Trump heads to U.S.-Mexico border amid government shutdown

Trump says he "may declare a national emergency" over border security as the government shutdown enters day 19.
4:19 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Trump heads to U.S.-Mexico border amid government shutdown
Hubble is Karen mentioned. Can't tell us today's news are going around the White House and the Capitol Hill presidents can be a part of them but tomorrow. He's heading down to the border is going to McAllen Texas kind of address what he's calling this crisis head on and that's where friend Matt is right now mats in Texas and Matt a summing up council Anderson was you were telling us earlier that you also do radio calls today an ever look at asking you. Is there a could he says and what is the crisis and I'm charismatic that was my first question view you're there on the ground soaked. Is there a crisis what's happening. I'm gonna just follow up on like Karen said so on the one hand. There is no security crisis that the president mentioned there is a humanitarian crisis and the numbers are well down from 2001 during president George W Bush's. Presidency they were one point six million crossings illegally mostly young male Mexicans. From Mexico to the United States most of them were bounced back immediately. This Shearer twenty AT and only 361000. So an enormous decline but. What we're looking at right now when we're this humanitarian crisis does in fact exist easing in that. There are families with children crossing an unprecedented. Numbers we're talking about 22000. Children in the month of December alone. Very McAllen Texas he might hear some. People blasts and their radio. A 122000. Kids in December alone this is unprecedented it is historic and the problem is that the Customs and Border Protection. Immigration and customs enforcement. Don't have the where with all don't have the resource is in order to deal with children and mothers and families in their facilities because they were built. Decades ago for single adult males. This is the humanitarian problem this is why the president. Border Patrol all these other agencies are asking for 800 million dollars in humanitarian aid. This is why they're asking for more money to fund judges and immigration court so. No real security crisis as Karen mentioned but yes it humanitarian crisis lots of families and children crossing literally just. Half a mile from where I am right now every single day. Matthew chance yet to talk to many people in McAllen I'm curious you know. I'm standing in New York City right now which is mild and high heels away from the border so people McAllen that are living on that border what you most of them think about the president visiting. And about you know his adamant stance on getting this border wall completed. You know there's a nuanced approach your by the way the reason we chose this lovely hits CA has been around is because it's the mayor's office or on the go going to talk to him so. AP it looks like not the most handsome facility ignores at the border wall but we're here just because we're about to jump in. I think one of the most interesting things and I sell is actually from. The local newspaper here which published an op Ed. In or an editorial in that editorial they encourage the president to come down here which he is and when he comes here. To talk to people to talk to border officials to talk to people who are involved in the massive amount cross border trade between Mexico and the US to. To talk to people whose. Helms might be affected their properties might be affected by. Increasing mileage of the wall. And I think that they are going to find or they will tell in the very nuance approach yes we want border security everybody does. Is the wall the most effective way of providing that. In some places yes in some places no it is not a panacea it is not the cure all to the immigration woes and most importantly the people here. In this border town need to have access to the Mexican side they need ready access to it they want to make that as easy as possible not only do they work on the other side. Or work here and commute but they live on opposite sides they have families and opposite sides and to make. Any sort of cross border. Exchange more difficult to something they absolutely don't want and that's not just McAllen Texas. It's not just Brown's bail or El Paso it's across the border. From. Basically where we are right now. Two T one which is you know 15100 miles aware 2000 miles away. In the Pacific Ocean. Well that will let you head back now to your meeting right behind you I'm so curious with the mayor's been a simulator and I know we're gonna have more of that interview a later on today here it's in his lie.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Trump says he \"may declare a national emergency\" over border security as the government shutdown enters day 19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60264659","title":"Trump heads to U.S.-Mexico border amid government shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/trump-heads-us-mexico-border-amid-government-shutdown-60264659"}