Tour The Blair House, Where Presidents-Elect Spend the Night Before Inauguration

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps listens to stories about previous presidents who have stayed at the historic residence.
13:08 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Tour The Blair House, Where Presidents-Elect Spend the Night Before Inauguration
Hey everyone I'm Jordan felt sleep ABC news and they countdown to inauguration day as each time. In just a week's time. President elect's Donald Trump will be waking up in the building behind me. To start his day to officially take over the reins at Howard. From President Obama. There's a lot of ceremony involved in this and joining me to talk about that is done it's how he is it curator at the White House historical cities each and and sort of an expert on the Blair house at this point John thanks for joining absolutely think having. So first a little bit about what this building is behind us in and why it matters. Sure well aren't they were looking at the Blair house which is the president's guest house this was built eight. Word by doctor Joseph Momo who was US surgeon general of the army. In an 1837. It was actually purchased by the first we're being remembered seeing this Francis Preston Blair and TDC from Kentucky. I'm to eastern Washington. In in the 1940s. President Franklin Roosevelt purchase warehouse from the players Stanley all of this years later he's as official residents reported its state that this. President. But it's doing its season answers. It is different purpose it serves as the official. Temporary residence for the president like us. OK so I want to get into all that history at the port deal it a little bit about white fronts today is going to be like when he wakes up here love. You know. Prediction fishing team won apple a lot of things prepared for them as tradition holds the president and future president. First and wake up and they will have. Breakfast with friends and and we are really whatever they choose to do for the morning rituals and it may well there's speech practicing there's a lot of sections of Reading printed and we know he's visiting with them and Indy lost assign their official. Guest book that was sort of opened it to work for the administration in terms it's. And that that's a very important aspect tradition and partners. Okay and then where's he gonna go from Blair let's let's start taking a walk as he's gonna leave here in the morning after he signs that guest book and he's NN. He went. So traditionally. Six during a modern president. Starting with the president Jimmy Carter the tradition holds that president will lead warehouse live. Future First Lady and we and you walk across the street to saint John's church which is just credit rescued from the White House in Lafayette square. We'll hold him rightness it's it's. Some presidents and other denomination will choose other churches in DC but most of them have been. Saint John Street and indications are that president elect tropical we'll follow that tradition yet debt that's the plans for their transition team. It will do that it. OK and then we're just ego front seat John. So from saint giants. Traditionally available at the White House or happen ever reception or me talking with the capital. President and First Lady before they head to the capital Anchorage. Okay and it speaking up the White House before we can't say he can't really see it here but if you. Turn and look great here you can see the White House is behind all of these bleachers. I'm and help protect collapse there you can see where that presidents. It's actually looking. By the time he rides there were acts. I watched that not help me and this is where. Theory spawned days actually. I'd point it come to an end. It Matt Wright done. Yes. You're seeing everything in action so I'm everything's getting ready for next weekend's. There'll be obviously he would you know wants. The swearing in takes place. That he's president for sick people watched on Pennsylvania Avenue. Hands interred here viewing stand and watch the parade that'll take place sort of when it the first introductions to the neighbors welcome. OK so actor. He started our conversation it than having come up here some sort of reception at the White House I'm friend Aaron went out. So from there people I'm trapped. Traveled to to the capitol right on target eighteenth to tease out. I'm sure there'll be meaning meaning students smoke on quick receptions before inauguration and the swearing in ceremony takes place. And in their traditionally the president and the president elect's take a right to gather at Pennsylvania app yes there's been many presidents. History that it than that both historically and in modern presidencies so we've seen many photos president Eisenhower president who would trading. In a car with the outgoing president. Okay. Now walking over to eat it exhibit and I understand he put together gest on the Blair house. A little bit about about. But what I am sure so we're very excited about. This particular exhibition at the White House historical association. Because this is the very first exhibit that warehouse has allowed to view to the public so because it's such. It's a private residence in an. Government residence not a lot of people are able to. Inside warehouse. Said this is the first time that we. About not only. I'm Kate Snow. Moviegoing. He street all clear sounds like you're saying that its First Act had. I didn't come to eat that it would. Source of that favorite at very great question. So I think it explain. 