Sarah Sanders leaving post as White House press secretary

Sanders took on the role in July 2017 after her predecessor, Sean Spicer, resigned.
6:12 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Sarah Sanders leaving post as White House press secretary
This is an ABC news special. Now report. To you did you. Good afternoon were coming up here with breaking news at this hour just moments ago president from tweeted the white house Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will be stepping down at the end of the month. To return home to Arkansas the president calling her quote a very special person praising her for doing an incredible job. Senior level administration sources telling ABC news that Sanders gathered members of staff late this afternoon to inform them off for departure. It's been 94 days and Sanders last held a formal white house press briefing Monday march 11 president trump has not named a successor. We do and greener chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl because John cirrus Sanders has been with this president for a very long time given the track record. Of many of his other top level staffers and in fact she was the second Press Secretary for this president. She took over when Sean Spicer of abruptly resigned last July I mean July of 2017. She is there would the president from the start she was there are during the campaign and although she had effectively stopped doing briefings you mentioned more than three months. Since the last White House briefing she had become an incredibly important and close advisor to the president David. She is one of I believe only three White House staffers who accompanied him on each and every one of his trips abroad. And in many of those recent trip she was part of the president's. Tight delegation in meetings with foreign leaders. Even during those two summit meetings with Kim Jong-un Sarah Sanders the Press Secretary. We're sitting there at the table with the president that is something I have are covered by a dozen different press secretaries. Four different presidents I've never seen a Press Secretary play a role that prominent that close to the president. So all of the public has seen much less of her. In in recent months really over the past year she is banned of one of the president's absolute closest and most important advisors. As Jon Karl points out there in many ways cirrus Sanders has taken on a much larger role than the typical role of the Press Secretary at the White House just traveling with the president on his overseas trip. In fact part of that royal welcome by the queen in the UK I'm joined now by Cecilia Vega who also. Covers the White House for us and Cecilia united talked about the role to Sarah Sanders has had from the very start. Which has been sort of atypical from what we've seen in the White House. And previous administration she's been right at the president's side she's been in the situation room and she's been with him on foreign trips. Yes I I think back to these images we've seen that come out of the White House David it's your standard right there in the situation with the president making. A helping him make decisions and informed decisions right alongside Hampshire. Let's also remember back to those days when there are senators did in fact Easter break the craft. Those were very contentious. Reaping op then and she'd spark regularly with the number recorders in that room rich and she's beating I think many would stay with her. Her credibility in question right outdated because the mullah report which just came out at the end of April revealed that there are bettors had acknowledged that. That her repeated claim a 2017 that she had personally communicated with countless. FBI. Agent who told her they were unhappy with the president a candidate saying that that would republic but the Kong and she admitted it was. Not true that she had been speaking all heard app that podium in and you know that that is the condition where she is speaking on behalf of the White House. To the American people talking she is issued there Eric. Questions about her credibility right now we don't feel the recent why should get no idea that was. It is doubtful connected to the mullah record at all but but but she is certainly out and she. The rink the campaign. And it's worth saying that they're very key people left in the president's inner circle who were there for that law. As you rightly point out to Celia Robert Mueller didn't take aim at Sarah Sanders in his. A very lengthy report after two years of investigating a fact his report said that Sanders told this office that her. Reference to hearing from those countless members of the FBI was a quote. A slip of the tongue when she talked about they're being a lack of confidence at the FBI for James combing. I do want to get back to Jonathan Karl who's at the White House in addition to silly Vegas is with us on the air and John course this comes one day after our. Exclusive access to president trump not only at the White House there but traveling with him on the campaign trail. Actually this was an interview that sir senators was very much involved in setting up two days are worth of access with George Stephanopoulos there's. No suggestion that there's a connection here but that was a hugely news making interview and also in some circles a very controversial. Interview. I should also say David did I've had many conversations. With Sarah Sanders really over the past year. Where she is talked about the pressures of this job the pressures on her family she has three young children all under the age of ten. And in she had considered at various times. Leaving over the past year so. Although this does come is that there was no warning from this a specific movie comes. A little bit out of the blue eyes he said comes right after the big ABC news interview. But it is something that era in a larger sense is not all that surprising this is a job that it taking a very big hole on on Sanders and or her family. And Jon Karl no surprise to you in this divided country people feel very strongly on both sides about Sarah Sanders a very long serving Press Secretary for president trump. Many of her supporters saying that she stood up for the president talked about his of record as he now campaigns for a second term her detractors will say. There are questions about whether or not she was truthful. Along the way given the mullah report which called into question her words in particular about the FBI the culture there and what FBI agents thought of James combing will have much more. I'm the surprise departure of Sarah Sanders at the White House a long serving Press Secretary and as we pointed out right here she took on many other roles along with that role as Press Secretary. More for live coverage and ABC news live our digital channel and of course. World news tonight policy was short time. It's. This has been a special report from the keys.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"Sanders took on the role in July 2017 after her predecessor, Sean Spicer, resigned.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63697102","title":"Sarah Sanders leaving post as White House press secretary","url":"/Politics/video/sarah-sanders-leaving-post-white-house-press-secretary-63697102"}