White House Welcomes President Xi Jinping of China

The official state visit arrival ceremony included President Obama and Vice President Biden.
5:46 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for White House Welcomes President Xi Jinping of China
Thanks for staying with us here at ABC's live would take you live now to Washington DC's is outside the White House. President of China making a historic visit here to the US about to be greeted. By President Obama an eighty see Serena Marshall is there. She joins us now live from outside the White House arena what do you think. I guess for a the White House you're reading president. She's a rival for the official state visit as you can see get the color guard out reading the for instance. Here. Vice president I didn't net. The they are we're seeing yesterday and he handed down. Easy and president Biden also leaning President Obama for there bilateral talks now they're going to be having his. Anything over into the Oval Office door a bright spot and in secondary. With more officials after them. Answer and we heard a lot about what might be going on in us private talks so much about. And attention on issues like cyber attacks and related things between President Obama and president Gigi no. Thinking about what they might be discussing in his meetings. Don't top of an Obama attended can be cyber espionage. And security we had asked the PM data breach which the US government has set. China was to blame for the Chinese Government were to blaming even tell rule rule they didn't rule out. Do we the administration and it's pretty ancient. On those individuals responsible. I'm zooming into the top president of politics and that because they really wanna get tired. Point two with the Chinese Government brought up repeatedly. Comments they wanted to fix that they also the South China Sea should be a big talking point for the two presidents. China has been asserting their power their building police and between the islands the Obama administration saying that that's international water and beyond the rate to do that. On the top of president she's agenda it's gonna be. Trying to make it an equivalency with the with the United States that want to show their power and that the earth equal to America. Bailey yes I'm industries and actually recognize that. Three are just that we just into the top US officials including Vice President Biden. And doctor Joseph Biden. Walk out and take their place it looks like the ceremony might be starting any minute now so let's go live now it's that picture. President of the president she being my review of some members of the US. There. It doesn't look at five and it's. Scary to. Beyond the in this office at. Initial. Day. Finally I read. Them as people gather and witnessed. Yeah. Yet there. As yeah yeah yeah. Can't area. There are. Hope president now smiling working the rope line. Hard not to when you've got all those cute kids lined up in front you. Com and lassie busy bringing a seat in 2014 president Holland from France. Was here. And before that was 2012 prime minister Cameron from her for and and these are of course followed with the official. State dinner which is a lot. A lot of fun for those of us to get through the details of it about what Serbs the tables of quiet and the centerpieces are really into that kind of thing. And that we'll have a later tonight that right it'll be an. Yet that's it didn't happen tonight and when is the things that it was going to be wondering. Isn't as First Lady is an outshine the other vegan have their their counts obviously the big. Formal events it will be fun to watch. And this is this. Eight state visit during the Obama administration. And also know when it's really interesting about this state this. Obviously weren't in the presidential race and one Republican contenders called on President Obama to cancel that state dinner and if you want and have it he said. Considering cyber espionage and other issues they have with China based that he did cancel his feet and still host president two less formal. Setting an honest administrations at the top the wave two apparently our favorite. Country. And who worked so much for that not just me. They offered him. Yeah.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"The official state visit arrival ceremony included President Obama and Vice President Biden. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34038770","title":"White House Welcomes President Xi Jinping of China","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-welcomes-president-xi-jinping-china-34038770"}