Stories from Honduran citizens amid ongoing migrant crisis

Victoria Moll-Ramírez, an ABC News producer and International Women's Media Foundation fellow, discusses the current situation in Honduras.
3:44 | 06/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stories from Honduran citizens amid ongoing migrant crisis
For different perspective on this big story today we're going to go down. Are to Honduras the point of origin for hundreds of thousands of those migrants that are showing up at the southern border our reporter. I Victoria a mall Ramirez is down in Honduras in the country's capital doing reporting meeting with migrants in fact she just met with some were deported from the United States. Vick it's great to see is so. Our people they are paying attention to all this fight about terror of some what. Might they be saying about potential changes to asylum rules in the United States. I honestly. Scarce or not our conversation here. Because I think people don't realize on the ground dirt people fighting to keep this country together so. It's going compact call regarding. Mexico. Oh era it's the price it. It's not all all white people here because people are worried about their content. And are also worried about why that's not call the a lot of (%expletive) up to this day. Yeah I was asked about the violence because we hear so many stories. From those migrants and those families do. You mean embarking on these very dangerous journeys out to the southern United States border in days claim they want to you know they're Seeking Asylum because they're claiming violence and very dangerous conditions at home what have you seen firsthand there in Honduras is it how bad is it how dangerous is it. So the best I can describe that situation here and it was up up on your. This country feel it's being strangled and that strain it is that you can't see the hand that's why. And that's perceived by people be corruption fighter got it. So you mentioned I did chat with you all some migrants who actually got more. It was a fourteen year old boy. This fourteen year old boy can't cross the border. They spent fifteen month that they were spent some time in detention if it weren't San Antonio. And upset of Pontiac issue and and he still earn good additional heart and I happened. Want to say that the United States the EU or rightfully deported because what you did the people and he said we're not people. We just want opportunity. We're not panic over your to do that day. And and that wall what do you want to be when you grow re angry that. I YE Asher. But you know it's due. The university and that's not happy I I respond to him. So you're telling you no longer want to ask not opportunities. And that now I no longer want to be accurate. And I followed when it. What he went back to the states which should be one astronaut and Annie say yes. People aren't home pulpit Spanish and that also see old bat. Feet I a year because they feel that he's not trying to protect them the right he ready and on the country these gangs would be. Yeah fat so fascinating to hear those stories of of people. Fighting to stay in their country fighting to make their country better there are folks there in Honduras in many parts of Central America doing that that's a fascinating perspective also. Totally. Interest and in that story from the young migrant deported dreams of being an astronaut. In incredible we know there's much more. Are coming from you Victoria you be down in the country are for several more days. I you're also we should say a fellow with the international and women's media foundation sir appreciate all your work the turmoil Ramirez from Honduras thinks they're.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Victoria Moll-Ramírez, an ABC News producer and International Women's Media Foundation fellow, discusses the current situation in Honduras.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63616255","title":"Stories from Honduran citizens amid ongoing migrant crisis","url":"/Politics/video/stories-honduran-citizens-amid-ongoing-migrant-crisis-63616255"}