Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – 19 days to Election Day

Plus, the presidential candidates are set to face voters in dueling town halls as the Supreme Court confirmation hearings end.
28:09 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – 19 days to Election Day
Yeah. Hi everyone thanks for streaming with us on your voice your vote the breakdown I'm Diana fatally New York. And I'm Terry Moran in Washington DC. President dropping vice president Joseph Biden their both set to face voters tonight in dueling town hall events with the election now just nineteen days away and the corona virus. Once again. Playing a big role in the campaigns senator McConnell Harris is suspending her travel and her in person events after two people associated with her campaign. Tested positive in a statement the campaign says. Neither of those people has had any contact with Vice President Biden or senator Harris or any other staffers since testing positive or the 48 hours. Before they're positive test result. Meanwhile the confirmation hearings for president trump Supreme Court nominee judge Amy Tony Barrett wrap up today. After more than twenty hours of questioning democrats' this morning try to delay things a bit with some procedural motions that Republican chairman Lindsey Graham moved forward anyway. Scheduling the vote to send her confirmation to the full senate. For one week from today. This is a precedent we have never done this before his committee and the senate and if we're gonna under the rules and show mutual respect the fact is all we cannot move forward without another member of the minority present. Senator Durbin of elders that we've had this problem in the past were doing whether the way real hard today. If we create this problem for you in the future you're gonna do what I'm going to do. Which is move forward on the business of the many. They've got the votes to do it for sure is let's take his conversation to our virtual roundtable. Joining us today is former Republican congressional communications director terrorist asset Meyer and former Hillary Clinton Campaign national political director Mandarin to Rea thanks both of you for being with us today. And I spent the week watching those hearings oh virtually and not in person this time so I while wonder. What does it take away from the Judiciary Committee hearings over the past few days. Commander of 21. You know I think your scene. Just. The normal process that you have in the senate where you have a Syrian but I do this day. There's a reality that Democrats really don't have any leverage here. I think senator Klobuchar said it. Best when she's at let's be honest there's not going to be testimony here that's really gonna change anyone's mind. The votes are they heard and leverage and power is there and as Lindsey Graham said today. And here's what we can you because we are in charge and I think what you've seen over the course of the week cash is Democrats are really making the case or what's at stake. In a presidential campaign what's at stake when nominees come on. And really making cheese or how norms and normally wouldn't governments and it have changed today and that just really puts so light not only the importance of why this election. Is on everyone's mind but also how the country is going to move forward in this new world of the Supreme Court. Good. The Supreme Court justice that's adding to a much more conservative court on behalf of his country. And so it's a moment for Democrats really make that case for what will be of the future when the Supreme Court does really change ideology. Ken Tarlow what he thinks judge Sheldon Whitehouse senator Sheldon Whitehouse Rhode Island did Democrats said today. That if issue is on the other foot if Democrats are in majority. Republicans won't have any credibility at all trying to stop with the Democrats want to do. How he's not wrong about that I need the hypocrisy on the part of Republicans used. Through the roof on this but. The American people don't really seem to care. There's so much going on in this election cycle and when normally a Supreme Court be conceit cheesy galvanizing force for the right. I think that this is actually. Backfired big the Republicans in that he has cell galvanized the last. They have every right to do what they're doing its constitutional. That was just institutional practice prior to then. She not. Bring a nomination as close to the elections. But I you know you're senate term doesn't end a few months before an election they are constitutionally allowed to delist doesn't mean it's politically writing. Thing to do but they're doing it she and her and Amy Connolly Barrett's. Confirmation is bad basically have been a comically short of something extraordinary happening so sure but what it has done. It is really galvanized the last in a way that I don't think that the Republicans anticipated because the seat was vacated by an absolute tightened. Injuries Bader Ginsburg so. What we see an early voting I think that he is not a good sign for the Republican sport the president. I think that Democrats. Have done a decent job to amend his point. I'm using this time to prosecute the case against the trump administration and their failure and health care. And what the consequences of having a senate majority look why. When the elections have consequences. And be a major election coming up with a lot of senators that are up for reelection in swing states. And the Democrats are reminding their base the importance of voting in those elections as. Well and Tara a lot of these hearings as he said were more about