Behind The Scenes of the ABC Democratic Debate

See the debate hall, meet the college students playing the candidate stand ins, and get a glimpse of what debate rehearsals look like.
15:42 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Behind The Scenes of the ABC Democratic Debate
Hey everyone I'm Charlie James are watching ABC news digital I'm here and Brad Melky who covers New Hampshire or ABC. It is just a day away from big democratic debate on ABC. And we are here at the debate hall already where it set up has been going on for over a week now. And there's dozens of people here helping rehearse and make sure that this debate goes off. Without a hit yeah if you are political nerd you guys this is your chance to go behind the scenes and actually see how this debate all comes together and a half Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. Here in just about 24 hours but there's a lot of people hard at work including some of their circuits were already here checking the place out making sure everything looks good for the candidate. And of course a ton of TV people making sure this is gonna look fantastic. So we're gonna talk to those that designers lighting designers the directors the people who are behind the scenes that make this happen and it turned the camera around ninety do you just a 360 degree look at the debate hall and then we're going to talk to some of the students stand and I'm here at the college where that debate is being held and some lucky students are getting firsthand. Experience on how the debate we're. Yet we may not have Hillary Clinton for you but we got the next best thing we had person who's playing Hillary Clinton and never. Surrealistic and Alex turned author Alan. So this is normally a gymnasium a college gymnasium and it has been completely transform. Into this debate all. Everything made from scratch all of this lightning. Ending. And and the fact completely built I'm isn't going to hold about a thousand people. Once all the chairs are sent out. And rehearsal is actually just started to run for the actual AB CDs rehearsed. That's right right over here that lets see if we can talk to some of these students through student volunteers ratchet up played David Muir and Martha Raddatz here they are ready to greet the camera just under some music playing earlier and houses they got ready to start that the show that we will see tomorrow night some degree we should go on stage and that's again let me ask was he thinking. I talk to them where they start that we are walking up onto the stage they're still plastic government. And be carpet isn't super fresh fruits and author of hope. So high and put your name your playing mark Chinese Christine Adams forever and and minds Bradley dreamland I have landed here to Christina Bradley how did you guys get involved in this how did you become David Muir Martha Raddatz we are student ambassadors. New Hampshire institute of politics so one of the things we do is really facility. The did national. Political primaries and whatnot so I'm New Hampshire really the first miss. Presidential primary cell as ambassadors. Here we're really masters to the American public and helping facilitate a debate. MacKenzie professors pull you aside they say we want to do this thing what do they say about it what went for your head and said he wants to sit at the desk and ask the question. That's the reason why Kansas school and I it was a good assistants in my dreams adversary start against us like we're test debate and I got the opportunity to work of that's a desolate. There's incredible. Not yet been practicing a moderate prices the energy practice and westerners on and it sounds appealing you guys who's fit without an agent legit points and on and I'm. Every accident didn't practice much golf assertive. On the fly I mean people think either here at scene and some college and I think it has oppressed ages we're comfortable on stage. Brad sent this and waiting wherever in my case the forty years so it's. It's really a dream comes in honored. Since I wanna know you guys are asking questions as a description and if anything did you study up to say what am I gonna say to Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton a Little League isn't happening. I mean. As engaged citizens. Earlier aware of issues and elitist mean it was completely will be top on how yeah. So here's the view. Right now actually. But these guys are looking out at right now to looking straight at several cameras that he focused on them that we'll take you up there on that platform later where you can see this sort of free debate show rehearsal happening right now. And here's David Martha ready for their moments this. So now organ actually had backstage to the wings when Aaron the stand ins for the Canada aren't waiting so we are promising injuring now these the apparently candidates and over 24 hours will be ending. Look at the podium I'll back this is the view that Bernie Sanders we'll have in the hall do you see they can't act. They get a lot of. Cold and I dare you guys that is a fan it will blow cool air on them under these hot lights and so that's the treatment you get of course all the campaigns have to greet the same rules so each of these podiums has the identical couple Watergate chemicals banned right and hiding. Yet the fan my its speaker out there aren't exactly exactly yet. But I got everyone is exactly the same podium exactly the same heights. And so this is being looked. That they look at the debate on that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be getting them right Penner stands. And then to her left will. Martin O'Malley. And this is the actual view that. These candidates will have from the stage. So now let's head to the wings so they're gonna come the candidates. And blocked him from going there and we have telling us the presidential candidates. That are out. I'm I. It's both. This I see that you are Martin O'Malley and hard number on it yet initiatives this is Hillary Clinton that we have here and and Bernie Sanders a lawyer what are your real. My names us at Brandeis and from Oxford Massachusetts. I'm Ian stanger kind of atmosphere. Robyn Adams and so what what happens people fully assigned to say you wanna be presidents anyone. We were asked by the director and I have to send an. You know our hair color and which is kind of like got that Wear the same idea because it candidates and so were the best enthusiasts Sen. It's hot it's still exercise a camera shot there really. Resembled Martin O'Malley or Hillary or burning audience everything casting element to answer how much street guys getting into character he. You have the right look. But how much are you studying up on and on how the candidates actually speak as well I think most of us are pretty lovers and in political backgrounds adding a lot of us. And at a Gilford the candidates and sons and things it's a novel water usage and implement. Rushing at one of them solos and that their little. Yes Peter. OK so we get some of those in the next. And ask us questions now. The to but he has been outside the moderate president racked up and ask this. Questions about you know about us personally and it to them what the candidates believe it's a way to test booklet. Mom what cancer gonna say else comments on some are not that real answers for the questions. Sentiment but in this case you as those friends that I moderated stipulates a ten actually mind. And actually getting some green pain experience. And