Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Nationwide COVID-19 cases surging

Plus, President Trump claims people are “tired of COVID,” and how small businesses are surviving during the pandemic.
26:36 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Nationwide COVID-19 cases surging
Hi everyone thanks for streaming with us send your voice your vote the breakdown I'm Diane Macedo anywhere. I'm Terry Moran in Washington DC with Election Day. Now just fifteen days away we're seeing a nationwide search. And in corona virus cases the US is now reporting nearly 70000. New cases daily the nation's highest numbers since July. The case is on the rise in 39 states. President trump today dismissed the pandemic outright could visit Americans are quote I'm tired of co but he also lashed out at doctor Anthony project. Calling one of the nation's leading infectious disease experts and other top scientists quoted. Eighties and now for a key battleground states Michigan Ohio North Carolina and Wisconsin. All reporting record high case numbers ABC's Reno Roy has the latest. Health care workers on the front lines at the University of North Carolina hospital in Chapel Hill say their overworked and overwhelmed. What's different guns just seeing people are just not be able to brief. This current not a daredevil cried. I just at my office. North Carolina as one of 41 states facing an increase in hospitalizations. Illinois also on that growing list and make a mistake. We are DN. The second search officials in Chicago urging people to stay home at this city now seeing over 50% more cases compared to the beginning of the month. We are sounding this alarm. Because the increase is reassembling the US reporting nearly 70000. New cases daily the highest number since July. Wisconsin emerging as one of the nation's hot zones restrictions reimposed there. We could really suppress this virus and we haven't and so I am very worried about what's going to happen hoping to raise awareness about the threat of the virus community advocate DJ Smith now recovering at home Mitch sharing this message from the hospital. This hospital right now. Consumer loan. Europe is also battling a major surge of new Kobe nineteen infections and now has tighter restrictions. People are banned from gathering indoors in Lundin except in small groups and in Paris. There's a strict curfew. Diane and Terry back to you. All right Rea thanks so must take his conversations or virtual roundtable now I want to bring an infectious disease specialist doctor John Brownstein. An ABC news political director Rick Klein for more on this doctor Brownstein whenever we talk about rising case numbers the question always comes up. If that's just as a result of more testing so are we just testing more are we seeing an actual surge here. Yeah I mean that's clearly what many people want to see him as a contestant and she is looser or that stopped from the White House. Belongs to ration cheeses and so we're seeing test and the Greeks or march 20. You are missing a lot of excuses places like did you corners and was. Many key there are shouldn't it works and it's important seek increase in deaths increased in those nations. Re not just a matter stands and where you breakfast shouldn't work right now searching more area isn't limited to. You know this is a challenge for many parts of the Toshiba deemed to be that this site where this is murder in the arm in this and how worried are you did see this surge coming into flu season now. I mean that's the big concern right and you potholes for search for flu every year. War slopes Scully and so you're gonna have increases in respiratory. Disease is probably didn't and cold fish you're gonna have a real concern any wish for our team danger increases and hostile issue how he around the country you can even entered really should teach all winter truly sheet such occurrences that combination should be incredibly concerning some worry that we have because holes become overwhelmed you have deaths and four were expecting to happen in the coming weeks. So pandemic now really 1 of the central issues in this campaign and president trump made news on it today in at. Conference call with campaign staff to reporters listened into by the president said American they were tired. The corona virus any also harshly criticized doctor Anthony found she. Let's listen in for a moment. I. Yeah. Yeah China. Ullrich there's the president on not a crime of arson doctor project don't want a fact check him and I don't ask you it is politically from political standpoint. It do you think he's on to something years he's sensing something. In the public with those instincts and forgot him into the presence in the first place. Where he's going to be contrary he's gonna say that Quinn did lead slips his blast through this thing. Did Terry. I think it's class of honesty from the president I political strategy speaking up I was a guy we were popular then I don't see. How can we fight people trust Anthony out she uncle thanks a lot more than they do stuff it's been very consistent I think we are you could be onto something is she around polish people who don't miss only one talking about it and more fundamentally rising beyond Jerry. He recognizes that this election is about hope. Analytical and continuing. Pandemic that we are suffering through a main battleground states and beyond this election. If the election is about the future this is about the rounding the corner uncle in. At least where he has a fighting chance but it is election is seen through the prism of pollen count. And warnings that doctor county continues to issue Arafat cannot win that way and I think that's where he is reacting and that's why he's reacting with a attacks unfounded attacks on on non equity out she. And the doctor Brownstein we mention that were heading into flu season that's a big concern but we're also heading into the cold weather months. And the holidays and of people want to see their families and in cold weather areas. Doing that outside is not really an option so how do you see us moving forward through this. Gas is your real challenge year old niece used major spikes and Collins this hour days and