Former Trump homeland security adviser talks North Korea meeting

Former homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump, Tom Bossert, joins ABC News from Singapore.
6:46 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for Former Trump homeland security adviser talks North Korea meeting
Back to some of the more serious news bring in our ABC news contributor newest contributor Tom postured former member of the trump administration who is joining us from Singapore Tom. Thank you so much for being here I never knew that guy can gender and at such getting. Bush. But that a lot of talk too little bit about this you know I think that. Yeah well I think we're all learning a lot about him. Think it does surprises can speak English but that we once they're there to do it. All right and I know that that you were still there administration ID probably be in that room right now. And I certainly reported some of the conversations in the lead up to to to to this moment. What what the talk to about. He communicated document that both men are expected to sign today. The president has talked about this being being a success already he is very optimistic about coming as some sort of agreement with North Korea. What will you look for in the document that both countryside today to determine if that's the case. Yeah there's a lot of things look for but I think the first is whether the word the nuclear as is in that document I think that'll be it first he. And from there the questions about how they may or may not define that term. And whether they include other regional partner concerns those are my three big questions as I look at that communicated to determine whether we've had a success or failure. I don't think it'll be a massive failure we don't see that word but that will indicate that the president got what he team for. I'd also look for a few other things like whether biological and chemical weapons end up in next mutated in regard that's something that the United States went in hoping to get. And I look lastly. For some indication of this being strategic decision that we're seeking. We're not looking for an overnight success we're looking for a key decision to stop nuclear program and never looked back. And top what this president from bring to the table. Four Kim Jung moon you know we've heard him talk a little bit about economic investment we've heard him talk a little bit about security assurances. But the other thing that I was struck by was his flexibility are apparent flexibility on some sort of a feast. Denuclearization. Process. Give give us your assessment of what the president could be bringing hearing whether we are likely to see a phased vs more immediate. Draw down if they can come to an agreement. Yes I don't think you Tennessee based think that's their own way to look at it in fact if you look at phases. What we don't want it news Clinton benefits to the north Koreans ahead of the benefits to the free world. What we want is denuclearization before they accrue any benefits otherwise you end up with a JC PO and Iran nuclear deal. In its its contours and that's not what the president really the world is seeking. Now he comes with two things a carrot and a stick the president brings the entire world behind him as a coalition brought. Leader came to the table. Putting pressure on him but he also brings the he said this this kind of will reward you and if you make the right decision mentality. But remember he's gonna reward them only after the benefits accrue and so there's an incentive program here you will. Do you think Tom the president. You know that we we focus so much about whether the president can trust North Korea. But we've also heard some of the president's critics talk about. His scrapping of the Iran nuclear deal. What happened at the G-7 the walking out of the communique that the administration of brokered. Do you think there's any risk of the president sort of you know. Being unable to be trusted by the north Koreans as he sort of compromise some of that with with these other moves. Yeah I would really caution against any comparative analysis between the completely different orange. The G-7. Communique and apple of this demilitarized. Some. Or are there really nuclear arms some. This president's leading this one he's going into it with expectations that we'll have to build trust and he understands the contours of the argument. And he understands that there's some degree of legitimacy to the other point of view. He understands north Koreans are worried about their security both condones personal security but also that it that a nation. Going into the G-7 summit. There are some there are some significant in some cases structural differences between our trade philosophies. And that was now going in you know coming out and he disagreed ultimately over. A little bit of a lesser consequential. Right but one of our one of our partners this is a much bigger issue. This president's prepared for. And he has nothing to gain. From any sort of unreasonable walking away but he also has no reason to show weakness at this point. I've heard a number of people say that this president's only here because. Tim Dolan has a nuclear weapon. He's had a nuclear weapon for some time and I know he's made some significant strides in the past year and a half when he's here because he's led him jungle position. Really I think. The weaker of the two parties. By the way the stronger of the two parties the United States of America moving first. To break this sixty year old stalemate is a really really significant and. Yet no question president trump has lodged a pretty significant foreign policy. Win here with just the fact that this has happened and they've shaken hands absolutely no question about that. I don't lighter note one and with you Tom on another figure who perhaps could claim there has tried to claim some credit for bringing these men to get its Dennis Rodman. A man that president from has described as a great rebounder. We know that sir Sanders has reached out to him in recent days. You know it's his people sort of snicker Dennis Rodman here's that Kim Jung then traveled to that country several times you've you've followed that. It but they give us. Your sense of what role he's played in sort of the lead up to this moment maybe not this immediate summit but just over the past few years he's sort of been. An unofficial American emissary if you will. Well yeah like you take the help anywhere Uganda and Dennis Rodman. Has only said it made Michael Jordan look did. And I think in this particular case he was great player on the team and he seems to have brought some good will to start the process of building trust the United States and and after president come to embrace that good on president front and get on this track. All right and we'll see if Dennis Rodman shows up for a photo with those two leaders Tom boss sir our new list of ABC news contributor we thank you so much for your analysis. And for being here Tom think you.

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{"id":55827189,"title":"Former Trump homeland security adviser talks North Korea meeting","duration":"6:46","description":"Former homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump, Tom Bossert, joins ABC News from Singapore. ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-homeland-security-adviser-talks-north-korea-meeting-55827189","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}