Strait Talk Detroit: The Countdown to Election Day 2016 & Final Thoughts

WXYZ-TV's Editorial Director Chuck Stokes joins ABC News' Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson.
12:37 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: The Countdown to Election Day 2016 & Final Thoughts
You are known for being fantastic moderate for congress as we tied announcement Austin Starr's whereupon a break yes thank you very much thanks. State the first the last and served notice that when it says that on the cars all leaders are. Did it well. The editorial content appears directed XYZ. You're also the moderate producer spotlight on the news. Program that you and I had the pleasure to handle on the scope of good guys and my favorite would expect about it your morehouse man I am morehouse man proud it's. First course of morehouse man. Are you heard some talk about. Employees of black. Been hurt in this city. You've been in this city for years your father was a congressman representing the greater Cleveland area for many years so my first question to you it has. Has any be changed. Because it seems to me presence. As an hour as a middle aged man also as a student of history the question. Black voices being heard during a process of urban development. If you. Old old question. It's a great question. Yes things have changed we all know things obtained. If you look go back and look at what happened in the civil rights movement of the fifties and the sixties read John Lewis if he were sitting here he'd be the first to tell you. That we've made a lot of progress. But that doesn't mean that we've solved all of the problems and it doesn't mean that we don't have new problems that come up. From time to time we look at what's happening in terms of law enforcement in the tension that we've seen all across this country where this in this city or any other major American city. But how we deal with we have to continue to talk about. I can be and the two reviewing news staffs and ABC. For having this type of conversation. That conversation with everybody was talking over each other but a conversation which you had. Insightful comment. And I say that because. We need to have more of these conversations and it because we have worked these type of conversations open. Honest about problems that we have and the challenges that we face I think that makes us healthier America. Use a law all sorts of things here tonight and all types of topics. We are a city on the move we are city that we feels so we have a Renaissance and we're who we're rebounding. That's not to say that we went straight down he'll there was nothing. Good to see about the city we all know that there were those who state in this city. Through thick and thin and they were great things happening in the great people here but it also means that. We have to continue to work at this issue in this nothing that we can rests on the you know part. Everybody's story it's that Schenectady right now this is it reflects the sort of where today and now I've my parents is the sentiment both my parents. Detroit natives graduated from university straight and was eleven of us that they had eleven children most of us were born in Detroit. We moved out in the midst of the riots. As many people. Did in this here not because of a race thing but much more because Pete my parents were worried about their kids' safety as they wandered the neighbors want law. All of which they wanted to be back in the city but never got back in Detroit this I think there's many people have that historians I think that they. The fascinating about Detroit is when you look at Detroit its past. Detroit its best with mixed race at Detroit as best as a melting pot when America was. How we have that conversation. That we don't run over people there in the city but we actually allow people the opportunity to figure out a way to get back concede that they law. Well I think you do it by having inclusiveness. As much humanly possibly can't. You do it through key organizations in key leaders in the community and that means at all levels that's not just. Jury elected officials have also means grass roots people. You know when you've seen some of a law enforcement tension is gone on some of these other cities. Detroit you know knock on we'll that we haven't had the same thing yes we forget. Some incidents but nothing that has blown up. I attribute that to a Detroit police chief who. Who in our community all the time. Peary open right contributed to people like minister Malik Shabazz. Pastor mole in double ACP there's so many organizations. In Michigan roundtable for diversity and inclusion means the list can go on him on. But we're talking. Sometimes it's small rooms. With someone from the NAACP or Urban League. Sometimes it's a large form. We've had this conversation. Particularly bad because what you see it we remember. What happened in 1967. In this city and we're coming up on the fiftieth anniversary. There was a debate as to whether or not we even talk about it. Try to remember or is that creating an image that we don't want the world to remember I think to the credit of so many people they sit. Now we are going to talk about it because if we forget what hap. Happened here is 67. And it could happen again and we have to have those kind of conversations with the business community is Peter Cummings did that's been a key part of this doctored. Care balking at. University of Detroit Mercy what's happening in this neighborhood and two that's so important. There's so many people. Working this and I think as a result of it you are things. Combat great American city. And I think that there are many things that would be happy here in Detroit that will be examples for others across the country we are one of the most diverse cities. In America. We know that we have a large Muslim and air American population it's on the national news all the time we embraced that diversity it's our challenge. We also