Brooklyn Nets sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan

Anticipation grows as the Nets are now set to bring Durant, Irving and Jordan to Brooklyn.
4:07 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Brooklyn Nets sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan
And guys we move want to some sports news there's free agency madness in the NBA big money and big moves impacting the entire league in the headline. Kevan the rot. Kevin to rant and carried Irving are both headed to Brooklyn to join in the net so that's great news for the nets fans not so great for New York's other team. The knicks so I want to check in on one of our huge knicks fan and a friend of our show. Steam in gays cement he's having a rough morning. If you minister gravel get my own. Somehow some way into stronger. Just hold together you know. Lifelong knicks head. He is of mediocrity. I thought this was going to be. These weeks ago. Do you know what outdoor first take. We were an Oakland and I got word about Caribbean Brooklyn. Realizing that that may Katie in Brooklyn. Realize that the New York Knicks who Google. Without. Million dollars and cat's face. We're biggest goal it. Sega's can't be goal. And we don't OK KE TE we don't love to derail any kind of wrap up Nolan. This kid that this can't. It happens and I'm happy Stephen Knight your processing your feelings because that's the first step we want to DO OKs over more. I want to bring in ten mountain Mon tens he's NBA writer at ESPN. Until race is down front how they did this from Brooklyn and the league it. It's a really big deal for the league Kimberly when you look at Kevin or any carrier ring to it the biggest stars in the league going to the Brooklyn nets a team that. Really has always been kind of the red headed step child in this city you know the knicks despite the fact they haven't been as successful team of always been. Have huge brand here the team that everybody expected to get the star players. For the nets a team in Brooklyn if he with a brand new arena but there with a cool young team that made the playoffs last year to add two stars like Kevin Durant. And Carter be even though Harry had his issues in Boston last year and Kevin is coming off a torn Achilles suffered in the NBA finals silly huge wall of the book and that's in the lead. And really sets a new power system here in New York where the nets after the looked at as the team to beat going forward. Yeah and where does this leave the next and obviously isn't a huge disappointment as you say. Well the thing is. For the knicks overall them the last 24 hours really haven't been that bad from them strictly from a basketball standpoint yes being gay Kevin Durant carrier thing but. They didn't go out in paid in freed C and signed several players that you your contracts guys they can give them depth can give them shooting. If you kind of start to build an actual roster around some of the young players they have including RG Barry who they drafted third overall in the draft last month. Ironically than the knicks need to take the same path that the nets did over the past few years. Three years ago the nets had no draft picks they know young players they had no hope for the future. And they slowly methodically built their team up to a point where star players like carrier in Kevin Durant wanted to come here. And now the knicks obviously have to start over and do the same thing they won't have the similar kind of success a couple of years down the road. OK let's talk about coli Leonard really quick is he headed to LA. Well that's the biggest question left and creates these so many guys Marty cycle why winners and one star still left out there I've really come down to three teams that Toronto Raptors who we won a title with last month. The Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers. At this point no one's really sure he's gonna do no one's really sure when he's gonna make a decision. But that decision and obviously with LeBron James if he gave us party with the lakers if he decides to go there that would clearly be the title favorite he NBA season. I write ten non attendance with ESPN thanks for joining us with Andy tells we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Anticipation grows as the Nets are now set to bring Durant, Irving and Jordan to Brooklyn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"64067213","title":"Brooklyn Nets sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan","url":"/Sports/video/brooklyn-nets-sign-kevin-durant-kyrie-irving-deandre-64067213"}