Trump spurs pardon talk in Roger Stone case

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl discusses if Republicans on Capitol Hill should let the president have a pass on his interference with the Department of Justice.
2:11 | 02/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump spurs pardon talk in Roger Stone case
And Jonathan Karl joins us now from the White House John Yoo talked before to the president asking about the possibility of pardons for some of his acquaintances who were impacted by the Muller probe but. At this point even post. Impeachment acquittal. It is still too dangerous politically for him to take those kinds of steps. Bulls some. People close to him thought that he would abuse that pardon power earlier you know you think about people like Paul man afford. Or Michael Flynn he's been very critical of of their sentencing of the way they've been treated. In his view. But he has not pulled the trigger on pardons for his political allies. And it seems to be the one thing it is pull holding him back you listen to his statements it sounds like he's about to go on that your action but the one thing holding him back would be the political impact. So that may be the last thing holding your preventing him from going forward that. Is the fact he's in the middle of a presidential election. So. Lindsay I you know who knows he sounded like a guy that was about a pardon Roger Stone when he talked about him today. Blood politics are our first and foremost here at if he's gonna do that it may just be something he waits until after the election. And of course last week we saw the president remove some of the people who testified against him during the impeachment trial. There's been some fierce push back from Democrats about that our our our Republicans on the hill essentially giving him a pass on the. Well a live there they're certainly not giving him fierce push back but there has been some Republican criticism Lindsey Graham. Who you're cheap Drina top Republican on the Judiciary Committee and obviously. Very strong ally of the president's he said that he thought that the president's tweets. On the on the Roger Stone matter were inappropriate. You know so he's been critical also there have been other Republican senators who urged him not to fire ambassador someone obviously you would had did and anyway. So you do hear some Republicans expressing concerns even working a little bit behind the scenes to try to. Prevent some of these actions but. It's it's pretty muted it's nowhere near the outrage here hearing from Democrats all right thank you as always for our New York insight Jon we appreciated John and Karl. From that he was.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"ABC News’ Jonathan Karl discusses if Republicans on Capitol Hill should let the president have a pass on his interference with the Department of Justice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68948497","title":"Trump spurs pardon talk in Roger Stone case","url":"/Politics/video/trump-spurs-pardon-talk-roger-stone-case-68948497"}