think it's our strength. And it's all in the key part of this too is I think the media. This is the town where I think at one time. You know we just sort of Hubbard's stories as though we were key part of it to us. From the outside looking through the window we've got immediately use in this tale males say. S goals this city. Goals our business to not just in terms of reporting stories but also follow a bottom line financially. Who. Our record is in the Southfield suburb its long though it's been there since the early 1950s. A couple years ago our general manager said. We're gonna put a virtual studio. Smack dab in campus marches in downtown Detroit there are sort of ahead of the curve they did it they put it in the building we affectionately called the Q. Doran who knew was there in so many others note we overlooked the city every day we did it because we wanted to say we are a part. Of the solutions in the comeback of the city and what we project on our ear every day is reflective. Not only to this community but also to the world out here the working. Part of this so I ask you real quick. As I said you know I which columnist subsidies which school throughout the eighties. I grew out of loop it is definitely Phoenix I played basketball please medically in the Jonestown now. I didn't realize. The tension between my community and the police department America. Much older that's not the same scenario now for younger people they're seeing their attention much much sooner so my question to you is. What lessons if you will are from Dietrich as you mentioned that we have not had the same sort of licensing and other theater nights and what. Lessons can be learned from that bigotry obviously has gotten right when it comes to race relations when it comes from a justice reform. I think it's organizations like the police athletic league in other organizations. We've got to get to our young people we have to makes you are that there are things positive things. For them. Do so that they aren't just aimlessly walking around rose street. That can lead to trouble we've got to mixtures that they have parks the palladium they have to have recreation areas. All of these things that we had going out with his students sports. This is the wonderful sport style we love our sports even when the teams are doing necessarily way equipment. Root root root robbery with a client worried her old neighbors I was born in 1961. And lines have been. Expecting mark I'll let you. Yeah and I've ever hear. Or removed was born and raised in Cleveland. The browns are Britain's super hornet group alliance submitted everybody's to blame me but it do you watch the cavaliers finally combatants or abusive so that was great. But you know we did a poll that was release last week tells seven. Tree free press with the help of epic MRA and one of the interesting things that it show. Was that. This Uganda's believe that race relates. That improved. Or is on down here is flee it under the Obama administration. You you juxtapose that against electing the first African American president. In the history of this nation Houston high bills to see things think the fight against each other. And so I was asking a poster asked him what do you think is happening hearings that will one of the things we found in our polling was also that. It wasn't necessarily that people felt as though. Concrete race relations things have gone down heal but certainly the rhetoric. Has increased. And that is probably live to allow the opinions and part of it has been some of the tenor and tone of this presidential race that we have seen whether it's issues like the birth there. Issue that we just saw few days ago replace its way out and many of the other things. Particularly. Donald Trump this is on the campaign trail this has heightened things and I think its release the tension I think people were working very hard. Re you race relations I think they always have but I think all of the areas of Philly is though we of from backsliding on this and mills what's going to happen two months from now in this election after such a very historic event but in fairness to the president United States. Look at that history making move that he me he would he was in a very difficult situation he went too far to the left. And he was going to anger everybody in the many people in the middle and everybody on the right he went too far the other direction he would have the same thing there are people who. Did not want to accept that. That African American. Could be in the White House leaving the most powerful nation in the world and so he had to conduct himself. In the way they don't want the president in the history of this United States head to. Conduct themselves because of the sensitivity of that issue that made for a very difficult situation. And I can assure you without him ever seen anything to me that there are probably times in which he won it. To say things in a way. That he couldn't say for fear that he had done things that we action from the right from the left. Would have probably mobilized his presidency. So I think when historians look back. Many of accomplishments that were made on the Obama administration. I think it will be much more positive that some of the things we hear on the campaign trail. Well I won the first at something I think it. Donald Trump should do what he's never done before which is apologized the president United States and then birthers in my mind is over and killing those that I think it's still sits out there and of course this and I think there are awful lot of Americans who rework it to them. I appreciate your time appreciate all the participants time in the course of this conversation we had thank you for same you know I wish. That we can have more conversations like this around the country western leaders. Would you answer some. Of these are New York city's third victory over thank you.

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