How To Enjoy a Sunday Brunch

Chief Entertainment Officer Tim Laird shows off some things that can make a brunch legendary.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for How To Enjoy a Sunday Brunch
Spring is here and that means we all need to get out of the house a little more what better way to celebrate a sunny Sunday then to indulge in a little late morning brunch. And learning how to do it right we are joined now by our chief entertainment officer Tim Laird author of two books including that's entertaining cocktails and appetizers -- -- Michelle. Great John good to be here -- that's outlook brunch it's a bestseller brought in this great everyone's you know you have vault not the same time and a -- -- -- -- -- again in what a way to entertain for birthdays Mother's Day graduation so anytime we're just whatever but. Of course the quintessential brunch beverage bloody Mary is -- and Connecticut -- did what I like to do is set up a bloody -- station so let me guess build it like they want someone -- -- C somewhat like a different things senator toppers -- -- that -- out some sort out. -- glass of -- of course tall and everything sitting out they get. For those that don't want alcohol they can leave everything off and still top it off like they want bottom -- have to listen to that kept in it's my wood for reserve -- -- -- is a little bit of this bloody Kentucky. That I found itself bloody Kentucky dot com it's a wonderful thing and again this is great with -- but better when -- -- I tried it out. And wild it really worked out great then they just give it a little squeeze of lineman Aaron -- a couple squeezes it that in there. Given a quick Stater and then we'll see how he did jobs exist and part time that's a -- are not bloody are also on Saturday are getting exactly and yet the lure of self regulate we get a -- Being -- wow you have out in what would put on the on the weekend. Try -- with suburban and it is wonderful -- into my and it tastes just like that when he next anyway another critic did for brunch is for taught us. Help you make those -- that they're helping no cards in fact you can make -- once -- set up ones as just veggies this is roasted red pepper goat cheese. But again you -- have some with meets and it turns out she's his when everyone got to talking of course we have bags gotta have -- -- -- -- agreement on the fact that apparently hit a special -- what I love about this this is maple glazed -- bicycle in a cookie sheet. Put the -- in the oven to 400 degrees about ten minutes and then now pull it out. And then glee -- just went to meet with maples -- up ball and put back in -- Chris me and -- cases. The bacon -- maple how is that is that -- it's amazing. It's a great -- irrelevant you can tell you like to do it back for another -- -- -- on the back for a few more strip Saddam -- got that it also like to put out something very yet feels kind of heavier appetizers that people can enjoy. And this is the fervent pork tenderloin sandwiches -- -- that not a secret is in the marinade. And does not make -- marinated and also reserves something -- it -- -- cooking and on the grill or where everything -- the management so -- -- is. In John got a quarter cup of brown sugar was -- the birds gotta -- insulin a quarter cup of that. There's a quarter cup of oil that goes in with that's. Little vegetable oil then a little bit a quarter cup of soy sauce magnificence that is really good man does not Muster up homeowners cup of that -- -- at all -- all that goes good. -- -- Ten man. Just a little bit of ginger and garlic put those engines -- -- couple hits. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know it's great series might say it smells that as a marinade reserves -- news news obesity costs on us Austin as well. Another great idea I always like look -- -- some chilled soups it's kind of refreshing thing but also put -- an individual containers and projects can easily. Ground one tasted this actually is split -- with a little bit of leaks and some garlic little bit admit it's an attitude on what does that mean just a little -- Throughout an -- -- exactly it's good got -- -- you can put a positive on the record edit content for its garlic and then the doesn't that this is a -- and it was a Tabasco sauce on top of that it's fantastic finally -- here's what I say John you can -- this one because you've done all us other work. And it's not just -- something simple that they can easily grab and go. And certain that their guests to enjoy themselves at a suburban bloody Mary and I got to play a big -- and I'll I'll meet accidentally David. -- far thinks it's im glad for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chief Entertainment Officer Tim Laird shows off some things that can make a brunch legendary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sponsored","id":"23781723","title":"How To Enjoy a Sunday Brunch","url":"/Sponsored/JohnsonandJohnson/video/enjoy-sunday-brunch-23781723"}