Senator Reid's Road to Recovery

Opens up about workout injury, eye surgery, homeland security and "Deflate-gate."
10:18 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Senator Reid's Road to Recovery
No other lot of rumors as to what happened. It's very simple. My wife and I work and our new home. I was doing exercises and been doing for many years but those large labor unions. Handout. One of them broke and spun me around my Christ you know. He's cabinet. Your mind. Senator Harry Reid there are cutting right to the chase in a roomful of reporters. Still many asking about that work out injury three weeks ago now and about his road to recovery. It's not over yet hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York this story developing now senator Harry Reid offering more details about his accident. His injuries and the surgery that will have on his line next week. Perhaps bones broken. High. Noon on Monday as I understand it and fix that. Volunteer. Bone broken. Going broke in as a it's and pushed him against my what well. Because of the injury that there's blood in the fall backward mine. And they're gonna happen day visit. Reconstruction of that bone there they're going to. Kinda laughed at gunpoint BI. Or. Hand down. We are confident they'll be really quite good after that. And let's bring in ABC's senior Washington correspondent Jeff felony for more on the story hijacked. Good afternoon Michelle. Or reporters wanted to hear about the senator's injuries but Reid also seem determined to get right to the issues he began with strong words. On the funding of Homeland Security let's take a listen. The first thing I want to things. What we approve look around the world. Cyber attacks North Korean. Less of cadets and Belgium. And plants. And we now facing questions here in the United States as weather and fund. Homeland Security. I guess this is so how one. We should put a bill on the president's desk as soon as possible it's clean. We don't need any wires communities. Now. Countries around the world a factor as we speak. There are a number of announcements in Europe yesterday how to increase in funding for their homeland security and we are trying to. Level find it misses us. Outrageous life for her work. And Jeff you were inside that room during the time was re drawn a line in the sand with Republicans. Michelle he absolutely was he was trying to draw attention to this Homeland Security funding bill with step back 12 the whole reason this is still up for discussion. About a month ago before the F holiday a break. The senate and house decided to avoid a government shutdown what they would do is on the entire government until of the September but they wanted to make an exception on immigration. Republicans wanted to make an exception on immigration because they're still so angry about the president's executive order. On immigration that he signed last year so they decided that they would sort of separate Homeland Security. To have another debate about that this year so the Homeland Security funding bill actually runs out of money on February 27 so that's what senator Reid is talking about there. But a little bit of a reality check on this here what I have asked speaker John Boehner I am bass senator Mitch McConnell if they would allow a shut down over. I'm a Homeland Security a funny dispute they said they would absolutely not so there's going to be a fight. A preview of the fight coming up here over the next couple weeks is going to be over immigration over Homeland Security that is certainly the democratic position he sang it's unreasonable but. We're not hearing from and even Republicans who have a say they want to you know. And shut down that part of the cover because of Homeland Security so it's more of a political dispute but it will certainly get worked out. All right let's go back and talk about those injuries and right reads wrong recovery didn't mention how. Or if this injury will affect his ability now and future plans to run for office Michelle it was really incredible just being in their a watching him any. He is the he's a tough guy he's a former prize fighter in his youth he was of very good fighter in the rings of Las Vegas and then Nevada he's in very good shape but he explained that injury. As we saw at the beginning there but it was clear that he is just. A weaker man today he had a advantage over space as we saw. And he just was walking slower he's not able to see in that rite I at all so we asked him of course the big question in Washington. On capitol knows is he planning on running for reelection his term is up in 2016 so he'll have to make that decision now. He said at this point I am planning to run at this stage I'm planning to run we asked at a couple different ways but it wasn't. As definitive as the old Harry Reid would've sounded she just he kept adding that a caveat at this point at this stage but he has a lot of other. A health issues in this family so that is the big. Question here. Obviously Democrats lost their senate majority so now he's the minority leader will he want to run for a sixth term he 75 years old. I'm he says he's planning to at this point but that question is going to be asked over and over this year. All right and he also discussed house speaker John Boehner is inviting the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House. Without consulting with President Obama let's take a listen to that. I have a good relationship with Netanyahu we call me as a matter of fact about life. Hendry tried appreciated. When you he easily into the country music com. The speech joint session of congress and that's what listen to what you have to say. And Jeff were also learning that the president's decision during his visit what did the White House say today. Michelle the White House said the president president Obama's actually not going to meet with but prime minister Benjamin and it it. Netanyahu when he comes to Washington. They said it would be inappropriate for the president to me within because it is so close to those Israeli elections really happening is to couple weeks after his visit to Washington. But talk about awkward Michelle and me. And if he's going to be a delivering a joint address two or an address to a joint session of congress of the house and the senate invited by Republicans. So unusual to be in Washington and to and to not meet with the president so optically it's very interesting. But to the White House advisors assay and a mistress officials say that the president it's. It is not meeting with him solely because it's so close to the Israeli elections not because of their difference over. I'm a rainy and sanctions that is at the heart of the matter here that is why John Boehner the speaker of the house decided to extend this invitation. It's kind of the Republican response to the president's State of the Union Address to fuel the real one. And it's extraordinary for the speaker of the house to invite a foreign leader to give. A major major dress without first consulting with the White House and they did not do that in this case that you have to wonder. If there are some sour grapes at the White House or a bruised feelings over not being involved in this in the first place but as of now the White House says the president will not meet with the prime minister. When he's in town. Yes and that volley going back and forth and back to senator Reid and his injuries facing surgery next week. He talked about how it's affecting him now and his ability to read. So you know who it is. During the break. So what because like I have not been able to read. They have told me that Nacchio. No eyewitness he and you try to overwork. The year food diet that's what about a slapped me. I'm now Torre and we have for example last night I was able to read. But I've been listening to audio books and I have quite enjoyed it to be honest and North Hollywood. Marshall that was a slight. Right that was a slight insight into what what senator Reid how he's been spending his time and he is a voracious reader I can tell you that. He reads the newspapers several newspapers every day. He is always up on what's going on but uninteresting thing they're just looking at senator Reid optically he looks so much different he was not wearing his classes today he'd like I Wear glasses. And he was not wearing them because of of course that bandage over his eyes so he is not able even to sea off. Fully in his other guy and he said he can't strain that I so this is the when you know powerful democratic leader of the senate who essentially has been grounded to hope. A halt here but he was up up at his spirits he said that he and he plans to come back here but that is just. I'm a sense of how he's been spending. This time as well he's also a huge huge huge sports fan perhaps one of the biggest sports fans in the capital like a set a former prize fighter so another reporter also asked him about what his. A feelings are on this huge controversy were all talking about. Over the the end knew what. England patriots and there and there are a deflated football's. And we also have that thought let's take a listen real quick as you and I we'll wrap up. It's for a fine now. I can't believe that National Football League with the billions of dollars and make clean at least. Determine how much air should be put rulers should be left up to and. And that questions being asked by everyone not just senator Harry Reid I mean that is the central question here why is not allowed to happen of course we'll hear from Tom Brady later this afternoon but. That was the question that senator Reid I think was the most eager to answer. He is a huge sports fan of big follower of the Washington Nationals a baseball game is off in the stands a big football fan as well. So he awaited on that and I think really he is asked what a lot of us are asking to himself. That's right and he's certainly keeping up on all of the issues of course Jeff felony thank you very much as a way have a great day. Digging keep up with this story also in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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