Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - 6 days until Election Day

COVID-19 is overwhelming hospitals around the country and how LGBTQ+ rights are playing out in this election cycle.
27:03 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - 6 days until Election Day
Hi everyone thanks Brister of river sign your voice your vote to break down I'm Terry Moran in Washington DC. And I'm Diane Macedo in New York on the more than 91 million mail in ballots that have been requested only a little over half of them. Have been returned and it just six days to go until the final votes are counted. Officials in some swing states are warning that had time to mail in your ballot has passed they're now urging Americans to vote in person. More hand deliver their ballots to ensure that there received in time. And ask corona via C corona virus cases surge nationwide eleven states are now reporting record high Kobe 919 hospitalizations. Hospitals and huge saw are now overcapacity. Rationing health care workers and sending patients to overflow banks. KBC's mad gunman is in Salt Lake City with the latest from there. Hey Jerry Diane. I'm here at the intermountain medical center in Salt Lake City beautiful day sunny outside. The new so ever cutting out the rocky mountain area as you know. It's not so good the caseload here if you time and again. Us around here is about a whale being handed Idaho is really bad. Significant uptake. And to nurse manager Shawn and Michelle they're both trauma nurses are not happy icu. Com and they've been dealing with this pretty much every day for the past seven months so. Just gonna ask you you know one of the things we talked about is that people here in this part of the country believe that copd is a hoax. What's your take. I would say it is not folks we do that every single day and the nurses go in and take care very sick patients that have got this disease and it complicates a lot of other illnesses they also going on and it's very real we do hitters all day. Yeah those definitely not a hoax it's very. We see it every day and I Hughes and it seems like it's not ending and it's getting worse. How sick of the patients when they come in. Me there you know there they're very sick patients and I think that's really terrible that this. Illnesses seems like he's become an inmate's deteriorate slowly or sometimes sometimes but even they deteriorate. 2.2 very big and very very sick and they take a lot of care has a lot of time is spent trying to deal with these patients. One major concerns is that we're seeing is very significant uptick in the newly infected cases which means in about ten days to two weeks. These few voters start coming into the hospital very safe what is it gonna look like in two weeks we have another massive influx. There's going to be even more shifting patients around in juggling those. Who's gonna go where to which I see you you know we see the president of the hospitals talk about rationing care. You know the good thing about how we operate especially here is we have these very. Impromptu daily maintenance tunnels where. From administration doubts our nurses level we have very short fast. Conversations and huddles about which patients we have where they're gonna go so we can take care of everybody because we don't just take care of just told that we take care of. The population has it as a whole self our way to get around having problems like that is just daily maintain. And talk about where we're gonna put them at how well we can take care of everybody. How serious is the fatigue factor for medical staff because. Of administrators of the hospital say we have the beds we just don't have the people right. A hundred you guys. We're exhausted and I'm sure those are nothing new that we need not actually turned those firms so many people. You've probably interviewed as Sally Kidd is very exhausting and emotionally draining you know like RER says suffering our respiratory therapist Tucker. You know our icu nurses are born nurses everybody as it is not doesn't wind section. The patient population is in it is affecting the whole. System. And it and it's there's publications are everywhere ray and it's not just the common patients you know we have our regular patients that we take care Q so we've got. Your regular normal muscle the heart attacks and car crashes in Harrison should seasonal have all of that and then you out just on top of it and it just makes them a little more difficult. Are nurses are fantastic her doctors are excellent and we just you know every day we just we treated like here we go we've gotten us. So when you hear that people are opposed to wearing masks that they don't want to see any shutdowns. I think you feel. You know it it's a frustrating point. To argue with someone about masks and hand hygiene and social distancing you know we don't want to shut down life either. I think there's a fine line to be had had balance to be had a list. Keeping things open and staying alive and functioning goods being responsible and looking out for those around you and and your family your cells as more than just about you here don't feel if you do these things you can help other people. I was totally understand the society the community working as a team always need their help for shared ride this is not just health care I think we can we talk about got all the time is. Dan on our Florie if the public gets help us with it sure would go along way. And