her scoring Anez Amanda said scoring political points in about Amy Barrett herself but. The big feedback for the big criticism at least in the lab seemed to be over at questions that she would or more importantly would not answer and I want to show you one moment. That got a lot of attention in an exchange that she had with Cory Booker and then get your take on extreme show that Clinton. But do you think it's wrong to separate children from their parents. To deter immigrants from coming to the United States. The senator both greater that's been a matter of policy to me. Mean obviously that's. No matter. Hot political debate in which I can't express studio release drawn into as insurance. There are few other moments that stuck out where when she wouldn't answer if the president has the authority to delay an election for example and to I'm curious. To preview would visit a political strategy do they know she wasn't going to answer this that they wanted that out for the public to hear. More do you think there was some general surprise at how she answered ended any. I call her qualifications and to question. Yeah I would say from now god has so far she's been very impressive in her ability to you for site chase slot. To be answered the decisions not to answer questions about policy specific policies. Hypothetical cases that she made. Will line that's pretty standard that happens with any Supreme Court nominee that goes before they sat in the hearings and there's really nothing new about scratch so the answer on the that child separation policy can't hide that that was not insufficient for me. What I would say now where does some a couple of other questions that were pretty basic questions she says she didn't leave the answer is shot and beat three of them stood up at that sit out to me. Can the president change the election date and that should have been a simple now that is up to congress. And the idea of the president at the voter intimidation aspect is that illegal the answer should have been no. And for someone who's an original list the idea they peaceful transition of power should have also been a very easy question for her to answer to stay. Absolutely no doubt about his intended for a peaceful transition of power. But she chose to sidestep those questions and use the excuse that they were political in nature therefore she wouldn't comment should but I think that that was clear that she did not want to upset the president pork they're Republicans and respect because the president could technically. Rescind her nomination if he wanted to you acting that's likely clip he could come. She was trying to played C bear and I think that's unfortunate she should answer those questions strangle. Well our colleagues and 538. Have taken a look at her judge Amy Cuddy bears record on. The appeals court this seventh circuit and just take a look at dead how they have ranked. Amy Tony Barrett as far the conservative to liberal spectrum is actually comes from a couple of a law professors at the University of Virginia who looked at her vote she's been on the court for. Three years 17100 cases easy by that measure and it isn't this testament subject it to some degree gaming Tony Barrett is the most. Conservative judge on that court she's there with Frank Easterbrook and Diane Sykes who are father rode very conservative appointees. And Amanda you're talking about the impact that she could have on the Supreme Court. It looks like shall not only cement a conservative majority but maybe even push it a little farther to the right. That's exactly right and that's really the message not Democrats are trying to really worries is that this isn't in the lion wit here aren't we really seen this is it all there was no consideration to say we don't. We want to keep somewhat of a similar balance on the court his is intentionally meant to push the core. In a much much more conservative direction and I think the American people. Often times don't really about the Supreme Court may not be informed about what kind of decisions are made the Supreme Court and what it means how much more conservative court and that you are seeing now you're seeing it play out when folks talk about women's right. He's seen a play out what books are about what's happening now. Ballot box she and I think that's the important message I think Democrats in a very good job of talking about it which is playing into this presidential election giving more. Really validation that why it's so important to vote. It is unfortunate we haven't seen this kind of shift and I remember the days on the hill when we had judges comma or spring just as candidates up. And the ideal is that the president was supposed to some life. Taken to a chow who is leaving the bench in order to bring someone on that might shifted a bit but not quite so drastically so this is new. All right cares and I think quickly about that surely aren't happy about that check. That's important to note I agree with Amanda that the bill's used to be the good old days. But unfortunately when when Harry read me the decision to get rid of the filibuster. For not meeting federal court judges because. They thought Republicans are being obstructionist journal bomb which they work. The Republicans warned Harry Reid and said don't do it yes because once you set this precedent when power changes. Don't think we will do the same thing and that's exactly what Republicans did in 2017. When they got rid of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations come but could mean that Republicans warned Harry Reid and Democrats about this should. And they went