1837 biggest player and we moved into the warehouse and any statin. The warehouse up until the 1940s and her. Roosevelt so. There's out but he story behind how presidents used to entertain their foreign heads of states are typically used state in the White House. And in so doing several visits service to church hill visited. President Roosevelt meaning. During those times. He was not sort of appear in the middle of the night several tanks in the morning after Chinese friends that they're trying to disturb the president for no late night chats and. So First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Island society that she had. She talked to the president that we we really heating gas house that's separate from the residence for itself. President resident still close that led him. Talk to an air but I think it's just where and guess where the line tax protests. They did in its right now today Christine Brennan State Department. Protocol. Your answers just that she four heads of state. So basically. Winston Churchill was back house cats that now. Well he. He loved president Roosevelt so he was. When he tapped constant conversation and talk about the issue at hands. They thought that they would anymore comfort level where better reader. In this state crossed street it would have their own right. Quarters and it would look. Story that Allen or Rumsfeld actually intercepted and I'll ask that I had grants can you tell. Our goal from what we know from just you know stories Intel's. There was there was that renting and threatening to state. And that one point in the opening night specifically to which that was injured when of his State's plan that's part of the story goes that she's she stopped. So it's true children entering the bedrooms and the president needs resonated so I think that that's throwing an active in the last call for a time efficiently. Purchase new residents work and state here. Okay innings in the warehouse I'll sit hat. Actual role to play for a few other presidents act even before. It was the gas house keeps us media a couple of highlights and you know in June that. Our Andy Jackson in fact that's. Originally supplied Frances Preston. C because. They had really needed somebody to create a paper that. Jackson's administration so that was when the world communications were formulating it protocols. Reporting news came into the start bags paper. Jackson and he threw that where did the remaining years France's customers' pitches just rhetoric. Period. There's this long relationship between presidents. And the winner Tony. Getting together. Certain it's. Advisors to the president and it was doing Lincoln's. Presidency that is actually went in Montgomery cleared his cap. Justice estrogen may actually happens appointment for a night and day out are on display here. This was president legions official. Appointment of Montgomery cleared his cabinet. On March 8 signature right there earlier this is an actress you're rich fifty. One wearing darker she took place in March exchanged wary. And yes I see some really what I didn't hear you. So indeed it is intact. That Celine. You. Back. Top workshop. Flirt constantly. Patients. We're excited to have. This thing yeah. This is really is she. Just. She went out went inside. So. Her. Hair and had hands. First. Obviously he'd first line. Stars treat each. President's. Work actions. Such acts are first class saying yes yes. You. Yeah he. Partners and others he uses it was. December. We usually warehouse starters it's that you can actually silence. Aaron there certainly breakthrough in this tradition started future let's operating guest. Irish. Purse. Yeah. Think our time. He came in the 1990s. So this shows samples or the state that signed and witnessed. Its. So I am not variation among the first things that's not top. It's a sign it's not raining cats plans and there entirely open network for diplomacy. For their administration. It really yes the guest book for the world's in bites. It's cheeses and in the end no signs wells we have a future First Lady sometimes often been children. Very well I Q so yeah. That day over here anything we just recap at how the president on Wednesday we'll go first. The accidentally or have. And we topped. It eight. We as you're outside you're seeing in front of warehouse that this is again where president like me. What her reasons for. Since the start time being wolf we hold a breakfast for themselves. Practice. You want more normal rules signed their first official mission. Find it very first changes we're. Hand across street seen. Church actually yes. He won an. The outgoing president first. The square and it. And we'll watch tower portions of the hot news. Hey and Blair house. So. It's pretty boring T. Very small part of David's report day's. Really the first thing to late morning start up. Here and changed. One. Thing he sentencing time. And eighty so much for joining our my extreme eastern attack. I'll aren't like scenes Check out all of our coverage on factories today in just 18 friends today you can follow me on Twitter accurate mouse Patrick today.

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