warrants. Happening and unfortunately this is an annual alms for people wanted to celebrate students you know larger gatherings allow courts he's since shown over and over and over again so much you people really want to push warnings were thinking of people trying to do is a virtual auction -- her top weeds you know you can argue for a week's. An issue or ignore the parks and greener home if you wish that makes sense is limiting the numbers of people that are carrying stories she listens and saying O turnovers and issues conceived windows open a little Spanish. Translation. Banesha. How often used this hoax. News at the normal Thanksgiving and I know that's really disappointing for so many people. Did it should. Or is it I'm gonna follow on that if I may with Rick on the on the political side of that. So it is. People are tired of the grinding reality of our lives it's changed our lives in so many ways we'd like to get on to another seven win here we are. Many of us planning for holidays that now have to be canceled the kids can't see their grandparents are we can't get togethers and family when what is really. Maybe the most did did the did the deepest most profound American holidays. This is something that it's hard. For the president to get off the agenda as bad as people are doing these things as the holidays come closer and co lead is a more vivid reality in our lives. And I think it's essential point person in this election because the president has tried to change something he's been an Nasser and changing this so much of his relatively free political career but this time the subject keep him back in the eighties and eighties the American people that are bringing it back with his own noses of nineteen weeks ago these grim milestones and waited people's lives -- and didn't need about his deep overarching issue. President was still likely to be about almost anything else may be another opportunity to meet later this week but over org and this is being about the pandemic it ended this nation and Sony's people's lives that is up and didn't find this election year. And doctor Brownstein going into this pandemic the big emphasis was on flattening the curve how concerned are you all first off how are we doing on that front. And Ann are you concerned about the prospect of overwhelming the health care system that that thing that we were fearing at the beginning of this which is that. People could die or they could suffer more than they need to because they don't have either space or the equipment needed to get the proper care. Yeah I mean we're we're started a fortune yes indeed you're dealing with your city and he's now and other parts. YY Rangers. Are being so yeah build sat there were so these are issues occurred we've from the beginning. So he's seen scenery and went and or dying and and no lettuce you transmissions. Write them our reserves in place. We're seeing the results of that species is underwriting policies that are pre chaos you don't see Wisconsin Texas. There. Is New Mexico. You're dealing with the crisis. More seats are now realizing that their she oatmeal major sticking point in those issues. Kerr wasn't good enough need to do as much as we. The cold wet winter months it's that's the problem for many parts of the tensions that she goes just to be certain yes many tools to free up next day is. Larry states is bodies and likely going to be an end. Many parks just aren't you. Right doctor Brownstein Rick Klein thank you both. And we want to remind you ball early voting is already under way you can go to 538 dot com to find out how to vote wherever you are. And as corona virus infections and hospitalizations for covad. Are rising around the country so our concerns of those on the front lines some doctors and physicians and nurses. They're urging people to take precautions so hospitals are not overwhelmed this is Diane and doctor Brown's who just talking about her here's what they want you to know. How about what they're dealing my food. There's a huge disconnected think that's what the community thinks is happening come and what we see happening in the hospital. And I wish there were safe and many American Media members specifically those who don't Wear masks. Could come into the hospital and see the tireless averts that our health care providers are putting in and they candidate giving our patients. But such as are his numbers keep rising ever pastor becomes and overwhelmed it's going to be harder for us take. This is great care of the patients that we do at the University of Utah. Recently they have seen an increase in Kobe cases. I'm really. Not surprisingly it's occurred throughout the United States in different ways it's just our turn to have that we really do get control of this we need to continue do. Anaheim is is have been shown to be effective at as far as wearing face mask put out public. When. And around use social distancing to minimizing contact and also use appropriate hand hygiene to help reduce the spread of the virus. Sparkling numbers are increasing and alarming rates are hospitals are nearing horror crash capacity. And sadly. Every day. We see people losing their lives to this. Verbal virus we know we've been fortunate to Paris sufficient supplies of people who need to keep Tennessee. But as we continue to see these cases increase in her hospitalizations increased I'm worried that this plant will be able to keep up the Palestinians. Things are bad now. And in the hospital setting where we're full here we're getting better a little bit by shifting some of our patients around. You know we ran out of space and in every way that you can imagine. Can we come back as the pandemic drags on small businesses like this one on Long Island continue to struggle. I was very worried march 20 like clothes and each month that goes died we kinda like when is it when we can open again. So what are small businesses do to try to keep their doors open and what should the government be doing to help. Shark tanks Kevin O'Leary has some thoughts in a moment and. I think he's handled the pandemic it's amazingly well actually I mean he that he. Shot traveled down from tying before it was the cool thing to do. He brought power American's