bored with it anyway this is what happens. Elections have consequences. Hardball all the way around terrace environment directorate thanks very much. For being here with us shifting to politics partisan politics tonight should have been the second presidential debate between Joseph Biden of Donald Trump but I don't it was scrapped. After president trump refused to take part in a virtual debate following his infection with the corona virus. Instead the candidates will take part in dueling town hall swear they'll take questions directly. From voters in swing states so ABC news political director Rick Klein. And our White House correspondent Rachel Scott are on the ground in Philadelphia and Miami respectively with a candidate to face the voters. So Rick let me begin with you how to gotten we get to this dueling town halls on the same night and serve more importantly. What effect could down on the race. Yeah it all started with the presidents covet nineteen diagnosis that forced the Commission on Presidential Debates to announce that the next debate couldn't be in person the candidate Bradley remote. President trump city wanted no part of that Joseph Biden's that he wanted to make other plans we we talk to the Biden campaign and didn't we locked in. The town hall that came that's coming tonight for 8 o'clock tonight. By an NBC I just yesterday announced that it would have a town hall with president trump so yes not ideal figure voter wants to see the candidates. A side by side at a color me an optimist Terry did think that would rather than the candidates talking over each other. Kobe interacting directly with voters so maybe this age of DVR and games to digital clips people will have an opportunity to see. How the candidates individually interactive books. A mystery no question about it Rachel about 530 eight's election forecast. Now just to abide more than 87%. Chance of winning it's it's a forecast basically an educated guess then. While we can't take anything for granted it was often 26 team president trump has even admitted himself that he's concerned. I did that at a campaign rally recently so what are you hearing from the campaign. On his strategy given that he's behind tonight. Yeah that's exactly right Terry look the president and his campaign that they're answering this final critical stretch. Behind in the polls but I double digits there also strapped her campaign hatched. And also the president's approval ratings when it comes in his handling of the pandemic are now it's OK and just a few hours the president won't be coming right here behind me to take. Questions from voters directly in in this scenario it is a scene at we have not releasing the president participate much in during this election cycle. Obviously we had our town hall president trunk and taking questions one on one from voters. But just like bricks that what you're likely to see his lesson the president doing the into wrapped like we saw on that debate stage with Joseph Biden. What you crisscrossing this state of Florida over the last a couple of days and I've been talking to a lot of voters all side. Voters that support the president. Voters also support until I didn't sell orders battery even still not commit it believe it or not this dad close to the election. I'm told me that think you'll like tonight real losers are the American people they wanted an opportunity especially at a early voting here in port which begins next week. This even president and Joseph Biden go tone intelligent face off. Once again that as an opportunity that they are not going to be able to get an and just say just one last comment here in teary and very Miami of me as I'm talking to you I'm seeing a billboard right behind my photographer reminder of just the severity of the virus railing and residents some saying more than 200000 Americans are dead that's something that he's gonna think a lot of questions tonight hearing. No question about it it's happening on his watch Rick Klein and Rachel Scott thanks very much and you can tune in tonight for our ABC news town all. If the vice president and the people hosted by ABC news chief banker George Stephanopoulos streaming tonight at 8 PM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And win a little over two weeks ago until Election Day we know that seventeen million people have already cast their ballots breaking records. For early voting in North Carolina early voting started today and it's probably no coincidence president trump. Held a rally there this afternoon ten polian from our rally Durham station joins us now from Greenville high ten. I don't hear any chance saw Air Force One told. Pull away yap he had built a lead trump supporters interacting with counter protesters. Who are yelling go hand now they are saying. Vote him Dan re elect him so he hasn't been a lot of energy. Here in Greenville, North Carolina early voting started today it lasts for seventeen days and lines have been long people have been searching. Going to these polls is ready to make their voice heard. Election officials are asking them you know put it off my day part two because we are seeing uncontrollable. Along the lines of people have time to vote if they just wait a few days we have this going on until October 31 I am. The people who put you didn't have it when there has a lot of energy clearly that also means energy to get to the polls but I know you also spoke to some. Supporters at that rally for the president is there overall message to come and drag you heard from the people they talk to. No Diana it ranges sides' requests from supporters who run the gamut so