Trump speaks for the third year in a row at the NRA Convention

ABC News' Marcus Moore and MaryAlice Parks discuss the highlights of the speech.
9:07 | 05/04/18

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Transcript for Trump speaks for the third year in a row at the NRA Convention
You're watching the live picture there of president Donald Trump addressing the NRA convention in dallas' third visit to the NRA convention I highly. Politicize speech sounded like a campaign speech at times hitting on. Of course the Second Amendment his support for guns touting the new economic numbers out today. Also talking about his priorities on immigration. And of course electing conservatives this fall in the mid term elections he did make some news also on the Russian investigation I want to bring in our deputy political act editor. Mary Alice parks was also watching the speech Mary Alice the president also weighed in on this. Controversy involving his former campaign chairman Paul man a fort. Basically going on the attack against special counsel Robert Mueller for four indicting metaphorical Mann a port a nice guy. Absolutely and team win at the time and time again it back to the far right this was a speech. For his basin there was hardly any say in it for anyone. Outside of the room. And I was struck by his hone his aggressive tolerance threw out aggressive against the Pratt's aggressive against those special counsel. Aggressive towards anyone who might have disagree with anything said in the room. Pardon let's actually go to that room now that's were Marcus Moore. Is covering the speech he's also following the protests outside. Marcus we can see you there I know it's a raucous crowd. Give us a sense that they're reaction up close. To the president's speech. Well I doubt that this was an impact. Passion. Route from the very beginning here is in Dallas and certainly the president knew we was talking to when he was speaking directly to the thousands of people who have gathered here in the arena to hear him speak as one of the number of others with the NRA. Off but it was you know in those moments where during this very highly political speak we talked about. The campaign. Adults and point the grace during his campaign up standing ovation. Loud cheers and applause to those those things such as supporting the the police the up first responders in this country and also. Sewing up the border. A loud and an impassioned response there but we already NRA convention is certainly the president talked about the need for protecting children. At school. Is toting it already opposition that that they believe. That army more people. Particularly well trained. Including teachers in the classroom is the best way to protect. The children the many of the parents were here in this apartment very convincing that the best way to protect their kids. Good to have more on security guards a better trained police officers and also. Teachers in the classroom that DeVon who were watching the speech got a a rousing applause and reaction from people and that's exactly. What many of them came to hear reinforcing this idea. That as the vice president said during his news this morning that the quickest way to stop a bad guy with a gun. Is to have a good guy with a gun and that's the overwhelming sentiment here in the root here. And you also mentioned the protesters. Who are expected outside the arena. It is raining today here in in Dallas here in north Texas. So the thinking at that perhaps that could potentially impact the number of people who plan to show up but certainly there is the anticipation of protesters here. Not only today but also tomorrow as this convention continues to unfold here. In doubts that. OK Marcus standby for 12 want to go back to Mary Alice talk about a little bit of what we didn't hear from the president today Mary Alice you've been following the gun issue closely. I didn't hear the president bring up anything about bump stocks that each limiting Kris. Perhaps universe reversal background checks those are three things that he has recently spoken about at the White House he did bring those up to. No he's let's not all over the place on this issue you know that lake he sat at the White House just a few months ago the president. Chided some of the other politicians t.'s other politicians for being scared of the NRA saying. They thought they were to power Florida had a notion that that that are I was too powerful that that they might need to be stood up to. But not today today this president made it clear that he wanted to be their guy thinks he was met NRA's president T win it all and all over again and I do think it's important to remember that. He NRA is extreme in this space the average American does not share these gun control these these these gun. Sort of sentiment in fact our latest polling has shown a huge swaying. In the other directs and a majority of Americans 62%. Are now in favor of a total assault weapons ban that's a huge double digit uptake even from. The beginning of the year we're looking at a majority of Americans who say that congress and this president have not done enough to fight gun violence in the country. The article back tore Marcus Moore who was in the room for one more question Marcus has been tracking. The crowd there today and there was this controversy. Ahead of the convention and also sort of ironic in light of the president's message today. Odd that attendees could not bring their weapons into the room and Marcus. Where did that shake out and where were people told to put their guns. Oh. They look. Yeah. Certainly that is something that a lot of people talked about him in the lead up to the convention. And the Secret Service for security purposes over as the agency that made their requests. That those weapons he. Left elsewhere are not brought into. The arena. Certainly when you talk to people here they I understand or why that is something the Secret Service wanted to put in place. But. This is still very much. Part of the book the life blood many of the people in this room they believe in the Second Amendment. And down any legislation. That would limit or affect their ability. Two have weapons whether they be handguns or rifles of any sort. It is an affront and that is why they are here. And they DeVon were energized by some of what they heard wrong but the vice president as well as the president himself who think them. All for their membership in the NRA. Right now it looks like we lost Marcus Moore we thank him for his reporting there and he'll. I have more world news tonight want to go back to Mary Alice for one last headline out of that speech and related to guns. We hit on it at the top Mary Alice but that is about the prosecution. Former trump campaign chairman Paul Matta for the president even reading from a news story. Off the top of his speech I think we have that sound let's take a listen again. Its. Popular. Amendment stand please please. Persons sixty yes it's our power the US. But he is registered Virginia we were just. I don't normally is frankly it was cooler. Into the evening I'm. I don't. Or. Mueller of course has been indicted by a grand jury for an alleged tax and at a fort rather. For tax and bank potential bank fraud there but the president calling him a nice guy and also. Praising this judge today who said that apparently the Muller's team may be trying to go after what do you make of that. I don't see a president who is continually rattle to buy this investigation and clearly having a hard time putting. Those issues and those headlines. A side. But also willing to to go political here I think he's testing the waters to see if he can. Rally his base and conservatives to the polls over this issue. If he can convince voters that he is a victim here a victim of a special counsel that's run amok. That's going after friends of his that he thinks are nice guys then perhaps there and they're willing to rally behind him. Over this issue. That would be a new tax for this president and new tax Republicans that so far have thought that politically. It might be best to leave the special counsel aside. That's right I think you're I think you're exactly right a lot of nascent. Campaign themes tested out today they're in Dallas Texas that they generate convention our deputy political. Director Mary Alice parks thank you so much for that. And I thank you for watching our live coverage here and ABC news live with the president in Dallas will have more to You can follow more on this story of course and the ABC news app we hope you downloaded. I'm Devin Dwyer a New York. Thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"ABC News' Marcus Moore and MaryAlice Parks discuss the highlights of the speech. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54944984","title":"Trump speaks for the third year in a row at the NRA Convention","url":"/Politics/video/trump-speaks-year-row-nra-convention-54944984"}