allegations okay homeless station. In that did not know we knew the women when I saw these pictures on the I advertisements of opponent. I did not recognize any of those Peter I did not know. I have written course. Graduation cards I have known families I don't lot of people thrown alive. Put these allegations are completely false I did not date underage women I did not. Molest anyone back and so these allegations are passed.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Republican Moore told an interviewer, 'I did not date underage women. I did not molest anyone.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51704834","title":"Roy Moore asserts he knows none of women making allegations","url":"/Politics/video/roy-moore-asserts-women-making-allegations-51704834"}