they are college educated. And they are un educated and talking with them sometimes is hard to kind of get through. And understand exactly why they want to support him but for those that are able to articulate it. They say that if the economy that before Colby at nineteen. Unemployment rate was down among blacks and Latinos that he. Really did well with deregulation and hand they say that he's doing well. With Kobe at nineteen but with the rule voter which here in Greenville there are a lot of ruled strong supporters it's very difficult to understand their support and so a lot of times they'll sit too. What we want to mix of heat protects the water hardly loved his personality they loved how he gets things done. They don't really go into detail. We've also seen we now know that Pardo. Come on come on harris' team tested positive with code that nineteen as well as flight staff member who travel with them so her campaign travels halted for awhile. We know what happened at the White House the president himself got voted nineteen high you seem different precautions at the rally given all that. Unfortunately Diane the people that I interact with the people that I saw headed to the airport they were not wearing their masks. Presidents from say during the rally that you know I do see mass quick that is not. What we saw and that isn't really health concern because right now we have 23. New cold mid nineteen cases in North Carolina and that is a new daily record. Sixteen new deaths so cases are surging here there's a lot of concern but you have some top supporters that are not willing to Wear the masks. And Tim didn't really quickly what's your vibe seeing. Early voting today Dey wanna North Carolina. Paul Amanda and the lines are long I do know from election officials that they had hired extra security and workers to try to manage. That flow early this morning it was just a lot of people stretched out waiting. Four hours a boat which is understandable but again. Election officials are asking people its behalf seventeen days. Early voting ends October 31 spread it out to go to a polling location that she might not always go to bed may have more of a lower turnout. Thanks for the love Tivoli and we appreciate it thank you. And early voting is now under way in most of our country more than seventeen million votes have already been cast in person and by mail. There are some of those early voters experiences and some of those. Long lines around the country and. Regularly so I got up about 5:15 this morning. I got your couples call trick came my hairdo land was progressing get a homer and two hours and twenty minutes but still well Linda and her black cat and I had to. Allison left Lebanon that summer day. Wow I didn't have to Hopkins at different. I don't the way it's look. See the line every year as much as I hate to stand in it look to see anybody coming out participating in the Kendall what they need to do purchasing their civic duty. Occupations back sense of humor but stateside its enthusiastic. December ever on thanks. Ready to vote and doesn't have their votes would be contract to see them all along I learned she's fantastic title and stunning that night when he's going to close. I have to find voting today resort took a little while it was worth. I knew there would ultimately about it better these songs for the much better look at. That would be on fire pretty good time. I don't think you can complain. Gave you don't actually. News you're sitting right protections don't say so. I think this is the most important election in the history of our country. Your voice your vote the voters they're coming out in person some expressing concerns about voting by mail and voter suppression those long lines. A sign of voter enthusiasm this year also may be that the system isn't as efficient. As it could be. You can see and hear that enthusiasm on the campus at Texas Southern University which. She kicked off early voting this week with a march to the polls rally complete. With a performance. From the ocean of soul marching band. A lot easier to get stuck on line Terry doesn't marching band playing along today. Well we come back with blond shutdowns because of that pandemic musician isn't getting creative check this out this is the Flaming Lips. Concert the band and the audience all have their own individual. Doubles watch that anyone. But of course it's not that symbol for so many other bands in concert venues trying to stay afloat now some of the world's top. How musicians are trying to help the singer Jason Mraz is standing by. And he will be here. Tell us all about it. Or he serenade. Happening again to businessmen and academics and all the regulars from the lakes and golden years venues close. Lost its shows for mild to Connecticut and Texas. And we hope that everything works out. It's fairly quickly people want to get out C shows and see live entertainment and in Nashville Tennessee. Got hit by a tornado. Lock down. Chairs are close. Rebuild our house in little toddlers running around and as a teacher. I'm trying to. Through a computer and we don't know if they're really looking into contention and play out really make sure they're okay. That's. I was able to you. Connecting kids and I. No real. Now the next challenge is a few weeks I'm Nashville's go into. Person school. Each case. As you just heard from those musicians a cove in nineteen pandemic has been especially tough on the music industry in general but especially live performers. Broadway is now projected to be shut down until June of two when he 21 those big award shows like last night's billboard music