U.S.-Iranian Relations at the United Nations

Secretary of State John Kerry meets Iran's Foreign Minister.
3:00 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for U.S.-Iranian Relations at the United Nations
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm -- Hernandez in new -- and his ABC news digital special report. Secretary of state John Kerry is set to meet with Enron's top diplomat this afternoon. Alongside other world leaders secretary Kerry was -- -- 85 permanent Security Council members plus Germany the group has been working since 2006. On Iran's nuclear ambitions earlier today secretary Kerry was asked about Iran. While meeting other foreign dignitaries. Today show they're serious. Apology. Service. An article where Sunday. Have a picture carry. Meeting with foreign ministers -- -- rot and we've got ABC's Mary bridge that the White House joining us with more. -- -- Bit no a lot of issues -- secretary carry -- questioning if Iran is serious clearly the White House is still not convinced that Iran's latest push for nuclear capability is for power generation alone Mary. That's right what is essentially testing the waters here when it comes to exploring the possibility of -- starting. Negotiations -- nuclear talks with Iran the White House and its allies have long thought that Iran has nuclear ambitions that they want to have a nuclear weapon Iran of course says that. That any -- -- development is simply for peaceful purposes but now. There seems to be a certain windows and optimism that that there's a possibility here for nuclear accord between the US and its allies. And Iran and so has -- says right after having a conversation at the serious. The seriousness of which -- on May take this issue and whether or not this is even a possibility. So -- just break it down for what are some of the issues in and and potential promises being floated here. That's the big question here's what is on the negotiating table if anything it's hard to imagine that. That Iran would be willing to discuss their nuclear program with the US and -- unless the US would be willing to to ease sanctions on Iran could say that they were going to have an economic benefit from this. US is given absolutely no indication about even on the table. But it's hard to imagine where they go from here so far right as we said. They're just trying to see the seriousness of this -- isn't even a possibility and what might happen going forward but there is this window there's this optimism that for the first time in in. Thirty plus years that the US might be able to have these kinds of negotiations with -- -- so. This White House certainly wants to explore it. I think out of flashbulbs there even sitting down and out with a senior official is is a big deal. A senior State Department official told ABC news today quote we hope that these. -- -- -- in government we'll show that it is prepared to engage substantively to address these longstanding concerns. And we'll see today and in the months ahead whether that we followed. Wet weather and -- followed words with actions so does this mean the Obama administration is open. To talk. Absolutely the US -- long wanted to address this issue with Iran. Now all of a sudden -- mentioned there is that tiny window thanks largely -- to the new Ronnie and president or honey he is far more moderate. Than his predecessor so often there is this opportunity there is this small window now to put this in some historical perspective. Isn't the first time in thirty years that a high level US officials are running officials of sat down face to face. There's really is quite a historic meeting not since the 1979 revolution have. Have such officials sat down together ever since then there really was a complete freezing of relations between the US and Iran now they're sitting down together there's seems to be -- thawing and so it's really conversation -- where this goes from here but for the US and though this White House actually want to take advantage of this opportunity but it is thanks largely in part. -- new moderate president are on. All right and -- certainly a lot of trust building that needs to happen -- -- Basically saying they want to be able -- enrich uranium for energy use. But obviously that's something that really needs to be vetted. Lately -- and that's one of the many things that that will come up in these discussions we suspect is just just what does this administration in Iran plan going forward as we mentioned they. Say that they want to develop nuclear programs for energy for peaceful purposes that's not -- -- that this administration or the US allies are vying but it's certainly something that they -- interested in talking about. There -- -- certainly in the stay -- in as we said secretary -- meeting. With foreign ministers -- -- on right now thank you so much for joining us. ABC's Mary Bruce and thank you for joining us and get a complete recap right here on abcnews.com. For now I'm -- Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20388283,"title":"U.S.-Iranian Relations at the United Nations","duration":"3:00","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry meets Iran's Foreign Minister.","url":"/Politics/video/us-iranian-relations-united-nations-20388283","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}