Sen. Blumenthal: 'We are breaking the grip of the NRA'

Nicole Hockley, the mother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal responded to the Connecticut Supreme Court's decision to allow parents to file suit against gun manufacturers.
5:53 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Sen. Blumenthal: 'We are breaking the grip of the NRA'
Do you wanna switch gears with you sir because I'm we asked you join us today you are the senator from Connecticut there's big news in your home state regarding the families of sandy hook. We learned from the Connecticut Supreme Court that they can now sue. The gun maker of the AR fifteen. Your thoughts on that. Let's remember that the reason that. This. Decision is such an extraordinary moment is that they gun manufacturers have enjoyed a complete legal immunity. An absolute shield virtually unique among any businesses. Any time they make a private matter how effective it is and how negligent they may be. Sorry no gain court so this State Supreme Court decision opens it happens sandy hook and brave and courageous. Loved ones 26. Extraordinary individuals who lost their lives as a result upping massacre where that kind of HR fifteen. Once you and all this decision says is that the families can have their game I'm very proud. Of the Connecticut Supreme Court. Most important of the families because of their courage and strength and this decision will potentially. Change the legal landscape something more gun manufacturers. Can be held accountable. This is senator I couldn't agree with you more regarding the strength these families I remember driving up to Newtown Connecticut just a few hours after that shooting. And one of the families that I met that weekend. Nicole hotly she's joining us now on the phone she lost. Her son Dylan. In that shooting to call I really appreciate you taking the time. Opted to join us this afternoon. And to call you know why IE I've I've covered your story for so long I know how hard you. And others have worked with sandy hook promise to educate. Families and schools around the country. On this topic. And I know this battle in particular Nicole this has been a long time coming today for you. David has been a long time coming and today is a good day I'm either ruling is it the right ruling if they're just ruling. And it does provide have to show that although that ruling out hot congressional grilling at round immunity for the manufactured there. It's not a blanket immunity and that what the Connecticut Supreme Court that they still have to be accountable. For the way they market these. These these weapons. It just because they have immunity against being it doesn't need about how the Bayern Munich can do what ever they want from the way they market these firearms are reckless. They are dangerous because they are targeting. Young at risk disturbed man cuts that this seater that's an electric my son. So these practices need to change in our day in court it's going to help make that happen. And Nicole we have senator Blumenthal who's been with us and senator I know that not an a Cole a hotly and and others at sandy hook promise like Mark Barton have worked with you and others within the Connecticut delegation what more can be done. At the moment on the federal level we know that we tracked. Too often we've come on the air and says school shooting this is happening I think a Vegas Florida. From last year where does this battle stand. Up on Capitol Hill the moment. I've introduced a measure that will completely repeal the law it's called plot which is an Akron and in fact war. The blanket immunity for the gun industry the proposal I've made is to repeal that law and I'm gonna continue pursuing this. Decision. We know really creates some. Momentum for. And so action the federal level is now more possible. But other action as well on a comprehensive set of measures that wells key. Steps against gun violence background tasks now before the senate universally applied to all sales. Any red flags that it will enable judges after being cross. To take guns away from dangerous people were about to kill or injure. Themselves or others. A number of these kinds of sensible common sense measures is way air tight hold. Congress will go and we are breaking the grip of the NRA. We are stopping the gun lobby from its holding. The United States congress in its hands. And I think we're gonna see a new day. In the coming elections already gun violence prevention was on the ballot last November and gun violence prevention want. And it all I know this lawsuit was filed many years ago back in 2014. Can you tell us what's next for your family and for these other CD hook families going forward here. Well their families that are involved in a lot we think we're now waiting for discovery dark or rather goods. Are we we had started to operate on the material and all the internal documents that Randi Nicole Brown act out Bart is practiced. I understand about that every seat and we committed toward trial so I don't know when exactly that would happen but I am very much forward to that day. While I I like I said that calling know it just from speaking you've heard for so many years I know this has been all along for battle for you in so many others I thank you for taking time to call him and we wishing the best on this journey and I'm please give my best and mark and Kim and others it's and you promise really do appreciate the call. Well thank you so much thank you and senator Blumenthal appreciate your time and as well on this sir thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Nicole Hockley, the mother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal responded to the Connecticut Supreme Court's decision to allow parents to file suit against gun manufacturers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61692663","title":"Sen. Blumenthal: 'We are breaking the grip of the NRA'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-blumenthal-breaking-grip-nra-61692663"}