Senate reaches deal to end shutdown

"In a few hours, the government will reopen. We have a lot to do," Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said.
4:19 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for Senate reaches deal to end shutdown
This is an ABC news. George Stephanopoulos. Good they were coming on the air right now because the senate has just taken a vote the will clear the way to reopening the government the third day into government shut down that's a live look at the senate floor. Right now where the vote has just taping taken after a bipartisan compromise. Where the senators have agreed to allow the government to reopen until February 83 more weeks in return. For a commitment to get a fine to get a vote on that bill to protect the dreamer says 800000. Young people who were brought into the country's undocumented. Immigrants that demand by Democrat that there be some kind of a vote. I'm docket tied to the government funding has been what held up the government funding over these last three days but now a bipartisan agreement. Has been reached to secure a vote sometime in February when a go to our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce for more on this and merry what you saw here. Is really the old fashioned senate. Republicans and Democrats in the middle coming together to force the hands of their leaders. If Georgia does appear that compromise is alive and well here in Washington after all there has been a frantic series of negotiations here over the weekend. Often this morning this win really down to the wire here but as you mentioned they were able. To come together all round this deal that in exchange for agreeing to add to fund the government temporarily for these next three weeks. Leader McConnell the Republican leader of the senate and made a commitment that he would. Take up and act on immigration legislation to address these dreamers and it. Until that really pushed it over the line for Democrats is that he agreed that if they can't reach an agreement by February 8. He then it made a commitment that he would immediately. Take up some kind of legislation to address doc and the dreamers but George this all comes down to a commitment. By Mitch McConnell so Democrats here are essentially taking him at his work which could be a bit of a wrecks but Democrats that we have talked to in the last hours as has been coming together. Essentially told us they thought this was going to be as good as it was going to get in fact. One senator using the words of The Rolling Stones to explain you can't always get what you want but if he tries sometimes you just might find George you get what you. One thing they didn't give her vs any command receive the same kind of consideration. In the house. Yet that's still the big question here what comes next in the house now Paul Ryan has said that he would take up a vote vote on this temporary funding deal but will they make the same commitment to act on dreamers. Going forward that remains a big question and of course what will the president do next as well. Not when that are senior White House corresponds to see vigor for more on that. The president taking some heat from senator Schumer as he announced this agreement saying the president was largely absent. From these negotiations Democrats never knew where he stood on the negotiations over the immigration. Bill and this is work Ed in the senate. In these final hours but the White House can claim credit. For not backing down to that democratic demand that any consideration of docket at any passage of daka be tied to government funding. Yet I was certainly are reporting here George that the White House is gonna stand firm on that and not budge they really felt like the Democrats were. Going to cave in come under fire and and really that's what many of the Democrats are facing right now a lot of the initial reaction coming in is that. People are saying Democrats caved in they surrender. You know the president will probably take a victory lap I wouldn't be surprised if we hear from him soon here at the White House but I've got to tell you much of the narrative coming out. All of these negotiations over the last three and four days is exactly. What Chuck Schumer just said right there on the senate floor that the president he called him the great dealmaker greet deal making president but he had actually spoken to him since last Friday and we do know from sources here at the White House that while the president spent many of the last few days of this weekend in the oval office on the phone. He didn't actually call any Democrats so you know this will certainly be the narrative going forward did he sit on the sidelines too much can he really take the credit for. For the results that we are seeing today. We will see. And can they actually get to an agreement on the overall immigration issues between now and February 8 we be right back in the same situation. Three weeks from now. You can get the latest news any time by gallon in the ABC news app also there will be special edition of world news tonight the debut here in Washington tonight. I'll see tomorrow and Jimmy. This has been a special. For meetings.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"\"In a few hours, the government will reopen. We have a lot to do,\" Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52527274","title":"Senate reaches deal to end shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/senate-reaches-deal-end-shutdown-52527274"}