Sen. Mark Warner Talks Virginia History at the Vice Presidential Debate

Sen. Warner joins ABC News' MaryAlice Parks in the spin room at the vice presidential debate.
7:17 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Sen. Mark Warner Talks Virginia History at the Vice Presidential Debate
Good evening I'm Mary Alice parks to get and we are here now in this spin room we are in need. Sign in the hall it's really. But to finally be here at Butler University we are just a few hours they lesson that I think you're like us about an hour now wet and I am joined by senator mark where a local. Hear from Virginia savvy self. Jesse Palmer who is plank. Camera when it right now we try often travels with senator Cain described you as what it has yet that. We have seen new met each other 36 years old school need to ministry standpoint we're living in Virginia. Our lives crossed again back in 1989 and is helping elect a plumber he was being. Politics and we are it was her clothes were great friends cut cut each others backs and sometimes in the center. We had two senators from the same standard. Even from the same party that kind of rub elbows. Until we got us back he's only got mine and I couldn't. And so what can you tell us about him that. Well I think people just know he. Plays harmonica. He is relentlessly optimistic. What that sometimes I'm our. I am class tax. Apple sometimes his class almost three quarters full. He has some relief in. He should come up but found over the top partisanship. Windowless room and he's great but when it's. Okay good listener and like you said the harmonic which could accidentally gotten about holiday and likeness on in the keeps coming up. But what else something that's not what I'm Stanley that's me that's cameras and plus. Please he's feeling he's got. Great tips. Two very different. Numbers are some things very. You know it's. Kids. Like my kids are about the same age as an innocent both of them. Governor's mansion a place happening and how awkward sometimes is you know you're a teenager and. I think he had a little better. Preparation since his wife and actually wouldn't come kitchen. People were since her dad got it right so yeah I didn't know the kind of content. So it's unique you know FedEx and pain well you are also from Virginia what what does it mean to us like vested in state that they can. It may have recently you know thing is. This part of Virginia. It's got an extraordinary experiences. And I think part of Virginia yesterday actually First Lady Diana on his and a civil war and keep to weekend. In the outskirts. Prince Edward. And then back in 1951. A great young woman sixteen year old. Barbara Jones against the advice to parents. Passed an ordinance tends to win we got it criminal secondly school. Not a student walkout. Ended up becoming cardinals was part of around us were pretty. Courage. In this area and a couple others which have a shutdown of schools for sixteen years rather than. It didn't and wouldn't talk of the century and I was at Tennessee ten. Virginia kind of made them write an animal after it offered scholarships to us because. Many of my contempt. While some are news partners at your school. It didn't make it right but it took you kind of a little bit of the story of Virginia country. It's two steps short sometimes Wannstedt. And some awful lot of history right here. In this part. A lot of history in Virginia schools and joined by senator mark Bartlett and we're expecting and it. Purdue University makes love what mark history here tonight I think might build our history and help. You can see it into him people who see that genes that optimism that you have a plan. If Hillary Clinton is my. How it happened. Changing nature of our. Let's switch jobs Hazmat incident you know I don't know governor parents and he's got to have a tough job how do you explain. He takes them just the past week Donald Trump I mean it's I was a business for twenty years and tapestry every successful businessperson. There's usually a lot of people around our team that this success people who have done well because it would that the person who couldn't have great stories about. This that would trump the one we don't have successfully means to influence its taxes we do know he sticks his upcoming. On a foundation that basically shut down its plant department. We don't know which country systems you know we didn't like me and texas' so I don't understand. How it's been explain away the GD that was a focus tonight twelve teams and get up there really talk about some of these issues that have to deal with. Had his running mate sliding into the game. People mostly. 8090% and. You know I'm sure. Compensatory time. Clinton as well it's just. You have been around politics involved for awhile but I try to front something going on partisan you know business. Politics. I just scratching. See this. Especially when it's. So you can tell we are already in the spin room we are getting some games and I already had a terrible right now every day if I tell you this morning it isn't that he's an. But I am named seriously and we have this idea what we often see on TV as. I'm sentencing you kind of soft spoken these jokes he's sort of the center they're running it looks like. Daddy plays the harmonica how cute is he keeping up their Indian attacks on his. I'm not finalist. He's he's one tough races. And ten governor's name here come here for senator he knows how to you know. And challenge. This action is even if it doesn't think. He will challenge you know windows it's not personal it's the best evidence that his when he. And you folks and Pressman outfits and what's the story so much. Republicans say bad things about anything they could getting ready to sing better. He said I may disagree with him at home this crop of college students and today's politics and people are sick I think. Kind of person who attacked time and time. Really interesting I really appreciate that many times it's hot back. Were all of that is. And I employees and now. Now we say it bites you and we'll probably try to piggyback an automatic that it came back in a tailspin we had weakened polio programs aren't there anymore. No remorse there after the debate I really really makes me think it's not you.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Sen. Warner joins ABC News' MaryAlice Parks in the spin room at the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42570924","title":"Sen. Mark Warner Talks Virginia History at the Vice Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/sen-mark-warner-talks-virginia-history-vice-presidential-42570924"}