so what are the issues Terry -- and is that. Folks especially in his front country. Are very reluctant to Wear masks and coming into the airport today I saw people as soon as they landed they pull down their masks walking through the airport talking on the phone. I can see that pretty widely. And it is a major issue especially with the local politicians. Lobbying against universal that's where. Com and that is something that it administrators and infectious disease doctors in this hospitals are just so despondent about because it's a public did help. He would really reduce a lot of pressure on medical staff like children children here comes that it back to you guys. I'm night as a public health issue that I'm putting has become a political issue as well our thanks to Matt Gutman. And as Americans cite a rise in Kobe cases here at home Europe is fighting a new wave of cases abroad. Germany is imposing a new partial lockdown to slow the spread in France is expected to announce its own restrictions. KBC news foreign correspondent Maggie really joins us now from London. With the latest on that Maggie some of these lock downs are pretty strict how bad are the numbers right now and what kinds of restrictions are we looking up. Hey Dan at his. Numbers just keep rising it seemed like over the past month nearly every day we're seeing a new record numbers and hospital relations. As well as cases couple governments have tried really hard this past month not to go into a total lockdown. Here in the UK it was sort of a region in a region each one was in a tear and they tried to not going that nationwide lockdown but now. It seems like this week all of Europe is turning a corner more and more countries is seems at a new one every day. Are going into a full lockdown you mention France. You mention Germany Germany just announced that new lockdown. A nationwide but Hyundai and even then governments are hesitant in saying it's not like last time German is calling there's almost. A light lockdown so while things like bars and restaurants are closed. Other things like schools and hair salons are able to remain open and even said. You know try to stick to just your household if you have to see one other household he can do that sedan we're seeing. This constant balance the negotiation cases are rising. They know they have to do something many are going into lockdown but they also are debating how much can he really ask of people Tenet similar situation to what the US is dealing with Islam. Yet sure as you know and here we do see that and that division when it comes to restrictions some people are really worried they feel like things like lock downs or necessary. Others want to see the economy stay open an and don't want to Wear masks. How does a debate going there and how do you think it's compares UKC the same kind of pushed back. There and as we see here in the US. Get and it's funny it seems like every country's dealing with these same questions he same pushed fax. How do you handle a pandemic how do you handle lock downs and get I think a lot of people want this clear answer from the government but they do acknowledge that. There are no clear answers in a pandemic we went out and spoke with a lot different people in London today and how we come true the same underlying thing at the bottom of the day. They're just frustrated are getting tired of a lockdown they want answers but the answers aren't really there to listen. Effective it has been an EPA guidelines were being. They sit something clinical back when men and one minute it's it's called pay to school then they can relate to school this AK events could just put an accident videos and then to bring into the house that would and we need happy kids just keep confusing. It would be I think people of them have made a mistake thinking they need to balance economics was withheld when there's no economy when they're sick a pandemic sweeping through your country it's. You have to handle that first night I think some of kind of aired on the wrong side. Here in the UK I think. I think there's been back again some mixed messaging. It would have been incidences where rules of seem to apply to some people are not to others. Basically people in positions of power for action and government. I'm sort of frustrating I think for the average one that are for the average Brit. But you know this a country that just carries on so. Hazardous I thought I think people are gonna whether this. What is making sense that. Sometimes they just that makes Summers but without thinking how many humans they don't care anymore. Yeah Sunday and I even doing miles. The people that just taxing only like moment days before her own ongoing mosques and then don't handle it just talking don't. We've waited so hot be different says I restrictions. And vehicular and other restrictions. He's just taken is down again. And a final man we were just hearing from he's said he's shutting down his business he just cannot keep up with the different restrictions that are being thrown at him and that someday there's also a lot of concern how many businesses. Aren't going to survive and Dane just it's only interesting to note. Without speaking with these people three out of four of the people you just heard from told us that either they themselves have already had co bit of some and other household had a so clearly. There's so many people have been affected by this whether it's their business whether it's their