New York City Considers Ban on Styrofoam

Opponents say Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal would drive up prices at food establishments.
2:17 | 06/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Considers Ban on Styrofoam
Mayor Bloomberg stirring things up again in the food industry this time his proposed ban on styrofoam food containers and cops -- restaurant owners today protest think. Claiming a ban would hurt small businesses that rely on the cheap but environmentally harmful plastic containers. Political -- Dave Evans with the story he's -- New York City Hall for -- David. The village and other mayors bill was introduced at the City Council today and it looks like it will probably pass so. Just like his ban on trans fats and his ban on smoking in bars and restaurants it looks like. Fairly soon we will see -- -- home band. In New York City. In the last few years recycling and New York City it's been a major disappointment. We just don't recycle and New York like a lot of other places. But mayor -- trying to make the city greener. Now wants to -- all styrofoam. As because it basically does not break down at a landfill it's a major environmental problem. And styrofoam. I mean at the end all time the only things that are going to be laughter cockroaches and styrofoam unless we do something about it. Maybe -- I don't know but aside from -- cockroaches and -- and that is it. But restaurant bodega and from car owners love styrofoam because it's cheap. It -- seminary since the container instead of about fifteen cents for paper and by creating and his band. He's -- obligate us. To raise the -- song but -- food. Which in which and he could mean disaster restaurant owners -- the bay and a disaster because of higher prices could lead to fewer customers and that won't hurt small restaurants. Small business across the city. And I've heard. That mayor and everyone say. That small. -- the backbone of our city. Have been the backbone of -- city that's not the backbone doesn't love pianist and upstate. And the mayor's office late this afternoon put out a statement part of it says this is -- important piece of legislation. That needs to pass at the City Council at the council does approve this later this summer it points out that every year or reduced by three. Billion that's three billion the number of eight ounce styrofoam. Coffee cups thrown away in the city every year. For now putting lives at all data channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Opponents say Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal would drive up prices at food establishments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"19392785","title":"New York City Considers Ban on Styrofoam","url":"/Politics/video/york-city-considers-ban-styrofoam-19392785"}