5 Things to Know About SC Primary, NV Caucus

ABC News' Matt Dowd explains what you need to know for this weekend.
1:35 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for 5 Things to Know About SC Primary, NV Caucus
Five things you need to know prior to the South Carolina primary and Nevada caucuses. I'm Matthew Dowd chief analyst for ABC news number one the law of averages. When you take a look at all the polls they may seem all over the map if you take a look at them and total. Average them up and we'll tell you what was going to happen number to win place and show a big attention to who wins that's likely Donald Trump. But pay real close attention to finish second period limits tank crews are Marco Rubio. And also take a picture where. Does not finish in the past three he likely doesn't go on the South Carolina and number three. Delegates count when you take a look at what's gonna happen in South Carolina somebody wins it well let's say Donald Trump. He can come away with the ball fifty delegates and we take a look at Nevada. Also watch the delegate counts right now Hillary Clinton is a huge lead among super delegates. But Bernie Sanders could begin to take the lead in the pledged delegate count number four. Evangelicals aren't the same everywhere many people are talking. Because there's a large population evangelical. South Carolina Republican primary would be the same as Iowa evangelicals. In South Carolina are driven to the polls. I social issues like Aaron Iowa caucus head who having much difficulty airline ticket. And number five Bernie means Vegas. Bernie Sanders does not want to leave Las Vegas with fear and loathing he needs a win. In order for him to go on industry to take on the scene clintons together he absolutely key to victory I don't know Democratic Caucus.

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{"id":37065385,"title":" 5 Things to Know About SC Primary, NV Caucus","duration":"1:35","description":"ABC News' Matt Dowd explains what you need to know for this weekend.","url":"/Politics/video/things-sc-primary-nv-caucus-37065385","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}