'The View' Recaps the 3rd GOP Debate

The co-hosts share their thoughts on last night's GOP debate.
2:50 | 10/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Recaps the 3rd GOP Debate
Last night the Republicans went at it again. The third debate on CNBC. One account was going off. They've got over talking each other more than we do not handled it did they really did they needed to turn the Mike off until someone actually needed to talk they need to just be quiet for two you have to and I think in their and their defense there are ten that as opposed to we only saw five at the democratic debate so they're all trying to get a word in edgewise they're all still waiting. For Ben Carson in downtown to start slide in and make them know they have trapped or is set up. I don't want to let our operating well and I wonder at the bottom they just pull the lever and build their attackers by. That I think they are automatically lose. People that want a golf now Italy let me go tens of night out. To have hurt us all right he asked if people say he had a good night and Marco Rubio of west grand has it my question. Who answered one substantive question. Didn't see anybody answer then I'm sustenance I would play that they comply they didn't but they complaint would be that they would not ask substantive questions well and it I thought that was a complaint with fox all yes that is I wasn't that I mean so some knots if you're going to be the president you have answered these questions some quite. Not just spent more you're quite tech crews did bring up the fact that his tax plan was. Rolled out on his web site solicitor talking about it he said just go to his website that's. It kept pushing their way I definitely you can see Jeb 2016 it like it is an infomercial. I also get quick process to the CNBC moderator is because I have to tell you they were so entertaining last night I felt like out watching a housewives reunion like. They were in the coming they were going in and yet it Rondo then I'll criticize you have to act it out there aren't substance when you really only given sixty seconds to respond to keep getting interrupted them Democrats seem to have been able to do it. I find breast yes but you know you have your time. Get your act to get back you know you this is how much time you bat. I get show behind yeah let's have the same number of add minutes when they have to answer a question at a public and I have and allows Hearst and Laura that's what I. I still have to be succeeds to the point I question how come Bernie Sanders was only alluded to let once or twice and they came after Hillary so much even when I burn my Panasik. Because it has not as big of a threat is Hillary more people going to his rallies and anybody else and yet and it was his only other dominant in the oil's money and she's the one that people think that's unfair and it's not the polling which is most scientific and people going to rallies. Scientific yellow bodies in seats. Citadel is a way that that they're looking at statistics and what they assume it's going to be. The outcome. It's their assumption and she's an easy target. Sims has just.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The co-hosts share their thoughts on last night's GOP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34830316","title":"'The View' Recaps the 3rd GOP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/view-recaps-3rd-gop-debate-34830316"}