Yale Debate President Henry Zhang Scores the Presidential Debate

The Yale Senior talks about the finer points of formulating an argument and the effectiveness of each candidate's points
7:55 | 09/27/16

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Transcript for Yale Debate President Henry Zhang Scores the Presidential Debate
We do have a nothing yes it is this evening and bring to bear the an interesting he said expertise Henry's. From Yale University debate. Right cap that yes. The president of Yale university of their and so something like that. Which is actually great you can agree I think tactic. Protecting gays from late purer that technical did the standpoint. You have a sense of who won. Yet. Yes I think. What's most obvious to me from the mayor's perspective is what seems like a lack of engagement from the front cap and I think it's been touched so what do you just talked about. Pope seems like he wants to be alpha male he wants to bully Secretary Clinton and what that means is he's talking over her. What that means in terms the substance at this point is that they aren't directly responsive to the substance of her points and that's what we use the term black case so in that sense. It means that he's not proving. Heat this case but the case but for this better or that he himself was better he's just say he's already said and that's not that's not really today. Thanks so that the case of maybe from a technical standpoint and you look at things short right but but that may not be almost certainly is not how your average. Humor views things right or from that standpoint Aaron even though if you have a metric for this. From that standpoint. Deem it perhaps prevail because he was sending serve the emotional signals that were more power. Yes so that's I think uninteresting question just as it's unclear from the beginning what the mattresses in the carpet kind of debate like this. What I'd say this this to return to that point. For beautifully if that is to show dominance is talking over Clinton is persuasive you have to believe that. Him saying the same things over and over again is for Swiss just by virtue of her standing here and in comparison and to me it seems like. For people who were in the camp that the decision is based on wall what is the comparison between these two people a performance that doesn't offer that compares with substance doesn't answer that question. And so it means that's that's a few weeks for those hours. It's registered to people. Who see someone constant and throw the other person do you think that registers as strong because it registers room. Yes so. It depends in part of the person and so. What they're looking for in this cases if if it's true the case there have been frustrated by the state. Of this country the message the trumpets and pray that comes across as sort of leadership that they need and it seems like the message that he's saying. To people who were making their decision based on the mattress so again on issues and whether there's compares presidential to extend. But you believe presidential polls in each other's and I think that that this people are persuaded by the. Point that is speaking cannery Hillary Clinton is leaving the debate hall when her husband by her side just so interesting to think. For so many years she was this facet these events and here he is the status. Cheering her on as they get into their. But I soon to be armored vehicle and take off into the night. The conclusion of the first debate there are more to come and vice presidential debate to come. That's right it actually really should ask in the interest of full disclosure Melo we just keep an eye on this picture here OC and you announced comes through. Those stories deep you had a candidate that you like I do. Sized keyboards. Secondly. Point that. Of these in any. I don't. Let us. It's quite all right Doug you don't keep up with you I'm a master of yeah. The every right to look at the Internet the name is the lovely and Agnes infidelity. They had any incidents just make you right thank you re ill. It's just for the record I'm American man Dan Guerrero and her. Are you support Secretary Clinton that. Up. If you think you are watching the debate you that think people who parties supported her but probably look for things that they liked about her campaign leaflet you know. And that's about it I trucks America. By let her. I definitely have escape. Torturing port today. Oh I don't care how you don't you let me let me needed virtue world liked us. Trish and tribute. You do you think you view the new I'm him in prison. Dean supporter. And to some extent thank you house itself that's that's staple. But I think. In a part of what Dmitri teaches you ideally it is to step away from your personal lives and try to work. What is it that what they are just as in debate and you have to make you have to switch sides argue. The proposition. Oh right right. Right but any particular debate you have to take positions and arguments as fervor that it's as if you true. And so it. And I think ideally it's incumbent upon all of us when we watch these debates take this sort of wives and spinning it forward and what would you suggest. Race director doesn't just want to point out that's on the screen here you see triumphantly. Getting into the car and take. After his first presidential debate. One that will be discussed I think four days and days. Or until the next breaking story. Provoked by Tom perhaps. There is being able mixes news Press Secretary members of his campaign team around him. Two what this the you're asking. Every question and marry me. It's past acts votes. Up. By questions that he was daily forward. Have. What you week Secretary Clinton is to try to do the second debate. In what would you suggest that these should do going forward fear fear so for from. Again with its offices. It's that lack I think that's an illness I mean he showed can be secretary. Merits of her own case and its opportunity. Just by effort. Or more. Over. Conversely that I think the who waited as just that I think we heard. Just just the well while that is off putting to some people and to the point that he's made it seems like. He's made this pretty extensively marking that again and again it's less that when it comes that. Secretary Clinton also agree that the clarity formats. Are unfair and these debates and that's something certainly to keep keep emphasizing. I think in response to do what Donald Trump's performance in which the sort of over dominant show. But I really. Bluster. I think ships them to quit quit where you say to take and really say. We are here's discussed issues I think there's more operatives for that future. Which something that you. Conversely that I think the thing that press yup avoid. Is. There's there's opportunities that Steve the pistons tried it important. That sports tickets African. And we're conversely. Aleman. You mr. you know we. I am ethics politics. Oh. Promising. The and run for. So. With him so yes that.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"The Yale Senior talks about the finer points of formulating an argument and the effectiveness of each candidate's points ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42381414","title":"Yale Debate President Henry Zhang Scores the Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/yale-debate-president-henry-zhang-scores-presidential-debate-42381414"}