health so while everyone wants us to be over it's not over any time soon. Non forcing not Maggie really forests in London thanks Maggie. Now to the election just six days at a new ABC news in Washington Post poll out this morning shows. Joseph Biden with a seven point lead over president trump in the key state of Michigan and all whopping seventeen point lead in Wisconsin that state reported more grownups and new corona virus cases and deaths assembly yesterday than on any other day of the pandemic so it's really raging there. Let's bring in 538 editor chief editor in chief nick Nate Silver. For a deeper dive in these numbers Nate about Wisconsin had seventeen point late Biden. Providing it just sounds. But was put to the closest races was then are we seeing. The crone of our surge impacting the race what's going on there. So I wouldn't peg the rates of seventeen come obviously ABC news Washington Post is a great pollster but we have an average of polls in 530 which has the race and about. Eight points some. Which is a pretty hefty lead for Biden still remember he's ahead nationally by around eight or nine points culturally saying is that come is that Wisconsin isn't often here is. It's pretty close the national average but yet there are some signs that. When you have the worst called a cluster in the country right now. Then I can probably hurt trumpet the markets exactly wrong teacher would be closing on him one of the more important battlegrounds. And they Michigan and Wisconsin got a lot of attention since Hillary Clinton lost there in 2016 but you have Pennsylvania. As a key state to watch can either candidate win this election without winning Pennsylvania. Joseph Biden might have some options right if Joseph Biden lost Pennsylvania but one Wisconsin Michigan and he wins Arizona where he's ahead in. And that actually is probably Biden win so he has. Some backup plans. For trumpet Morgan must win in part because of Wisconsin and Michigan right we can't rule anything out. Different outlooks like him from campaign I think it's kind of sad the way it's targeting its advertising that Pennsylvania is. The best of that Rust Belt trio. In this post little's only a five point race in Pennsylvania which is a more achievable deficit to overcome and so I you know I mean the current campaign is. I'm pretty Elena Pennsylvania for that matter the Biden has spent more time has been an interstate so it's the most important state right now. Nate it's such a different year this U 74 million voters have already cast their ballots. Is there any way to tell how what to break down is there are new voters come and ended into this system people would have voted on Election Day moving their vote to a different time the partisan breakdown looking at terror tell from that early voting data. People need to be careful in part because you know in some states which party someone belongs to but not necessarily who they voted for in some sits on Joseph Biden's and comes from independent voters hum. Look all indications are not going to be very high in my view around a 155. Million went to be up from 137 million. Four years ago Tom that necessarily means he'll have some new voters or voters who didn't. Oh and questioning they haven't we await or something like that. But they're going to be new voters on both sides right people are at record levels because he has a good election they've even been lots of money raised lots of votes cast already. So you know I think it's not actually turnout election need to persuasion election winners who can win. Independent voters can I didn't win back people who voted for Obama 2012 and in wavered but particularly Eckstein are voting for Gary Johnson right. If he can win those backing Clinton didn't lose by that much. That he could win either narrowly or more clearly defining and how many than their words. But you know what we do know I was like just the obvious we're gonna have a gigantic. Turn out the selection. And then ate 530 eight's election forecast shows Biden is favored to win the election within 88. Percent chance that you treated last night if the highest favored but not certain to win we need to provide quite a bit of coverage about why Biden is in good shape. While also sometimes discussing the ways that he might lose so. Why is Biden in good shape and how might he lose. He's in good shape in national polls he's in good shape in the upper midwest Wisconsin. Michigan right he's ahead actually now ordinarily. Even in some states like Georgia and Florida and North Carolina come but there is one particular path. That eluded to earlier that she still have tightened a little bit worried which is that trump is not that hard down. In North Carolina or he's not African Pennsylvania and other states are cheaper traditionally red leaning and they are only narrow Biden leads to her right so Biden has won. Pretty good plan can a couple of other OK plans but I'm still does have some some daylight. If we were to get polls in Pennsylvania issuing it and nine point raced error something. They were kind of on the tail of the normal distribution where we're looking at something to be pretty unlikely. But five point deficit in the key state is not it's not that hard to overcome a such insane we gonna have. Potentially lot of litigation over mail ballots like people boarding minor for the first time you can make errors when you file that ballot. So you know it's not totally in the comfort zone you provide and it shouldn't be. All right Nate Silver. Representing Detroit proudly despite their rendering this year thanks very much for them. I will we come back you. It has been the deadliest year on record for transgender Americans and many in the community are asking what's behind the violence and what needs to be done to spark real change. As both campaigns push hard for LG BTQ voters the first openly transgender elected official in West Virginia joins us live. 20/20 has been an especially deadly year for transgender Americans ABC news confirms that at least. 