Spotlight on Trump’s administration record on immigration

A Wisconsin farmer and a DACA recipient discuss how immigration policy affects their daily lives.
5:52 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Spotlight on Trump’s administration record on immigration
We are going to take care of doctor. We're gonna take care of her dream. We did what you need right now. We're negotiating. Different aspects of immigration and immigration law. We want people to come into our country adapt to come in legally but we are working very hard on that doctor program. I stopped program there are. Our allow and it's fast the doctor recipients now I've written you need every hear had opposed to every two years selling fast. That dot com program had been well curtailed by your ministry yeah. President trump last night talking immigration policy and how his administration would quote take care of the Dhaka program but it's not so simple really. This administration tried and failed to and that Obama arrow program which protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children. From deportation. That's one small part of the president's agenda for curbing immigration both legal and illegal supposed to go look. At the trump administration's efforts so far from two very different perspectives. It was president Trump's signature campaign issue in 2016. And all. Well while that promise for a massive new wall on the southern border to be paid for by Mexico never materialized. Donald Trump's administration has succeeded in changing American immigration. Cracking down at the border and around the country among the most notable the zero tolerance policy in 28 team that separated thousands of undocumented immigrant children from their parents. And inspired protests around the country. We saw images of children locked up in what looked like cages at this facility in McAllen Texas and and we heard the excruciating audio first obtained by pro public of a children's something for their parents. In cities. Thousands of immigrants who have been living in the US unlawfully for decades have been deported in massive sweeps trump building on an Obama era policy. Those raids continuing even during the pandemic and Trump's incendiary rhetoric striking fear in these communities police car. So is this what voters wanted a Gallup poll this summer showed that for the first time more Americans want immigration increased rather than decreased. We talk did to people with very different perspectives on this issue Dan Vander tease runs a small dairy farm in Brussels Wisconsin. I like getting up a working outside. Time is here every ride is greeted my wife and I get up the week we go to work together Chrissie Rivera per lunch isn't dreamer an undocumented immigrant brought to the United States by her parents when she was eight from El Salvador. And now a medical student studying at brown and Harvard university's. I got my entire childhood and on. Is essentially living in shadows under current. Dan vanity says the influx of undocumented immigrants provided cheap labor to big farm operations and it's made it tough for family business is like kids to compete. If we have a lot illegal immigration. We have now. A lot of cheap labor cheaper labor available for a larger Roush. Which are able to expand sore supply is greater. Means our milk prices less. Which means that might Jack goes Don own. Dan says he's not happy with either political party or the divisive this in our country but he credits the trump administration's tough policies with stemming the flow of cheap labor. Don't hourly wage and the workers are getting and I'm d.'s and I'm these farms bad news. Are not my court today and what do you attribute that to you. Probably because they're ready to go across the border solely lasts a few you know less workers you're going to be more did you do once he got. Before Christie Rivera parlor could trump administration's efforts threatened her future as a doctor she had been protected from deportation. By the Obama era program dot com. He says hello again from their life changing light auctioning the state it's on the scenes role has also gotten. On sources asked firm. And I think the reason for it says. As the exited the. In the fall of 2017. Her fears were realized president trump moved to terminate the program but his attempts to. And uncle were overturned by the Supreme Court this summer that get you heard the Supreme Court decision came down. RD field. Elliott on base and it actually did not pretty. When the news went out and I just like honoring what these homes. She hopes immigration policy will one day take the uncertainty out of her life. I think the momentum has learned plus forms not going to blow it it's just about it or sudden. Both Chris CM and Dan empathize with the plight of the immigrants crossing the border one leaves the home. And and placed it on home because they want to permit their didn't foresee what would be sad situation slow the. They're just trying to better themselves like get it understand it and I won't go more wish them all well. But there is a legal way to get easier but Chrissie says a legal path to the US is just not on the table for many families. How would you answer people who are on the other side of this issue that they say you know only is it we have laws and and you and your family. Came bill without the benefit done under those laws. The bottom in his. This notion. Getting another incident five cents and reflect organization is. It's not a lineup really says fair and that it was coming from the bunch is.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"A Wisconsin farmer and a DACA recipient discuss how immigration policy affects their daily lives. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73664388","title":"Spotlight on Trump’s administration record on immigration","url":"/Politics/video/spotlight-trumps-administration-record-immigration-73664388"}