I. Definitely terrorism in the this is this is something I'll never forget that's great guys wanting to work in politics. Well I meaningless changing so likening us and it and I mean that that's one of the best president had an incident politics and isn't you don't have to give politics agent involved down there so I think has rejected an amicable talks or even in the media aspect of it. The media certainly isn't it considered and have you not consider you and yours here and it's all everything going back it's that's. Initial trying to sound like the candidates are you trying to match their hands loosely in style I'd. What England when he decided to try to be more like mark Mallard hilly Clinton what do you do what is a meticulous. You know I just try to carry a quick I've seen in my speech several times the credit almost mimic the way that he and the only delivers speeches and also I did and who had done. I'm not a mitzvah singer but I do I've seen and I've seen him onstage singing up. And different folks did to her folks on and so I don't try to I don't turn in the big bat but I definitely alive redevelopment company that's my favorite hobby. And stuff like that try to talk about it. And in Houston didn't lodging yeah. Oh. It's been I don't sneaks and aren't I don't the time his idea but definitely will be doing some questioning about port tomorrow. I think that the way Hillary holders of this as someone who has held office. Just you know that that confidence. So you know in. Immediately if you guys look at eats the candidates that you're playing is earning middle Bernie Sanders next to stand. I'm not I'm not simply to meet them with the signs payment actually pregnant Cambridge is an thirty. So what what was that about thirty seconds on the clock there okay graces the stage management staff right here there are orchestrating this just as they will tomorrow night for the real thing. The last few seconds we'll give you guys get ready to go on stage and learn how she. This is the same spot where the candidate standing in order tomorrow this is. Rehearsal that he is doing to prepare for re Smart who. Candidates were actually standing where they go out. And in just on the other side of the curtain here you can actually see there's David and Martha addressing the crowd. Getting ready MC some of the cameras that we will help out on stage tomorrow night every. The technical team and all the all the way down in place are getting ready for tomorrow night. It's quite easy to see the production. Behind its politics as well there's definitely a lot that goes in behind the scenes and you don't. I'm just fine tune into the debates. So you can see. The monitors here oh yes and here's what the camera mineral looking at right now she's our photographers. Or hateful just talk. Yeah. And here on the candidates to pick. Okay. And Nash is one of the shots that you'll see tomorrow night of those people might be dressed. Something other than that he since lectures and I see a few more serious but that is Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Martin O'Malley are there. You can follow us as we go backstage here lets just meet sort of the team behind the magic when we talk at a television broadcast that we will be light streaming right here. On tomorrow night. As we showed this is where the candidates who walk through before and they come into the. Yeah yeah yeah. And it fits. They get ready and then he's currently keep on an internment camp the people behind me. And I cameras and light. So maybe we'll actually. Ask what you guys are doing right now can we ask you how how is he going back here in the technical area. Very good over all or worse are the challenges he has got to get ready for tomorrow night live broadcast. Over ten million viewers probably won't know what are you have to get ready. The I think the big picture to marshals who. And you get set as the night gets a set of some sort of holiday lights to give yourself fulfilled all our visibility here. As. Gotta be trusted journalist dissolves in these kind of of them. UCL chaotic he gets out here we got to make sure that we're happy that I feared that he played a little bit all the now. My glory really notice the story called isn't it. I'll. I mean Perdue wants to be very simple it's working great hero wireless communications tool producers. Audio people laws the statement often corrected it won't. Wrong. More or wireless likes it he's going back over here so anything here. Of our anchors going back wirelessly all of this one right right here and here is actually the shock right now we will be seeing. Night as Hillary Clinton right there even with the the title showing up beneath her. So you know pretty much this is where the hole that everything that comes back to. We're sending things apartment house of the audience can hear rumors that he thinks it's brought so obviously the rest of the world here since he was. Around the corner here we have our split domain are split world that's where were the rest of the magic happens and it's right in the he. And. That is where political director some of them. Quarters that you've seen on the air we'll be sitting and watching the debate just like us and so we listen to speak unscripted moments that always seem to happen. And so this is the back of the house but there's actually yeah. Another in the back bedroom there's a whole other team in the whole others that I'm also making the magic hadn't done let's. An accident that thing. Show you some of the things that are going on in the crowd look if you look at weather and look like an odd. Q so when the team members and running around making sure everything's going right fueling get a few shots at this with everyone working on the same things that sent an answer everything. The second rehearsal just today they're going to be many rehearsal and then tomorrow the actual acres and injured. And when we come out problems acts days. He's. He's been calling the platform you goto are beaten up. I seriously this moment elicited dancing during commercial break yeah. In Kansas and it entirely. But people can actually pass fitness. I. Its. Feet on the institution. In stages and it's. Here insist sort of listen in here. As we see this is where some of the first rooms of people will see in this from the seeds you guys. Yeah yeah. It's. That. So that is what the cue from the ground floor is just about 24 hours for the festivities really get under way in New Hampshire the last to date of 2015. It's a big debate for the Democrats of course as sort of the political world turns its eyes the tiny state of New Hampshire. And in just a month and a half we're going to be back again yeah. In place that didn't answer is easy to the king of cable T as well yeah. Collins a lot of action in the college game and great experience these students you. Break it's easy the candidate every day. Absolutely Sola. For all of us at ABC we hope you'll join us tomorrow night right here and ABC's we will be streaming the entire debate has what was behind the scenes access like this. For Charlie James I'm ABC's Brett milking.

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{"duration":"15:42","description":"See the debate hall, meet the college students playing the candidate stand ins, and get a glimpse of what debate rehearsals look like.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35847846","title":"Behind The Scenes of the ABC Democratic Debate","url":"/Politics/video/scenes-abc-democratic-debate-35847846"}