awards. Are being held an empty theaters and for small independent venues and up and coming artists the impacts. Are hitting even harder now musicians are banding together to support legislation to help get those venues through the pandemic. And we are very happy be joined by Jason Mraz himself to tell us all about that Jason welcome. Thank you so remarks it's good to be here so it's interesting you're holding that played milk about to tell you the last time I saw you in person. I was in the audience for your final performance on Broadway in the musical waitress that there ever Alice the very special night for me I'm guessing even more so for you oh. How strange and sad that now here we are with Broadway shut down and. On June. Exactly and you mentioned it's been hard for performers but behind the scenes. The crew on a Broadway Show and the crew behind a touring acts is oftentimes much bigger than the performers that you see on stage so there's a lot of livelihoods have been effective sighing by shutting down the entertainment industry. Then turn and talk today you know we saw a bit of that from the clips that we got those video diary is the and that's one of the things I want to ask you about it the people behind the scenes you know we all know your days we've seen you in concert I'm guessing you'll be okay. But there's so many more people behind just a person on stage. Absolutely lighting designers constant designers text grips fly and then. You name it there's people all around you when your in the auditorium there's people behind you beside you. Time downstairs cement are all contributing to make those productions happened so there are many many lives that are touched the the times unfortunately and those are people you know this is their prime. Primary income they're trying to put food on the table and there. You know what's it like to try to support people who are watching their livelihood. Fill out this way. It's not fear I'd like I've been activated fortunate position where all my crew members on my team we can just Tennessee titan fingers crossed we knew back on the road soon but my heart certainly goes out to those who. Live paycheck to paycheck the ushers in the aisles those who work in the ticket office those really helped probably get there audiences inside and keep those shows on. You know everyone's having to be actually created luckily we are a creative industry. This weekend we've large city SOS save our stages festival which is going to be helping. Many many small venues across the country. Keep their doors opened India put us to pay their staff which is. So many many type a virtual events to still get their audiences involved in men and still gifts and employment to those who work in the industry. And Jason that is Terry Moran got a a 24 year old daughter she's just aren't as she gig and around of open Mike night second I think all of that shut down to and I wondered if you had. A word for young people coming up. Who are really being stymied because they can't do you know get their music out there reach out to an audience collaborated with the each others is harder for. It is it is I mean luckily. As a creator you can go within and get the experience of the music get the reward containing music is the reward. But music also requires listener or ship it requires an audience acquires an observer and so yes. We are missing our audiences we're missing our collaborations. If if some of us are lucky enough to have these cameras and a great Wi-Fi connection and great friend unfortunately I think that's just a small percentage. Those who to have that luxury I think there's a lot of people without the connection I'm hoping that the music being the reward itself. The music that's gonna come out of this I think is going to be. It's very important music for the next generation I think we're going to be hearing some really profound. Creations. It definitely sounds like big bright spot in all of this and also the good that people like you were doing a nine figure out long. Came outlook for the good came out in June it did very well the bid bulletin board charts I'm sure you could have made a lot of money off of that that you chose to donate your profits to charity why. That's right. You know for the nonprofit sectors been hit really hard you know I think this last administration rolled back. A lot of budget cuts for everybody from the environmental education and so. The nonprofit sector has to step up for do everything you can to protect the programs and the people that we so love and the people who eventually will participate in this very industry so. When mountain looked pretty good came out. I sit I. I've got planning how can I use this as to spotlight the good in the world and so far six different organizations have been the recipient of the royalties on that record. Some national organizations like the peak equal justice initiative. I'm grassroots loft project criminal justice reform in the near San Diego's San Diego a young artist music academy. Com and these are these are black owned organizations as well that that really needed. It's some funding and momentum behind this movement to make sure we keep going in the right direction. All right Jason whereas we appreciate your time we're looking forward to seeing you wanna say breast ages festival this Saturday thanks Jason. Think you know. And that. It's frustrating here on your voice your vote the breakdown I'm Diane Macedo a New York. Ken I'm Terry Moran in Washington. We'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great day.

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