traffic problems trying which is another thing that keeps seeing his student getting hit so Val. Because he didn't really shut down the country and I mean because you listen to this scientist. It's allowing the states to make the decisions for themselves. Switches to what it should he there's no question handling of the corona virus where as. Please cluster. I think that would be a great way to just accept. This bowl game which she does has a problem dealing accept blame and say look. I was wrong let's get on what's Wear masks let's be healthiest country let's stop the carnage. Was. The burn of there's more than anything you know as soon. People need to get a handle their. Somebody would experience in the golden. While recovering. States. Six jewels everything is a joke for. So even when somebody sees somebody that you needed. These guys. Well there you have it the voters in Arizona and Florida two battleground states were early voting is underway and one of the biggest issues in this election. Is the economy of course and its recovery from the pandemic sure gonna focus on that for a moment in fact. About Kaiser Foundation poll shows that 13 of voters say the economy is the most important issue in deciding their vote. ABC's Dieter Bolton has more force. The pandemic is changed almost everything that the American economy people are hurt unemployment now soared to fourteen point seven millions of Americans now without a check. It's no significance and personal hits jobs the latest unemployment numbers are out. 837000. People applied for unemployment last week in only formal ice unemployment went from three and a half percent in February the lowest in more than five decades back to when President Nixon took office. Jumping to its highest rate in the post World War II Arap reaching fourteen point 7%. This small businesses that are surviving now and keeping their employees at flexibility. Stanley and finances on their side. Well a little rough to be a small business outlook Kobe going on but it is. Nice to be that come to a job that you love they have passion about me and my girls are my world and their extension of my family. Praise dance school was closed in pandemic a lockdown for more than seven months. I was very wary march 20 like clothes and each month that goes dime he kinda like when is it when we can open again it got to the point where all my savings are gone. Barring money from my dad. She estimates that 32 client families have come back compared to the 86 client families she had this time last year. It's about a third of the clients now but enough to keep the dance school Holden. For now. You know what to do social distance on the pot part of her school's appeal her commitment to health. And safety of the children get their temperature taken every time they come in they can't kind of tied the for the come this video. Maybe get street shoes in the waiting room that waking down to between the other clone. Mental health my daughter was hysterical crying in the different from his fans they need to be active. Give me via an act. City is necessary for many adults too as Anthony Lewis knows from his business Manhattan exercise company a kind of matchmaker between fitness professionals. Individuals and communities. We're doing a bus or I'm right now he is finding creative solutions to keep his business alive. Being. It'd be sued personal fitness which is good in blessing. Lewis has been able to keep in 90% of his revenue streams even though some clients pay late due to their own hardships. With the addition of virtual fitness he has added new clients and expanded his businesses footprint. Nancy Lewis was also able to get some government help SDA loans the EPE mobile data. It is not what is clear full eighty had a completely different experience she tried seven times for an SBA. It was really no help out there with an everytime I apply I was in line for 300 million. 325. Million with my number in line and then I would getting emails saying they're still practicing my first initial application. And they not my other application now but we're here I got students in the coming handling nice. I've actually Deirdre Bolton for that report from a small businesses are often called the heartbeat of the US economy the small business administration's has more than 45% of America's workforce is employed. By a small business and as we head into both the election. And a possible second wave of Coleman nineteen it's going to continue to test these small businesses to say the least and I want to bring in. Shark tanks Kevin O'Leary for more on this really important subject Kevin thanks for being with us. Yeah I just a staggering number of small businesses have closed during the pandemic he walked the streets of your neighborhood and and it breaks your heart so how other small businesses. That have survived adapted and how do you think they're gonna do in this. Coming second way. Well let me get this Memorial Day in exile have over fifty subscriber companies own nationally and pretty well every sect but almost every stone. And we need real visibility now that we've gone through this since March and in. You know it was an extraordinary period and the way to score card looks now is about 20% of we're going to sail on the other 80% are in remarkable situation. We have evidence what I call the great digital Kevin new American 2.0 the idea that you can start selling products and services direct your customers at a 100% gross margin persons in the old days when you solve. A percentage of retail. 