33 trans Americans have been murdered since January almost all of them. Or black and Hispanic Americans. And many of the accused and suspected killers are black and brown to. Some of the names few people are saying apparent Dominick fells medium green and Tony McDade who was killed during an incident with police in Florida just two days after the killing of George Floyd. Black trans Americans have been fighting bigotry abuse and persecution. Forever from the days when Marsha. Through that first break of protest at the Stonewall bar in New York City where the gay rights movement began. Back in 1969. Joining us territory Cooper director of community engagement for the trans justice initiative of the Human Rights Campaign. And Tory thanks for being with us I know that the Human Rights Campaign has been tracking. Transgender murder since 2013. This year reporting that you've never seen such a high number at this point in the years so what's happening what's causing this to think. I don't think having us today and this is an opportunity to unfortunately. It's we don't have the and Ecstasy a national audience. I'm NM and Elliott almond and there are about three deaths that we know are. And engine tonight on. Is absolutely trachsel as. I'm in its release are. Any or any idea why is this your worst is it more reporting to people coming forward to what what what is your sense of what's happening out there. Are a number of reasons. You just mentioned certainly there are reporting and accurate reporting I'm campaign. Our lead story is true but we theater actor in in the way that we were Weaver or cramps and fortunately the police are not always accurate in their descriptions of victims. And at least student. Under recordings and in many cases it's time we're seeing I believe it is an area it's about getting bad in doing. Deadening where we have. Irony right groceries because source close. Sure evil exists in their children to school. There are places like stores that are ZO and I'm we we're being an inning stands out of violence. Our men and search engine or not harmed people. I was there. Or our government extensions to erase the area and some just yesterday kind of this guy didn't IG. Lee into the hearts and minds. When. Heart. Well let me follow up on then let let's talk politics just for a moment didn't in this sensitive presidential campaign year. While crime is generally up a local issue bigotry. Of course is an American issue so what are you looking for out of the next president of the United States whoever that might be to get this problem solved. When I am looking part of the next president exits at any solace and communities are looking for a political. Engagement. I looked. At the base and yes I am identified astronauts for us and see if there are missions on wrong from the here is the hands and and a learning here as I'm I am looking or Arabs. I'm legislation didn't just beat ads but also to be enforced. So that when chassis and engine and on cloning ER. I'm bad pixels rewarding sport. And instead are arranged the highest standards. There's been such a tumultuous secret inspiring year and so many ways can you talk about the dynamics. Between. Trans. The Americans and the racial justice move of the black clouds matter removal what does what does recently said black trans lives matter what does that mean TU and what should remain. To the country. So she airy and Nora who's actually in the creator of the black cherry and lives Matta moved millions and cash and mandates a rash and I medium and us who. God sex our race. Gender identity. I am certainly your friend's mom and I'm Graham also glass club and and I am a black and orange and all of those into some identities. Aren't. You just. Moves but none of them looks a salad CO Quran she and for any black trans people Hambrecht and they're not harm people he won CEO. Carter a large. Black is better and friends because we are black slid off. Well thank you very much for helping us out today Torre Cooper thanks to be with us and good luck to you. And to dig deeper into the politics surrounding the broader issue of LG BTQ rights were joined by Rosemary Ketchum of the Wheeling City Council the first openly transgender elected official in the state of West Virginia. And Charles Grant managing director of the Log Cabin Republicans thank you both for being on today. Thanks Diane risen there must start with you took office over the summer or what made you want to run for office why now. Thank you so much dragged me I'm a question of the community organizers and years and years before deciding to land process. I ended somebody wings forward to wit and worked against. Politicians and not these are the longest time I stopped community organizers and politicians. That's Gary different keep off. When in reality our politicians should be very junior who organizers in our neighbor as high rank changed