2% margins as little. Reports oiled it's growing again. Our sales are down an average of all we're only about 32% but are free cash or that really matters in a private company is scrambling around let's say it's only about 14% and as a reflection of this great original bidder that's going on I could've never guessed that was why it happened I never or cyber shot coming. What we're having some of our best weeks ever the underlying economy. Is in really good shape iron the last. Mary and travel business travel cruise liners wet tedious. Entertainment news service a lot of sports stadiums or those services to restaurants. Those sectors have not recovered yet for obvious reasons but the rest of the economy on buyer. And I just hope we gets in this election we don't change the policies I know we're very divided country get all that. Like chump you know I charmed life by you know like Biden I don't care I just want she. Policies. The way they were before the pandemic jet I had never seen a stronger economy since the sixties it was incredible. And Kevin you said before that though those 20% of small businesses that you say are going to fail. That you don't think the government should support them why not. Because they become zombie companies and even example in San servicing the chain of movie theaters. People's propensity to watch movies. In theaters is dramatically changed in the last seven months they've now learned. And the imprinted with the idea that they can watch a blockbuster movie directly in their own home were streaming on their own devices that she's out of the bottle. Movie theaters on VHS tapes in the seventies and eighties they're going to zero we know that with certainty so why would we give more money to movie theater when we know we can convert the building its own cloud kitchen and condominiums or climate control pick and pack. Let them go bankrupt and let better management take them over movie theaters are day. Get over it. That's my hope point stop fighting the zombie companies I deal lots of examples of other ones if I'm not finding them I certainly don't my tax dollars to. I want those entrepreneurs to go find useful purposes. For those new locations at Bethany I'm coast tourist source. They're all going to be re purpose and inventory management systems. For all the Amazon's and everybody else that wants to sell products directly into the suburbs the economy is really strong and it will reap Parker sees Dan assets. Just let it happen enough PPP. What generally follow up on how it is strong for home I guess you some people look at. Amazon has made buckets of money Wal-Mart the giant companies are doing better but. Those businesses in our communities. Our neighbors that they do help the community go as well as he's known as I can just UPS truck to the delivering packages. I'm very hurting so. Oh. The eight if they are the big just getting bigger and a smaller gonna get eliminated here. Well let's not showing 80% of my portfolio or small companies. They're doing really really well they forgot how to deal with the pandemic had a turner company would digital delivery PRX gym equipment are golden olds the Oda. On higher sales of 600% people a budget equipment for their condos beloved pop greeting cards. Out of Boston they have all of their sales and reach out now they were covered they're doing its direct to customers. What we can get cupcakes and number one copy company America that's why my investments we now prohibited away from retailers sell. You direct at home people want cupcakes now but they're sitting around with Elliott holidays etc. There's many companies and made dependent my point is the economies exchange. Jane there's some losers but there's also the recent winners we have to realize the American economy the heart of the economy is really strong. And you have to let it do its saying we can't let the government's support stuff that isn't gonna work is that just costs are children huge tax costs. Down the road which is dom realizing an I would have never said this to seven months ago for every day I want my CEOs and I can't believe. How strongly been able to figure this stuff out and how he started to drive this is a different way. There's room for growth he you know you just have to get when you're dealing with reality when I tell you will be Theres going to zero it is going to zero. I know it because I service them. There's no business and no one wants about watching movies are anymore. They want to watch the new Disney on Christmas Day at all and that's what they're going to do and that was supposed to be put in a movie theater. Not anymore. So Kevin we know that stimulus negotiations are still ongoing in congress do you think at that she continued does the government. Have a role here and if so where should that spending be prioritized. Its. It is certain we Sharon doing something for employees I mean in other words you don't have to say there's citizens which to support which not to. You don't have to save the airlines or give you an example. Within our business is next year we are planning to reduce air travel. By a minimum of 20% because we've learned how to sell our customers. Through video and zoom in the other platform. So why waste that money. I guess we're gonna only 20% less it's so let 20% airlines go bankrupt and airlines go bankrupt all the time they know how to do it. And the assets quote a stronger managers but for the airline employees I would rather give them the next fourteen months of unemployment insurance while they hit it. And find a new sector to work game. As they well the economy started to absorb them. So I wanna take your of the employees not the shareholders. Companies that have to go bankrupt and that's probably 1% of the airlines so what are two of them go bankrupt as long as those planes. And are being used by better managers and there's always a weaker airline out there but that's what's really happening. And so do I think we're gonna get the stimulus package for the election. No chance we are so divided government right now one side doesn't want to give the other an advantage and I understand that the men have to wait throughout the election. Regardless. Of what happens and I would say one thing as an investor that's learned very hard way. I do not think the polls predict outcomes for either side I would never invest in a poll again. The pollsters are snake oil salesman they have no idea what's going on. Just don't know who she was certainly seen that went what did you seamlessly this time around Kevin O'Leary thanks very much for being with us today to care about life. And that does it for here on your voice your vote to break down I'm Terry Moran in Washington. And I'm Diana state of the New York we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern enjoy the rest today. Yeah.

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