your brain working my mind thought to see it that way. I decided it pretty brought this was the resting back to do. Charles in the final weeks that -- campaign is making a push to win over LG BTQ voters there's a coalition there was an event last night in North Carolina. An ads like this one check it out. There are tens of thousands of gay conservatives just like me. Who also won't be sigh when people don't have to vote Democrat. Because Donald Trump he's the most pro gay president and American. So Charles what has presidential done to make him the most pro gay president in American history and why is re electing him. In the best interest of this community. Thanks for having me on sick. Thank part of an stems from the fact that he was the first president ever elected into office were actually came in supporting marriage equality and the long background as a philanthropist. It is a businessman in supporting L should be tears to beat each you call him. So that's the body of who he is is an individual from a policy perspective. Two major flash initiatives that his administration has been moving forward where. Is getting the spread of HIV aids in ten years which is something that absolutely is achievable needed presidential leadership. To achieve and then secondly and these criminal station of homosexuality international. It's 68 countries around the globe you can still be punished by law from being dead and a nod goes you can even be chilled. No president has gone for the United Nations and called upon the world community to stop the persecution of gays and lesbians broads are domestically. It from the board policy perspective president truck to show more leadership on these issues any other president in history. And Charles according to glad to trump administration they say it has rolled back more than 180 protections. For LG BTQ communities including expanding employer's religious exemptions to anti discrimination laws. And voted against the US or UN resolution to condemn the use of the death penalty. For homosexuality. What's your response to that it's. The broad. And has the glass has. Heather. An agenda to continue to support the Democratic Party instead of supporting LG BT equality issues which is there actual mandate. It's really hard to actually pull back something that was never even put into the law to begin with. And the problem is that the left continues to try to keep the good that gay and lesbian community. And you know part of their team and for the first time that we've seen this for your mention about even and a pride about bishop in question Charlotte last night. Donald Trump is the first Republican president who is making a series concerted effort to reach out to gays and lesbians across the country. He's created the trunk pride coalition which is the first. Republican presidential campaign to perhaps an official culture BT coalition. He's nominated the candidate had served at the highest ranking. Els BT individual ever and then government which is Rick riddle being on the presidential cabinet. Bob politically and policy and through his appointments she has shown his level of inclusion commitments so. Flatter any of the other UK and organizations are getting just throwing partisan pox shots for the president is actually using good policy and politics to advance the prominence. Our community. Present I what's your take on us. How well I wish that presidents Franklin. I pushed back on the idea that president trump. It supports the oxygen community. Find your way that is better then a previous presidents deeply. President Obama. You know we have seen consistent intact from the deep into community on boats out where president charmed is direct. And more indirect in many ways. If its president are worth nearly a supporter and now ideology into community is president. No she would pass federal. Hate crime legislation would work to protect LG BTQ trans black women come from murderers who wouldn't and this joking at skiers and trains people are creditors. These things are not consistent on that the release. Many Americans and it's unfortunate to hear the president who fails to support pop such a large an important component. Our country. And Rosemary just really quickly when you hear these conversations happen. And you're still there's anything that's missing that people just don't again. I think that trans visibility is absolutely essential for the social landscape and our. Country you know what that means a trans person convicted grocery store search person asserting yields in the United States that means I think that. What is missing from his conversations the diversity. In yellow TBT community particularly in the issues and focus on as representatives including racial justice. Affordable housing health care all of the issues began to itself I hope that any future wife. And far reaching conversations about who these people are that make up the occupants of community and what user who are United States government. All right Charles Grant Rosemary Ketchum thank you both for great discussion. Thank you lively discussion there thanks for that that doesn't for us here on your voice your vote to break down. I'm Terry Moran in Washington and I'm Diana CNN New York we'll see you back here at 3 PM tomorrow and make sure to keep it here on ABC news live from coverage on Election Day we'll get started at 7 AM eastern have a great day.

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